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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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LockItNow! 1)   LockItNow! 1.2
Let your Bluetooth mobile phone automatically lock and unlock your PC.

Power Spy 2006 2)   Power Spy 2006 4.9
Monitor employees, children, spouse, and even criminals on your PC.

ShadowIMSniffer 3)   ShadowIMSniffer 4.01
Shadow IM Sniffer - ICQ Sniffer, MSN Sniffer, AOL Sniffer, Yahoo Sniffer.

Access Administrator Pro 4)   Access Administrator Pro 5.05
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete

PC TimeWatch 5)   PC TimeWatch
Allows to control when and for how long programs and connections are used

Advanced Keylogger 6)   Advanced Keylogger 1
Advanced Keylogger is an invisible surveillance tool that records every stroke t

Security Administrator 7)   Security Administrator 13.41
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.

IM Lock Professional 8)   IM Lock Professional 2.1
IM Lock blocks Instant Messengers, P2P, Chat, and Other Programs on PC Desktops

Parental Control Tool for Windows 9)   Parental Control Tool for Windows
Parental Control Tool allows you to restrict access to PC and Internet

Reset Service Password 10)   Reset Service Password 1.0
Allows you to change account information for Service remotely

File Lock DLL Device Driver 11)   File Lock DLL Device Driver 1.0
Windows File Folder Access Control, FOBS based Device Driver DLL

Access Manager for Windows 12)   Access Manager for Windows 9.41
Password protect your PC & Restrict access to to key features of Windows

Exe Vaccine V3 Freeware 13)   Exe Vaccine V3 Freeware 3.08
EXE Vaccine protects your PC by acting as an executable file filter.

User Time Administrator 14)   User Time Administrator
It lets you limit time for PC users and restrict access

File Security Manager 15)   File Security Manager
Manage file and folder permissions in Windows XP Home like Win XP Pro users!

ClubControl AE 16)   ClubControl AE 4.1.31704
Powerful Internet and Cyber Cafe Management Software

Disk Password Protection 17)   Disk Password Protection 4.9.4
Comprehensive suite of hard-drive protection/access restriction tools.

File & Folder Protector 18)   File & Folder Protector 2.33
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.

Outlook Express Security 19)   Outlook Express Security 2.3
Disable access to Outlook Express and password-protect its message base.

Internet Timer 3 20)   Internet Timer 3 3.0.348
Powerful online timing, monitoring and control software including log viewer

RollBack Rx - Professional 21)   RollBack Rx - Professional 9.0
Backup Software for Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and System Restore Boss Key 22) Boss Key 3.30 Boss Key allow you to hide active program window immediatlly.

Access Denied XP 23)   Access Denied XP 1.1
Safeguard computer from unwanted access. Protect desktop and boot-up.

SentryPC 24)   SentryPC 2.22
Spytech SentryPC Secure Filtering, Monitoring, and Access Contro

Anonymous Surfing 25)   Anonymous Surfing 1.0
Anonymous surfing toolbar for Internet Explorer.

Internet Kiosk Pro 26)   Internet Kiosk Pro 6.22
Internet kiosk public access PC software to restrict access to system

Hide Files & Folders 27)   Hide Files & Folders 3.5
Hide Files & Folders from viewing and searching, or protect them by password

PC Control 28)   PC Control 1.3.0
Controls when and for how long a person can use the PC

EXE Password Protector 29)   EXE Password Protector 1.0
EXE Password Protector protects applications from running by adding a password.

1st Screen Lock 30)   1st Screen Lock 9.41
Lock your desktop with a password and spy on your PC users.

WinDentify 31)   WinDentify 2.0
Windentify Beta Lite is a freeware voice biometric package.

1st Security Agent 32)   1st Security Agent 9.41
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows

Advanced Security Level 33)   Advanced Security Level 6.1
The Internet security, computer security and access control software!

SecureCentral IdentityAccess Manager 60-day Trial Edition 34)   SecureCentral IdentityAccess Manager 60-day Trial Edition 4
Identity and access management solution with support for web single sign-on

1 Click & Lock 35)   1 Click & Lock 3.41
Secure your desktop when you step away from your PC

Secure Folders XP 36)   Secure Folders XP 3.0
Hide and protect your important files, folders and entire drives! Download now!

R-Guard 37)   R-Guard 2.2
Data security tool for advanced access right control, encryption and audit.

ZIP Pointer 38)   ZIP Pointer 1.0
Lookup American city by ZIP, postal code or name on a North American map.

ActiveScreenLock 39)   ActiveScreenLock 2.81
Make sure no one except you can access your computer while you are away from it!

ID Manager 40)   ID Manager 6.7
Don't use paper and pen to keep your passwords, use ID Manager!

1st Desktop Guard 41)   1st Desktop Guard 2.71
Stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver.

Active Whois Browser 42)   Active Whois Browser 2.6
Browse all information for an IP address or domain name with a single click!

StopGame Home Edition 43)   StopGame Home Edition 1.4.2
Program will help to control the time your children spend playing PC games

EaseSoft ASP.NET Barcode Control 44)   EaseSoft ASP.NET Barcode Control 3.5.0
EaseSoft Linear Barcode Web Controls support most barcode symbologies

Public Access Desktop 45)   Public Access Desktop 2.9
Make an Internet kiosk or a foolproof public access PC, protect critical files.

Detective 46)   Detective 2.1e
Detective examines your PC, detects illicit content and displays a detailed log.

LockDesktop 47)   LockDesktop 1.00
Protect the desktop disabling windows keys and replacing the start menu

1st Privacy Tool for Windows 48)   1st Privacy Tool for Windows
1st Privacy Tool protects your computer and Internet

WinProtection 49)   WinProtection 3.0
WinProtection 3.0 protects your computer from unauthorized accesses!

IE Security Pro 50)   IE Security Pro
It customizes many aspects of the Internet Explorer Web browser

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