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Monday, 16 July 2018

Top 1251-1300 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Ganymede Generation I 1251)   Ganymede Generation I 1.0
You can use Ganymede when you need to enter passwords or credit card numbers on your computer

Kaspersky Internet Security 1252)   Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0
Protect your PC with an expert antivirus solution

Chronager 1253)   Chronager 1.3
Complete control over your child's use of the computer

ePassBook Password Repository 1254)   ePassBook Password Repository 1.5
Store and manage all of your passwords in a secure AES encrypted file

MicroLocked 1255)   MicroLocked 1.6.3
Highly secure computer lock that leaves the display visible.

PC Sentinel's Busted: Keylogger and Instant Message Monitor 1256)   PC Sentinel's Busted: Keylogger and Instant Message Monitor 1.3.1
Instant message monitor, recorder, keylogger monitors all activity on your PC.

Security Center Lite 1257)   Security Center Lite 1.3.2
Network security software for real-time intrusion detection and prevention.

GoldTach Personal Firewall 1258)   GoldTach Personal Firewall 3.2
GoldTach personal firewall is a mini-sized and skinnable internet security software

IEpal 1259)   IEpal 1.0
One click total destruction of Internet activity tracks for privacy protection.

Passwords & Keys 1260)   Passwords & Keys 1.25
Passwords & Keys is a powerful random number, password and key generator, that allows you to easily generate, store and use random passwords, keys and data

PAL PC Spyware Software 1261)   PAL PC Spyware Software 1.02
PAL PC Spyware Protects, Controls and Monitors everything that happens on your PC.

Free Coding Tool 1262)   Free Coding Tool 1.0
Free Coding Tool

PasswordsPro 1263)   PasswordsPro
The professional program to recover the passwords for user hashes.

Password Hound 1264)   Password Hound 1.0
Easy to use password management software

Reset Local Password Pro 1265)   Reset Local Password Pro 3.0
Allows you to change a password for a machine's local accounts

Snare Micro Server 1266)   Snare Micro Server 1.2
Central collection tool for eventlog, audit log & sylog data

abylon SHAREDDRIVE 1267)   abylon SHAREDDRIVE 5.6
Protect your data against illegal access with the encrypted SHAREDRIVE

eScan Virus Control Edition 1268)   eScan Virus Control Edition 9.0.824.205
Desktop Anti-Virus and Content Security software for Windows based systems.

Sentinel 1269)   Sentinel 2.0
Anti-Virus/Trojan Integrity Checker - Integrates with your AV App(s)

SpyHunter 1270)   SpyHunter 2.7
SpyHunter is the latest in Spyware Detection and Removal. FREE DOWNLOAD AND SCAN

Noing AntiSpyware Remover 1271)   Noing AntiSpyware Remover 4.1.51
Easy Remove 100% of your spyware, adware, hijackers, keyloggers

RemoveAny 1272)   RemoveAny 2.3.6
Remove spyware, adware, Trojan horses, key-loggers, rootkits on your computer.

RHCP 1273)   RHCP 1.0
A system of software protection, it is intended for quick and easy implementation mechanism protection in your projects

Outlook Express Protector 1274)   Outlook Express Protector 2.3
Password-protect Outlook Express and its e-mail and address data bases with OEP

Network Password Manager 1275)   Network Password Manager 3.1
Multi-user password manager for your enterprise.

FineCrypt Archiver 1276)   FineCrypt Archiver 1.2
Freeware tool for creating strongly encrypted zip-like file archives.

Password Agent Lite 2.0.3 1277)   Password Agent Lite 2.0.3
A password manager program that allows you to store all your passwords in a single, easy to navigate, and secure database

Fast Outlook Express Password Recovery 1278)   Fast Outlook Express Password Recovery 1.2
Outlook Express password recovery tool that requires no installation. Try free!

Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional 1279)   Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional 4.6.12
Military grade files encryption, AES, RSA, USB Flash support. 18 Wipe algs.

Ashampoo Magical Security 1280)   Ashampoo Magical Security 1.65
Encrypt your private data on hard disc, CD or DVD!

Exe Vaccine Professional 1281)   Exe Vaccine Professional 4.0
EXE Vaccine protects your PC by acting as an executable file filter.

Spyware Bot - Spyware Remover 1282)   Spyware Bot - Spyware Remover
Remove Spyware, Adware, Trojans and Other Dangerous Parasites! DOWNLOAD IT FREE

Malware Immunizer 1283)   Malware Immunizer 1.1

Shield Deluxe AntiVirus and AntiSpyware 1284)   Shield Deluxe AntiVirus and AntiSpyware 2006
Shield Deluxe 2006 protection from Viruses, Spyware, Hackers and online threats.

Trillian Password Recovery 1285)   Trillian Password Recovery 1.0
recover forgotten instant messengers passwords used with Trillian

ICQ Password 1286)   ICQ Password 1.5.305
ICQ Password is a tool to recover lost passwords for ICQ.

Reset Password Management 1287)   Reset Password Management 3.2
Self Service Reset Password Management

CryptoExpert 2007 Professional 1288)   CryptoExpert 2007 Professional 7.1.0
Real-time on-the-fly hard disk encryption system for Vista/XP/2000 (64bit/32bit)

Ashampoo AntiVirus 1289)   Ashampoo AntiVirus 1.61
Easy and intuitive. Set it and forget it.

SystemGuards 1290)   SystemGuards
Remove Malwares,Includes Shredder,Sys.Optimizer,Manager..Firewall& Sys. Cleaner

SecureLock 1291)   SecureLock 2.0
Revolutionary hiding of secret file/folder/drive on FAT12/16/32 through backend

Picrypter 1292)   Picrypter 1.1 Demo
Picrypter is an encryption tool for 24-bit image files.

Access Lock 1293)   Access Lock 2.83
Lock your system with a password

Folder Protection 1294)   Folder Protection 2.1
Password-protect folders on your hard, external, or removable drives.

Parents CyberAlert 1295)   Parents CyberAlert 1.60
Parents CyberAlert will record everything your children do online and offline.

AB Folder Hider 1296)   AB Folder Hider 5.01
AB Folder Hider is a powerful hide folder software that can password lock your personal files and folders

KGB Free Keylogger 1297)   KGB Free Keylogger 4.20
This free keylogger logs everything you type. You will never lose a password!

Yahoo Messenger Password 1298)   Yahoo Messenger Password 2.0.370
Yahoo Messenger Password is a tool to recover lost password for Yahoo Messenger.

Macro AntiVirus 1299)   Macro AntiVirus 2007.902
Detects and Removes Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms and more.

SpyNoMore  2007 1300)   SpyNoMore 2007 5.1.3
safeguards your identity and restores system performance

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