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Monday, 16 July 2018

Top 1751-1800 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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ContraVirus 1751)   ContraVirus 2.0.0
Advanced anti-spyware software designed to delete all spyware from your system

Portable Vault 1752)   Portable Vault
Protects sensitive information on your portable USB Drive

Atomic PDF Password Recovery 1753)   Atomic PDF Password Recovery 2.20
Removes restrictions set for PDF documents. Suports RC4 and AES. 100% guaranteed

PPedia Task Manager Svchost Edition 1754)   PPedia Task Manager Svchost Edition 1.02
Free Task manager with built-in process library, identify malware and spyware

Local Account Manager 1755)   Local Account Manager
Manage users and groups on Windows XP Home like on Windows XP Professional

PC Spy Monitor 2007 1756)   PC Spy Monitor 2007 6.9.2
Monitor employees, children, spouse, and even criminals on your PC.

Atomic IE Password Recovery 1757)   Atomic IE Password Recovery 1.20
Recover forgotten passwords in Internet Explorer instantly

Privacy Patrol 1758)   Privacy Patrol 3.1
Privacy Patrol is a secure and easy program to clean activity and history traces

PC James Bond 007 2007 1759)   PC James Bond 007 2007 5.2
Monitor employees, children, spouse, and even criminals on your PC.

Password Recovery for Corel Paradox 1760)   Password Recovery for Corel Paradox 1.0
Password Recovery is a free toolkit for Corel Paradox databases

MySecurityCenter Antivirus 2006 1761)   MySecurityCenter Antivirus 2006 7.1.501
State of the Art Antivirus engine from CA with many awards.

Money Password 1762)   Money Password 10.1.6805
Password recovery tool for MS Money database.

BhoScanner 1763)   BhoScanner 1.9
BHO Scanner gives you a quick look at the Browser Helper Objects installed on PC

HTMLBlock v1.90 1764)   HTMLBlock v1.90 v.1.90
HTMLBlock Professional HTML Encryption & Website Security Software Application

Ashampoo Security Pack 1765)   Ashampoo Security Pack 1.00
Four integrated security tools in a single package

NOADWARE - Spyware Remover 1766)   NOADWARE - Spyware Remover 4.1
NoAdware - Anti-spyware and Adware Protection for your Computer. FREE DOWNLOAD

Adware Deluxe Pro 1767)   Adware Deluxe Pro 2.0.2
Try ADWARE DELUXE FREE! - STOP Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers and Popup Ads.

BufferZone Security Pro 1768)   BufferZone Security Pro 2.10-37
Run and install anything in a virtual zone - risk free of viruses and spyware!

Spy Destroy -Spy Remover 1769)   Spy Destroy -Spy Remover 1.1.0
SpyDestroy Spyware Remover, Blocks and Removes Viruses, Scan your PC for FREE!

Activity Logger 1770)   Activity Logger 3.1
Spy software that secretly records chat, email, Internet, keystrokes, programs

Eltima Powered Keylogger 1771)   Eltima Powered Keylogger 2.0
Track PC activity, Internet usage, capture Emails, passwords and all keystrokes

Outlook Recovery 1772)   Outlook Recovery 1.57
Recover and repair deleted, lost and corrupted Microsoft Outlook databases

Internet Security Logger 1773)   Internet Security Logger 1.1
Save all Internet traffic on the hard drive to measure the security risks.

Iron Privacy Protector 1774)   Iron Privacy Protector
Iron Privacy Protector allows you to protect privacy by cleaning history.

SF Password Generator 1775)   SF Password Generator 1.2
Program for generating strong passwords easily! Protect your emails, logins, etc

ID USB Lock Key 1776)   ID USB Lock Key 1.2
ID USB Lock Key is a high performance PC blocking program.

Password Generator Software 1777)   Password Generator Software 2.3
Password Generator creates random passwords of any length and character content.

Perfect Spyware Remover 1778)   Perfect Spyware Remover 1.2.32
Easy Remove 100% of your spyware, adware, hijackers, keyloggers

Kernel Outlook Password Recovery Software 1779)   Kernel Outlook Password Recovery Software 4.02
Advance MS Outlook PST password recovery tool, recover passwords from .pst files

Keyboard Capturing Tool 1780)   Keyboard Capturing Tool
Keystroke monitoring software tracks typed key record password website addresses

nnCron Software 1781)   nnCron Software 1.0
Powerful system command scheduler and monitor (cron for Windows)

iMonitorPC 1782)   iMonitorPC 2.2.1
iMonitorPC is the equivalent of a digital surveillance system for your computer.

Email Spy Monitor 2008 1783)   Email Spy Monitor 2008 6.22
Monitors and records all emails opened in popular email clients.

Keylogger Spy Monitor 2008 1784)   Keylogger Spy Monitor 2008 6.21
Best keylogger spy software that logs all keystrokes typed on a computer.

TrialWareMakerPro 1785)   TrialWareMakerPro 1.0
Shareware Trialware Protection Software: Simple Interface Software Converter!

Safe n Sec Pro+Anti-Spyware 1786)   Safe n Sec Pro+Anti-Spyware 3.0
Real-time Computer Protection + Anti-Spyware scanner and remover

AntiFreeze 1787)   AntiFreeze 1.00
Emergency task manager hotkey utility for when your computer locks up

Email Password Hacking 1788)   Email Password Hacking 2.2
Email password hacking tool disply Gmail MSN Orkut Myspace Yahoo password

Protector Plus 2007 for Windows 1789)   Protector Plus 2007 for Windows 7.5.A01
Protector Plus 2007 is an anti-virus software designed for Windows.

Minos Lock 1790)   Minos Lock 1.62
Minos Lock is a highly performed files security software that can hide or encrypt any number of files, folders and documents in seconds

AV EAGLE 3 1791)   AV EAGLE 3 4.71
AV Eagle Firewall and Virus Scanner Testing Software

Total Security 1792)   Total Security 2.0.3
Omniquad Total Security 2005 offers complete protection for your PC

Spy Fighter Cleaner Pro - Spyware Remover 1793)   Spy Fighter Cleaner Pro - Spyware Remover
Remove Spyware, Adware, Trojans and Other Dangerous Parasites! DOWNLOAD IT FREE

StopDragon Pop-Up Blocker 1794)   StopDragon Pop-Up Blocker 1.0
Highly affordable and highly effective pop-up blocking software for I.E.

IMterrupt Home Version 1795)   IMterrupt Home Version 2.5
Blocking and Complete Control over Instant Messenging and Chat programs

Media Fortress 1796)   Media Fortress 1.0
view and encrypt your pictures and movies, hide it all!

MF Encryption Pad 1797)   MF Encryption Pad 2.0
Use cut & paste to encrypt and decrypt messages w/256-bit AES encryption.

CommuniCrypt2Go 1798)   CommuniCrypt2Go 1.00
RSA encryption tool for eMail-, webmail & messenger communication

Safe n Sec Plus Anti-Spyware 1799)   Safe n Sec Plus Anti-Spyware 2.5.3119
Real-time Computer Protection + Anti-Spyware scanner and remover

RegRun Security Suite Platinum 1800)   RegRun Security Suite Platinum 5.5
A powerful tool kit against Trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware components.

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