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Friday, 21 July 2017
MP3 Observer PRO 3.0 Free Download
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Import files from directories, disks or UNC paths.
Drag and Drop
Full support of ID3V1.1, ID3V2, LYRICS3 Tags (Musicmatch compability)
Reads comment header of OGG files.
Mass-tagging,Copy,Move,Rename files,Tag-Killer,Generate ID3 tags from filename and internet by querying and
Find duplicates
Preview-creation to listen into your MP3-Files which were imported from CDs without the CD in your CDROM.
Create CD-Archives to find your MP3-CD's much faster.
Print CD covers of your CD-Archives.
Winamp-Support for enqueuing.
Internal player with crossfade capability and BPM Counter
View statistics, eg. your top 20 genres.
Batch-Functions: All functions, like deleting, filemoving, tagging, renaming from ID3Tag, ID3Tag creation from the filename can be done with multiple files.
Auto Track-Numeration :automatically assign track numbers
Intelligent tagging: :Pad tracknumbers with leading zeroes, capitalize first letter of each word, replace configured letters.
Support for Lame.exe, bladeenc.exe , mp3enc31.exe , your own free configurable program and lame_enc.dll and bladeenc.dll for encoding and decoding.
Grab your Audio-CD's
Support of CDDB-detection on for automatically tagging of the created MP3-Files.
Export your database to various formats (html,asci,xml,pls,m3u).
Open Database Design which allows you to change the MS Access Database to your own database backend if extreme high performance is demanded or extend you Database with MS Access Reports,...
Save, view and search all file information like BPM, "last time played" , your preference or even playing-situation to songs.
Join/split mp3 files.
Check and repair mp3 files.
Create and validate SFV Volumes
View(add/remove) images included in your ID3v2 MP3 Tag.
Record and play your Shoutcast Streams. (compatible with new SHOUTcast servers and PLS links)
Full multilanguage interface

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