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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Macromedia FreeHand MX 1)   Macromedia FreeHand MX 11.0
Macromedia FreeHand is a heavy-duty tool desgined for creating illustrations and layouts for print and the Web

Mosaic Creator 2)   Mosaic Creator 2.98
Mosaic tool and thumbnailer with non-rectagular cell support

Pie Chart Builder 3)   Pie Chart Builder 1.22
Pie Chart Builder is a simple yet powerful utility for rapid creation of an eye-candy pie-charts

Kolorowanka 4)   Kolorowanka 2.01
Fun and easy to use program for coloring images, just like in the coloring books

AVD Slide Show 5)   AVD Slide Show 2.0
View slide show with self-determined time intervals.

VirtualBoard 6)   VirtualBoard 1.11
Draw directly on your Windows desktop

Tag Machine 7)   Tag Machine 2.00
Use a paintbrush to tag your desktop !

Wall Photo Maker 8)   Wall Photo Maker 4.3
Software helps you to print photo of huge size by enlarging it

Screen Protractor 9)   Screen Protractor 4.0
Screen Protractor give you pixel perfect measurement of any angle on your screen.

My Screen Recorder 10)   My Screen Recorder 2.63
Create demos by recording your PC desktop activity to an AVI file.

Smart FaxSee 11)   Smart FaxSee 2.10
open view convert tiff fax fmf fxd fxm fxr fxs dcx bfx apf g3f g3n awd qfx raw..

Coloring Book 4: Plants 12)   Coloring Book 4: Plants 4.22.48
Lots of plants to color. Published by Dataware.

Ace WINScreen 13)   Ace WINScreen 4.5
Ace WINScreen: Advanced Screen Capture Utility. FREE !

Coloring Book 3: Animals 14)   Coloring Book 3: Animals 4.22.47
Lots of animals to color. Published by Dataware.

PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool 15)   PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool 1.00
PDF Chart Creator creates charts as PDF from the command line or a batch file

3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) 16)   3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) 1.07
Master Figure Drawing in a Virtual Studio. Fun,easy and affordable.

Screen Calipers 17)   Screen Calipers 4.0
Screen Calipers give you pixel perfect measurement of anything on your screen.

Free Picture Resizer 18)   Free Picture Resizer 1.0
This is a free image resizing utility.

CeledyDraw 2 19)   CeledyDraw 2 Release
2-in-1 Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing Software

DXF Sharp Viewer 20)   DXF Sharp Viewer
DWG DXF viewer. Can print, export to PDF, PS, SVG, jpg, png, tiff, gif, bmp.

MaxMedia 21)   MaxMedia 1.50
Create multimedia presentations, digital album, interactive kiosks and catalogs.

Ashampoo SeeYa! 2 22)   Ashampoo SeeYa! 2 2.2
3 easy steps to a revolutionary new way of sharing your images!

Screen Compass 23)   Screen Compass 4.0
Measure circular or polygonal areas on your screen with the draftsman's tool.

Corel Painter IX.5 for Windows 24)   Corel Painter IX.5 for Windows 9.5
Experience the power of Corel Painter.

Party Animals! Mask maker 25)   Party Animals! Mask maker 1.0
Easy-to-use fun product for kids on parties or rainy days; print the original Party Animals! masks, cut them with scissors, attach elastic bands and there you have it; your own original Party Animals mask!

Fast View 26)   Fast View 2.1.02
Downloads your digital camera photos and displays them in a slide show

ConceptDraw V: upgrade 27)   ConceptDraw V: upgrade 5.5.0
Powerfull Mac OS X and Windows diagramming and drawing tool

EDGE Diagrammer 28)   EDGE Diagrammer 5.04
Professional user friendly flowcharting and diagram drawing tool

AD Picture Viewer 29)   AD Picture Viewer 3.9.1
Image viewer with slideshow mode and other powerfull features.

Party Animals! Colouring Pictures 30)   Party Animals! Colouring Pictures 1.0
Print the original Party Animals! Colouring Pictures all by yourself!

EDraw Organizational Chart 31)   EDraw Organizational Chart 4.3
Create Organizational charts and business charts with minimum time loss!

My Thumbnailer 32)   My Thumbnailer 2.0
My Thumbailer provides for comfort of search and browsing graphic pictures.

ConceptDraw VI 33)   ConceptDraw VI 6.0
Powerfull Mac OS X and Windows diagramming and drawing tool

CDI 34)   CDI 5.2
Portable photo viewer, thumbnails view, fullscreen view, autoplay, print design

VGEdit 35)   VGEdit 1.6.7
VGEdit is an automated vector graphics editor with R2V, DXF and SVG support.

PhotoBrowser 36)   PhotoBrowser 1.1
PhotoBrowser is a small and exquisite image browser shareware

MSU StegoVideo 37)   MSU StegoVideo 1.0
Free program for hiding information in video.

Photo Album 38)   Photo Album v6.0.5
Organize images & photos on your PC. Make digital albums, slide shows and CDs

Perfect Screen Ruler 39)   Perfect Screen Ruler 2.02
Perfect Screen Ruler allows you to accurately measure anything on your screen.

Corel Painter IX.5 for Macintosh 40)   Corel Painter IX.5 for Macintosh 9.5
Experience the power of Corel Painter.

F-Album 41)   F-Album 1.6.1 Christmas
Intended for cataloging digital photos and other images stored on CD, DVD etc.

XP Pack Stock Icons 42)   XP Pack Stock Icons 1
110 Royalty-Free Stock Icons for use in your Web and Software projects.

ConceptDraw VI Pro Mac 43)   ConceptDraw VI Pro Mac 6.2
Draw business and technical diagrams

Sketsa 44)   Sketsa 3.3
Sketsa is a cross platform vector drawing application based on SVG.

Wave Magic 45)   Wave Magic 1.0
Fantastic Graph Wave Generator for creating beautiful graphics textures.

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW Software 46)   Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW Software 1.0
Highly customizable CorelDRAW 10+ add-on to create various calendar layouts

ImageMatics StillMotion Personal Edition 47)   ImageMatics StillMotion Personal Edition 1.0
Create slide shows with sound, titles, transitions - SWF, Web, CD ROM, Scrn Svr

Blacksmith3D - Suite 48)   Blacksmith3D - Suite 2.2.0
A powerful, easy and affordable solution for 3D morphing and 3D painting.

Insofta Cover Commander 49)   Insofta Cover Commander 2.7
Create 3D-images of a product box for a web site or a paper publication.

AT Screen Thief 50)   AT Screen Thief 3.9.7
Easy to use screen capture utility with built-in screenshot editor

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