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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Top 651-700 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Asterisk Password Recovery 651)   Asterisk Password Recovery 1.0
Reveal passwords hidden under asterisks

HDD Password Protection 652)   HDD Password Protection 3.2
Boot protection, protection of partitions and low-level protection.

DriveCrypt 653)   DriveCrypt 5.1.0
1344 Bit, Military strong, transparent real time Hard Disk encryption

DirMonitor 654)   DirMonitor 1.3.5
DirMonitor permits you to watch every activity carried out in the folders and files you decide to monitor

CryptoCrat 2005 655)   CryptoCrat 2005 4.61
Encrypt files by strong encryption. Secure delete files.

LockDesktop 656)   LockDesktop 1.00
Protect the desktop disabling windows keys and replacing the start menu

MicroWorld Antivirus Toolkit Utility 657)   MicroWorld Antivirus Toolkit Utility
This tool cleanse your registry and other system areas of the damage that a virus could have done.

~ SpamItBack 658)   ~ SpamItBack
Get spammers back, and send your own message telling them to stop spamming once, a thousand times, or as many times as you want back to them.

HighVIP Protected Email 659)   HighVIP Protected Email 3.1.1
Secure and encrypted outsourced email, secure file sharing, instant messaging.

BCArchive 660)   BCArchive 1.06
BCArchive creates encrypted archive and allows you to e-mail it to your friend

Hider 661)   Hider 1.1
Hide your secrets in the images and audio files

FOX Password Safe 662)   FOX Password Safe 2.1
Secure, reliable password manager. You can also encrypt and hide your files.

The Shield Pro - Antivirus/Firewall 663)   The Shield Pro - Antivirus/Firewall 2006
Shield Pro 2006 - Protect your computer from viruses

Stealth Web Page Recorder 664)   Stealth Web Page Recorder 1.1
Invisibly records web-based emails and password protected web pages

ActMon PWL Password Finder (WASP) 665)   ActMon PWL Password Finder (WASP) 2.03
WASP displays passwords stored in Microsoft PWL file

PestBlock 666)   PestBlock 4.1.6
Complete protection from the most dangerous threats on the Internet.

1st Privacy Tool for Windows 667)   1st Privacy Tool for Windows
1st Privacy Tool protects your computer and Internet

WinProtection 668)   WinProtection 3.0
WinProtection 3.0 protects your computer from unauthorized accesses!

SecretSpace 669)   SecretSpace 1.0
SecretSpace is a utility that allows you to conceal short messages invisibly within plain text documents

Kerio Personal Firewall 670)   Kerio Personal Firewall 4.0.0 RC3
Protect your PC against attacks from both the Internet, and other computers in the local network

Anti-Spy Personal Firewall 671)   Anti-Spy Personal Firewall 2.0
Best business letter writing software - 1000+ typical business letter templates.

U-Wipe 672)   U-Wipe 2.0
Automatically clean all your PC tracks and block pop-up windows.

Spy Cleaner Lite 673)   Spy Cleaner Lite 8.0.5
Spy Cleaner identifies and removes these surreptitiously installed applications

Spy Proofing Your Computer 674)   Spy Proofing Your Computer 1.0
Learn how to Spy Proof your computer in 4 easy steps!

HideFolder Now! 675)   HideFolder Now! 1.0
HideFolder Now! is a low level security application letting you hide your private folders on Windows 2000/XP

Track Eraser Deluxe 676)   Track Eraser Deluxe 4.2
Protect yourself by erasing internet tracks.

Power Data Recovery - Volume Recovery 677)   Power Data Recovery - Volume Recovery 3.3.031
Power Data Recovery - Volume Recovery Module Recovery lost data

CHAOS Chameleon 678)   CHAOS Chameleon 3.8
CHAOS Chameleon allows to hide your private archive.

SplitSafe 679)   SplitSafe 1.12
SplitSafe protects your data on notebooks and PCs from unwanted access

XPCSpy 680)   XPCSpy 2.01
XPCSpy is a powerful spy software that runs stealthy under MS Windows, and it''s very easy to use

VIRUSfighter 681)   VIRUSfighter 6.2.43
Secure and easy-to-use Antivirus software for the PC-platform

Advanced RAR Password Recovery 682)   Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.11
A program for recovering lost or forgotten passwords for RAR/WinRAR archives

Secure Message by Blaiz Enterprises 683)   Secure Message by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.293
Quick, strong encryption with private password for plain text. Secure your

Access Manager 684)   Access Manager 2.0.57
Fast, easy and secure password management.

WinSafe 685)   WinSafe 1.1.2
WinSafe is a powerful but easy to use encryption program.

Folder Password Expert 686)   Folder Password Expert
Security software program to put a password on computer folders.

Solo Antivirus Software 687)   Solo Antivirus Software 2.5
Solo AntiVirus - The best Antivirus, Effectively Fights Against New Viruses

XL Delete 688)   XL Delete 1.2.2191.38829
XL Delete is a secure delete tool that will permanently delete files and folders

SpyCapture 689)   SpyCapture 1.4.5
SpyCapture is advanced PC security and monitoring software.

Stealth Recorder Pro 690)   Stealth Recorder Pro 1.21
Real-time secret high quality MP3/WMA recorder. Remote control feature.

Mini Key Log 691)   Mini Key Log 2.6
Monitoring software and keylogger to monitor and record user activities.

TRVProtect 692)   TRVProtect 7.3
Managed anti virus service using Trend Micro's Officescan. Includes anti spyware

Innovatools ComputerWatermark 693)   Innovatools ComputerWatermark 1.5
ComputerWatermark writes your name and address (or other information) on the entire free surface of your disk drives

Best Network Security 694)   Best Network Security 2.81
The best solution for corporations, universities, schools, public libraries etc.

AdventNet Firewall Analyzer 695)   AdventNet Firewall Analyzer 4.0
Web based Firewall,VPN and Proxy Server Log Analysis and reporting tool

Trojan Slayer 696)   Trojan Slayer 2.0.0
Protect your computer from Trojans. No Trojan lists required.

Dekart Logon 697)   Dekart Logon 2.18
Protect access to notebook and desktop computers running Microsot Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Advanced VBA Password Recovery 698)   Advanced VBA Password Recovery 1.60
Recovers passwords to VBA code (macros) in MS Office 97/2000/XP applications.

System Security 2006 699)   System Security 2006 4.0.0
Protect your system from unauthorized access and set access restrictions.

Anti-Peeper Key 700)   Anti-Peeper Key 2.0
protect your privacy by hiding the windows on your screen.

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