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Friday, 20 July 2018
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Send-Safe Proxy Scanner 1)   Send-Safe Proxy Scanner 1.7.6
Send-Safe Proxy Scanner is a program designed for searching for HTTPS/SOCKS proxies. Proxylists to check and proxylists used for anonymous scanning/checking can be placed on a web or ftp server.

007 Proxy Finder 2)   007 Proxy Finder 2.5
Automatically search and extract free proxy server from websites that provides daily updated proxy list. In 10 seconds, it will give you thousands of proxy server addresses. Automatically remove duplicate proxy, government, military & planet lab IP.

Proxy Scanner Server 3)   Proxy Scanner Server 4.1
Proxy Scanner Server is the software that helps to find and check proxies. Proxy Scanner Server can be integrated to the existing or new website or it can be used standalone.

IECount 4)   IECount 3.2
Addon for internet explorer: limits number of ie at desktop, stops popups, quick customizes ie properties, controls proxy, performs search in Google, Yahoo. IECount is a set of useful ie tips and tricks to surf more pleasure!

Proxy Scanner 5)   Proxy Scanner 4.1
Proxy Scanner is the software that helps to find and check proxies.

IRC Insomnia 6)   IRC Insomnia 0.51
The simplest program available to use IRC Proxies with your IRC Client. Supports Socks and Connect Proxies, plus Proxy List downloading.

UrlSearch 7)   UrlSearch 2.5.3
UrlSearch extracts web addresses and other text strings from local or remote files. Can also be used to view history and cookie files, and join Internet Explorer Download files. Has some manipulating functions for HTML pages.

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