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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Top 851-900 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker 851)   Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker 1.00
Get rid of annoying advertising IP messages forever!

CryptoSystem Personal 852)   CryptoSystem Personal 1.1
The tool to protect your data from unauthorized viewing.

BitDefender Professional Plus 853)   BitDefender Professional Plus 8
BitDefender 8 Professional Plus ensures the most advanced antivirus protection, as well as data confidentiality, active content control and Internet filtering

LockTheFile 854)   LockTheFile 1.8
LockTheFile encrypts the content of your files from hackers and other users

Counter Spy 855)   Counter Spy 1.0.26
CounterSpy detects deletes and protects! CounterSpy has Active Protection.

Deskman SE 856)   Deskman SE 6.0.1
Advanced Desktop Security

PCMaid 857)   PCMaid
Novices clean your pc with 2 clicks. Pros access advanced options.

Easy Password Storage 858)   Easy Password Storage 1.0
Save your passwords in one secure, encrypted place

FaceCode 859)   FaceCode v - 2.0
FaceCode face recognition PC logon software protecting your personal information

Smart File Eraser 860)   Smart File Eraser 1.02
PERMANENTLY delete files and directories beyond recovery

Folder Guard Standard 861)   Folder Guard Standard 6.0
Powerful Security and Access Control Utility

PC Tattletale 862)   PC Tattletale
PC Tattletale parental control software allows monitoring and recording all actions that are performed with a computer.

Watcher 863)   Watcher 2.21
Watcher software for audio/video surveillance, broadcasting and more.

Tychicus 864)   Tychicus 1.0
Tychicus allows you to hide secret messages inside image files.

RainFish 865)   RainFish 1.185
An easy-to-use high security text encryptor and password manager

All-In-One Spy 866)   All-In-One Spy 2.0
All-In-One SPY - stealthy monitoring software

Norton Personal Firewall 867)   Norton Personal Firewall 2004
All firewalls can block incoming access to your computer, but not all provide the level of two-way protection that this firewall can

Startup Sentry 868)   Startup Sentry 2.20
Startup application, service and driver monitoring tool for Windows.

Privatefirewall w/Pest Patrol 869)   Privatefirewall w/Pest Patrol 4.0
Personal Firewall with Anti-Spyware providing comprehensive desktop security.

KRyLack Password Recovery 870)   KRyLack Password Recovery 3.10
KRyLack Password Recovery recovers lost passwords for ZIP, RAR and ACE archives

Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium 871)   Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium 7.0
Professional protection against viruses and malware, adware, Spyware, phishing.

CommuniCrypt File Encryption Tools 872)   CommuniCrypt File Encryption Tools 1.01
File encryption/decryption tools with strongest AES algorithms. See website

Tiny Spy Agent 873)   Tiny Spy Agent 2.1.118
Tiny Spy Agent is an easy-to-use security audit tool that records user logon username,password and every keystroke with current process information to an log file

EyeShield 874)   EyeShield 1.5
Helps to prevent eye strain caused by viewing computer monitors.

GFI Network Server Monitor 875)   GFI Network Server Monitor 6
Ensure maximum up time by monitoring your network & servers for failures.

Taceo(TM) 876)   Taceo(TM) 1.6.0
One click encryption & rights management for email and documents.

Password Keeper 2001 877)   Password Keeper 2001 4.2
This simple program lets you store your various passwords, user ID's, etc.

FileOnePasser 878)   FileOnePasser 2003c
FileOnePasser,it can add password to any files on your computer

CryptoElement 879)   CryptoElement 1.3
CryptoElement uses strong encryption algorithms, including 448-bit key Blowfish, 256-bit key Rijndael etc

Cresotech PocketSafe 880)   Cresotech PocketSafe 1.32
Convenient PocketPC-based tool for safe storage of confidential data

Hot Crypt 881)   Hot Crypt 1.2
HotCrypt is one touch text encryption software.

Hidden Camera 250-in-1 882)   Hidden Camera 250-in-1 2.18
Monitor up to 250 employees PCs simultaneously with or without recording

IntraMail 883)   IntraMail 2003.01.20
Secure exchange of messages in a local network Intranet (for windows systems)

96Crypt 884)   96Crypt 4.950
EnCrypt/DeCrypt files&FOLDERS from several Sources-Disks-Folders at same time.

Desktop Lock Business Edition 885)   Desktop Lock Business Edition 6.1
It can lock your desktop so that none can use you computer.

Access Boss 886)   Access Boss 3.0
Restrict access to a PC for certain users based on time factors. Try it today!

Active ERASER 887)   Active ERASER 4.01
Active ERASER - Ultimate Data Destruction Tool

Blancco - Data Cleaner+ 888)   Blancco - Data Cleaner+ 4.4
Blancco - Data Cleaner+ ensures a 100% secure hard drive erasure with reporting

Quicky Password Generator 889)   Quicky Password Generator 1.2
Quicky Password Generator generates thousands of random passwords fast.

Privacy Master 890)   Privacy Master 1.0
Erase your browser history, windows temporary files, list of recent documents

AB Hide Folder 891)   AB Hide Folder 5.03
AB Hide Folder is a powerful file lock software that can password protect files.

Antivirus UNA 892)   Antivirus UNA 1.83
UNA is a complex antivirus protection against viruses and Trojan programs

PrivyPad 893)   PrivyPad 2.51
Secure your e-mails, passwords, secret info with this powerful encryption tool.

Free Spyware Vanisher - Spyware Removal 894)   Free Spyware Vanisher - Spyware Removal 2.80
Find & Remove Spyware others can't for FREE.

Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 895)   Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 6.0
Kaspersky Internet Security Years Ahead Of The Other Guys

WISeCrypt 896)   WISeCrypt
Encrypt, decrypt and wipe files and folders on your PC or storage devices.

This program serves to encrypt files. It is based on symmetric encryption.

Innovatools Email Control 898)   Innovatools Email Control 1.0
Regain control over your e-mail messages by stopping spam and email viruses!

SpyStopper Pro 899)   SpyStopper Pro 5.0C
Block intrusive spyware, Web bugs, and other intrusive devices in real time.

Max Anti Spyware Pro 900)   Max Anti Spyware Pro 11.5
Spyware are files or software installed on your PC without your knowledge

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