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Sunday, 22 July 2018

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Webroot MyDoom Remover 501)   Webroot MyDoom Remover 1.1
Webroot MyDoom Remover is a free tool that detects and removes the MyDoom Worm

FREE CompuSec® PC Security Suite - Linux 502)   FREE CompuSec® PC Security Suite - Linux 4.18.1
Protects PC: Pre-boot authentication, encrypts full HDD, file, floppy &USB drive

Folder Security Professional 503)   Folder Security Professional 3.0
This tool keeps files and folders secret and safe by hiding and locking them

TEXOCRYP en 504)   TEXOCRYP en 1.1
This program serves to encrypt texts. It is based on symmetric encryption.

ViGUARD 505)   ViGUARD 11
ViGUARD provides protection against zero-day internet threats: viruses, spyware, trojans and worms

My Passwords 506)   My Passwords
Manage Internet sites and software login info, PINs, keys, code words, CC nums

007 Golden Eye 507)   007 Golden Eye 1.03
Golden Eye is designed to monitor and record all the activity on your computer

Password Assistant 508)   Password Assistant 2.0
Forget the tension of remembering another username or password

ZIP Pointer 509)   ZIP Pointer 1.0
Lookup American city by ZIP, postal code or name on a North American map.

SafeData Technology Suite 510)   SafeData Technology Suite 1.0
Personal Privacy Software

Mdaemon AntiVirus 511)   Mdaemon AntiVirus 2.2.6
MDaemon AntiVirus offers total email protection and an unsurpassed ability to detect, detain and delete infected Emails

SignStation 512)   SignStation 2.00
SignStation is an innovative application that lets you apply a digital signature , verify the digital signature on a signed file, encrypt and decrypt files and manage certificates, among other functionalities like email, hash, and file management

CryptIt 513)   CryptIt 1.301
Assembly Language XOR File encrypter featuring USB key support

NetConnectManager 514)   NetConnectManager 1.2.913
monitor all open TCP/IPs and UDP ports on the local computer

ActiveScreenLock 515)   ActiveScreenLock 2.81
Make sure no one except you can access your computer while you are away from it!

Advanced Process Termination 516)   Advanced Process Termination 2.1
APT is a powerful free utility that offers 10 process termination methods

Password Architect 517)   Password Architect 1.00
Create secure passwords that very difficult to guess or crack.

ID Manager 518)   ID Manager 6.7
Don't use paper and pen to keep your passwords, use ID Manager!

AV EAGLE, Text only version 519)   AV EAGLE, Text only version 1.321
AV Eagle Firewall and Virus Scanner Testing Software

C-Privacy 520)   C-Privacy 2.3 cleans your PC, Frees HD Space and Blocks Popups. Download FREE

The Cleaner Professional 521)   The Cleaner Professional
The Cleaner Professional is a system of programs designed to keep your computer and data safe from Trojans / Worms / Keyloggers / Spyware and all manner of malware. By actively monitoring files and processes on your computer it can detect a virus in ac.

Auscomp Fort Knox 522)   Auscomp Fort Knox 4.0.13
FORT KNOX ... Where else would you store your most valuable & sensitive informat

EldoS PKI Tools 523)   EldoS PKI Tools 1.2
Provide information security and integrity using digital certificates.

FAR Manager Password Recovery 524)   FAR Manager Password Recovery
FAR Manager Password Recovery is a program that instantly recovers passwords.

VirusCop 525)   VirusCop 2.00
VirusCop is a simple freeware Windows program for reporting virus spam

1st Desktop Guard 526)   1st Desktop Guard 2.71
Stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver.

ABC CHAOS is the easy and powerful file/folder encryptor.

Password Director 528)   Password Director 3.2.2206
Powerful, versatile and feature-rich password manager.

Remora USB Disk Guard 529)   Remora USB Disk Guard 1.1
Remora USB Disk Guard is designed as a file encryption switch in your USB storage devices

Geek Superhero 530)   Geek Superhero 1.3
Protect your PC's settings and improve your security, block pop-ups, and more.

MediaWiper 531)   MediaWiper 3
MediaWiper takes the guesswork out of wiping your drives

Elite Keylogger 532)   Elite Keylogger 4.6
Elite Keylogger 4.6: records keystrokes, chats, passwords in a stealth mode

Dial-up Password Recovery Master 533)   Dial-up Password Recovery Master 1.3
Dependable password recovery solution for network and dial-up connections.

Advanced Email Monitoring 534)   Advanced Email Monitoring 3.8
You want to know what your children, spouse or employees are sending by e-mail

W32/Bagle Worm and its variants removal 535)   W32/Bagle Worm and its variants removal 6.6
This virus removal tool will detect and remove W32/Bagle Worm and its variants.

BitDefender Antivirus 2008 536)   BitDefender Antivirus 2008 DE Retail-BOX
The new security solution "BitDefender Antivirus 2008" provides the maximum

Too Many Secrets 0.3.1 537)   Too Many Secrets 0.3.1
Too Many Secrets (TMS) is a password/code archiver

Magic File 538)   Magic File 3.6
Magic File

Watchman 539)   Watchman 6.1
Monitor your system and stop unwanted software. Set access rules easily.

VBA Password Recovery 540)   VBA Password Recovery 4.02
Advanced VBA password recovery with easy to use steps

MaxPasswords 541)   MaxPasswords 1.05
It generates random passwords.

Handy Safe for Sony Ericsson 542)   Handy Safe for Sony Ericsson 4.0
Assistant for secure and convenient managing of sensitive data

X-EXE 543)   X-EXE 1.7
X-EXE is an easy-to-use, but powerful program for encrypting your data.

Advanced Money Password Recovery 544)   Advanced Money Password Recovery 1.10
A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords (including multilingual ones) to protected Microsoft Money databases

StrongDisk Pro 545)   StrongDisk Pro 3.0
The powerful tool which protects your secrets with strong on-the-fly encryption.

Ana's CryptMate LE 546)   Ana's CryptMate LE 1.0.7
An ideal utility to store encrypted images and other files and view them easily and securely

TiPi - Text In PIcture 547)   TiPi - Text In PIcture 1.2.1
Tipi is designed to send confidential information by e-mail.

Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator 548)   Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator 3.32
Programmable multiple-precision hex calculator for cryptanalyst

StartGuard Free Edition 549)   StartGuard Free Edition 2.0
Gives you total control over which programs are allowed to run on your computer.

SuperSecret 550)   SuperSecret 2.0
Provides secure storage for all of your logins and passwords.

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