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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Top 701-750 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Anti-Secure Ultimate Password Recovery 701)   Anti-Secure Ultimate Password Recovery 1.0
The ultimate password recovery tool for Windows.

Advanced Encryption Package 2006 702)   Advanced Encryption Package 2006 4.4.11
Military grade encryption, shredding and ability to work with .zip archives

Prodos 703)   Prodos 1.1
Prodos - Professional Document Security is a cutting edge document protection and management application, designed to protect any files and documents by placing these items in an electronic "safe"

CiphersCrypers 704)   CiphersCrypers 1.2
It is a wonderful frendly multiplatform program purposed for encrypting any files with many kinds of cryptographic algoritms likeDES, AES, Blowfish, RC2, RC4 and password based encryption - PBEWithMD5AndDES

Exe Wrapper 705)   Exe Wrapper 2.2
Protect exe file; Alert the main icon of executable file. Bind arguments to exe.

Safe&Sound 706)   Safe&Sound 1.0.1
Stop unwanted programs from running.

Advanced Quicken Password Recovery 707)   Advanced Quicken Password Recovery 1.0
A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to Intuit Quicken files (

Real powerful plug and play ,encrypted disk

WashnSweep a Complete Security Suite v2.2 709)   WashnSweep a Complete Security Suite v2.2
Wash n Sweep puts the power back into your hands giving you the upper hand in the fight for privacy in the world of the Internet.

VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations 710)   VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations 4.5.0
Reliable virus protection for your desktop workstation

OSsurance Desktop 711)   OSsurance Desktop 4.0
An all-in-one blocker of spyware, buffer overflows, keyloggers, viruses, adware, trojans, and worms

Proactive System Password Recovery 712)   Proactive System Password Recovery 4.1
Recover windows passwords: RAS/dial-up,Passport,shared resources,asterists,etc.

Activity Keylogger 713)   Activity Keylogger 1.60
records all keystrokes typed, chat conversations, screen, websites

Shield Firewall 2005 714)   Shield Firewall 2005 2005
Shield Firewall 2005 - protect your files from hackers and viruses

TSIG Key Generator 715)   TSIG Key Generator 1.00
This tool can generate a TSIG key value (base64) for you very easily.

Safe Express Free 716)   Safe Express Free 3.4
Safe Express automatically encrypts all your messages.

Office password Recovery Key  5.0 717)   Office password Recovery Key 5.0
Recover all types of passwords for MS Office files

PasswordGlue 718)   PasswordGlue 2.0
Secure and encrypt all your passwords and personal information.

Outlook Password Recovery 719)   Outlook Password Recovery 4.02
Recover lost/forgotten PST file Passwords

MG-Shadow: Computer monitoring software 720)   MG-Shadow: Computer monitoring software 1.0.1566
The most stable and easy to use software to secretly monitor anyone's computer

Advanced NT Security Explorer 721)   Advanced NT Security Explorer 2.0
Analyze and recover Windows NT/2000/XP passwords.

Task Scheduler Pro 722)   Task Scheduler Pro 2.13.070507
Manage Scheduled Tasks Folders on All Systems.

Access Password Recovery Master 723)   Access Password Recovery Master 1.0
Recovers MS Access database and user-level passwords (*.mdb and *.mdw files).

KISS Password Manager 724)   KISS Password Manager 1.2
Very often, we tend to use the same password for all our logins

Hide & Protect any Drives 725)   Hide & Protect any Drives 2.9
Pasword protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash

File & Folder Protector 726)   File & Folder Protector 3.5
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.

PestPatrol 727)   PestPatrol 4.3
Detects and removes hacker tools, DDoS attack agents, trojans and spyware that can bypass anti-virus and firewalls, compromising your privacy and data integrity

AntiVirus for MDaemon 728)   AntiVirus for MDaemon 2.2.9
AntiVirus for MDaemon protects your network against email viruses.

NoSpyZone Security Center 729)   NoSpyZone Security Center 2.5
NoSpyZone Security Center is a simple way for you to manage your security

PC Police Gold 730)   PC Police Gold 1.0.0
PC Police Gold is a complete secret keylogger, Internet and folder tracker, and copied text for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM)

SafeLogon 731)   SafeLogon 2.0
Allows you to protect your system at home and office from unauthorized access.

eSafe Desktop 3.1 Build 36 732)   eSafe Desktop 3.1 Build 36
The first content security solution to offer comprehensive protection from viruses

PC Police Professional 733)   PC Police Professional 1.0.0
PC Police Professional is a complete secret keylogger, chat monitor, Internet tracker, file logger and program recorder for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM)

CDSHIELD SE is a home-made cd-protector tool-kit generator

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 735)   GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 9
Complete network vulnerability scanning, patch management and auditing solution

WGP System Protect 736)   WGP System Protect 1.0
WGP System Protect allows you to password protect programs and settings that you don''t want people accessing, such as the Control Panel, Display Properties or Windows Explorer

Invisible Keylogger 737)   Invisible Keylogger 1.5
records every keystroke with our Invisible Keylogger when you are away

BladeBox Iron Edition 738)   BladeBox Iron Edition 1.1
BladeBox creates virtual AES-256 encrypted volumes (disks)

Instant Lock: BEST FOLDER LOCK Software 739)   Instant Lock: BEST FOLDER LOCK Software 3.0.2
Totally hide any folder from all other users and programs. Lock n Hide in 1 sec!

Prevx1 740)   Prevx1
Stop attacks from many forms of malicous programs on the Internet

AES Pro 741)   AES Pro 5.2
AES Pro is the suite of encryption tools for personal and professional security

IE Security Pro 742)   IE Security Pro
It customizes many aspects of the Internet Explorer Web browser

SwitchBlade 743)   SwitchBlade 1.0
Protect the images on your web site with this easy to use tool.

IE Internet Security 744)   IE Internet Security 9.41
Customize and secure the Internet Explorer Web browser

Perfect Privacy 745)   Perfect Privacy 2.0
Protect your privacy, completely eliminate all your computer usage traces

1st Evidence Remover 746)   1st Evidence Remover 2.62
Clean your Windows of any evidence and temporary files.

Secure Password Generator 747)   Secure Password Generator 1.0
Generate unique passwords which are highly secure and very difficult to crack.

MindSoft Wipe 748)   MindSoft Wipe 3.0a
Use this program for the definite destruction of documents

Password Discovery 749)   Password Discovery 2.2
Password Discovery recovers lost or forgotten passwords.

WiSSH Standard Edition 750)   WiSSH Standard Edition 2.5
Windows Remote Desktop Protocol/Secure Shell (RDP/SSH) Client

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