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Sunday, 20 August 2017

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WinSafe 301)   WinSafe 1.1.2
WinSafe is a powerful but easy to use encryption program.

Folder Password Expert 302)   Folder Password Expert
Security software program to put a password on computer folders.

SpyCapture 303)   SpyCapture 1.4.5
SpyCapture is advanced PC security and monitoring software.

Stealth Recorder Pro 304)   Stealth Recorder Pro 1.21
Real-time secret high quality MP3/WMA recorder. Remote control feature.

Mini Key Log 305)   Mini Key Log 2.6
Monitoring software and keylogger to monitor and record user activities.

Innovatools ComputerWatermark 306)   Innovatools ComputerWatermark 1.5
ComputerWatermark writes your name and address (or other information) on the entire free surface of your disk drives

Dekart Logon 307)   Dekart Logon 2.18
Protect access to notebook and desktop computers running Microsot Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Advanced VBA Password Recovery 308)   Advanced VBA Password Recovery 1.60
Recovers passwords to VBA code (macros) in MS Office 97/2000/XP applications.

Anti-Peeper Key 309)   Anti-Peeper Key 2.0
protect your privacy by hiding the windows on your screen.

Anti-Secure Ultimate Password Recovery 310)   Anti-Secure Ultimate Password Recovery 1.0
The ultimate password recovery tool for Windows.

Advanced Encryption Package 2006 311)   Advanced Encryption Package 2006 4.4.11
Military grade encryption, shredding and ability to work with .zip archives

Exe Wrapper 312)   Exe Wrapper 2.2
Protect exe file; Alert the main icon of executable file. Bind arguments to exe.

Advanced Quicken Password Recovery 313)   Advanced Quicken Password Recovery 1.0
A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to Intuit Quicken files (

Proactive System Password Recovery 314)   Proactive System Password Recovery 4.1
Recover windows passwords: RAS/dial-up,Passport,shared resources,asterists,etc.

Activity Keylogger 315)   Activity Keylogger 1.60
records all keystrokes typed, chat conversations, screen, websites

TSIG Key Generator 316)   TSIG Key Generator 1.00
This tool can generate a TSIG key value (base64) for you very easily.

Safe Express Free 317)   Safe Express Free 3.4
Safe Express automatically encrypts all your messages.

Office password Recovery Key  5.0 318)   Office password Recovery Key 5.0
Recover all types of passwords for MS Office files

Outlook Password Recovery 319)   Outlook Password Recovery 4.02
Recover lost/forgotten PST file Passwords

Advanced NT Security Explorer 320)   Advanced NT Security Explorer 2.0
Analyze and recover Windows NT/2000/XP passwords.

Access Password Recovery Master 321)   Access Password Recovery Master 1.0
Recovers MS Access database and user-level passwords (*.mdb and *.mdw files).

KISS Password Manager 322)   KISS Password Manager 1.2
Very often, we tend to use the same password for all our logins

PestPatrol 323)   PestPatrol 4.3
Detects and removes hacker tools, DDoS attack agents, trojans and spyware that can bypass anti-virus and firewalls, compromising your privacy and data integrity

PC Police Gold 324)   PC Police Gold 1.0.0
PC Police Gold is a complete secret keylogger, Internet and folder tracker, and copied text for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM)

SafeLogon 325)   SafeLogon 2.0
Allows you to protect your system at home and office from unauthorized access.

PC Police Professional 326)   PC Police Professional 1.0.0
PC Police Professional is a complete secret keylogger, chat monitor, Internet tracker, file logger and program recorder for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM)

CDSHIELD SE is a home-made cd-protector tool-kit generator

WGP System Protect 328)   WGP System Protect 1.0
WGP System Protect allows you to password protect programs and settings that you don''t want people accessing, such as the Control Panel, Display Properties or Windows Explorer

BladeBox Iron Edition 329)   BladeBox Iron Edition 1.1
BladeBox creates virtual AES-256 encrypted volumes (disks)

AES Pro 330)   AES Pro 5.2
AES Pro is the suite of encryption tools for personal and professional security

SwitchBlade 331)   SwitchBlade 1.0
Protect the images on your web site with this easy to use tool.

Perfect Privacy 332)   Perfect Privacy 2.0
Protect your privacy, completely eliminate all your computer usage traces

MindSoft Wipe 333)   MindSoft Wipe 3.0a
Use this program for the definite destruction of documents

WiSSH Standard Edition 334)   WiSSH Standard Edition 2.5
Windows Remote Desktop Protocol/Secure Shell (RDP/SSH) Client

Office Password Remover 335)   Office Password Remover 2.0
Open protected MS Word and Excel documents without a password in 15 seconds.

XBundler 336)   XBundler 1
Embed DLLs (.NET DLLs and Win32 DLLs) and data files into a single executable

NLCSystems 337)   NLCSystems 3.1
Ghosts, dots, bonuses and 40+ levels ready for your fun in pacman world.

GR AppHider 338)   GR AppHider 1.03
AppHider used for hiding applications from another's eyes

A-one Folder Encryption 339)   A-one Folder Encryption 3.08
A highly speed folder encryption program

Email Spy Pro 340)   Email Spy Pro 4.5
You want to know what your children, spouse or employees are sending by e-mail.

Lock Folder XP 341)   Lock Folder XP 3.4
Lock Folder XP is a security tool for locking your files, folders and drives.

Computer Monitor Keylogger 342)   Computer Monitor Keylogger 1.0
Secretly monitor all activity on your computer

Computer Use Reporter 343)   Computer Use Reporter 1.0.0
Covertly monitor what your employees or children are doing on the computer

Lockngo Pro 344)   Lockngo Pro 2.10
Unbreakable security for removable media

PC Police KeyLogger 345)   PC Police KeyLogger 1.0.0
PC Police KeyLogger is a complete secret keylogger for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM)

Hide Folders XP 1.3 Beta 7 346)   Hide Folders XP 1.3 Beta 7
A security utility that hides your folders out from prying eyes

Password Officer DeLuxe 347)   Password Officer DeLuxe 5.0
Ultimate password management tool, web forms, Single Sign-On, encryption

PlainText Crypto 348)   PlainText Crypto 1.1
This program lets you encrypt your text files into a sequence of digits.

CryptoExpert 2005 PE 349)   CryptoExpert 2005 PE 6.02
Virtual encrypted hard drives system with password authentication

WinLock 350)   WinLock 4.42
Comprehensive security solution.

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