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Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Block-IT! 151)   Block-IT! 1.1
Block-IT! is the Ray Dream Studio© to 3DML converter.

ASWSystems Scheme 152)   ASWSystems Scheme 1.7
Vector graphic editor with reused custom tool. Scheme in a moment.

Mobile Photo Enhancer 153)   Mobile Photo Enhancer 1.3
Quickly and easily improve the quality of photos taken with camera phones.

gPage 154)   gPage 1.3.2
gPage is a powerful but easy to use drawing program.

Full Motion Video 155)   Full Motion Video 6.0
A complete Video Player and editor. Realtime editing with instant previews.

Amiasoft Thumbnailer 156)   Amiasoft Thumbnailer
Thumbnail, organize & display your pictures in a web ready photo gallery!

Camera Plus 157)   Camera Plus 2.0 Gold
Camera Plus 2.0 Gold offers an integrated suite of 8 MPEG video applications.

elektronika 158)   elektronika 2.12
live video software for VJs

iNetBau PlotManager 159)   iNetBau PlotManager 4.0.4
PlotManager, PlotConverter and PlotViewer in one program!

Right GIF Converter 160)   Right GIF Converter 1.3
Image processing utility that performs batch image editing and conversion to GIF

STGThumb 161)   STGThumb 2.80
Make thumbnails from many formats. web photo galleries, slide shows, etc

Dexterpen 162)   Dexterpen 1
A time saving graphics utility for repetitive calculation/drawing tasks

3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 163)   3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 8.5
Powerful 3D/image/video files organizer/viewer/editor (+80 formats supported)

WireFusion SlideShow 164)   WireFusion SlideShow 1.2
Create slide shows for the web with this WireFusion add-on

FaxSee Pro 165)   FaxSee Pro 2.80
open view convert fax like tiff fmf fxd fxm fxr fxs dcx bfx apf cals awd qfx raw

Batch Fax2Tif 166)   Batch Fax2Tif 2.80
Convert apf awd bfx cal mil ras img dcx fmf fxm fxr fxd fxs g3f g3n qfx to tiff.

Sketch Master plug-in 167)   Sketch Master plug-in 3.20
Creation of realistic looking hand-drawings derived from photos

Canvas Professional Edition (Mac) 168)   Canvas Professional Edition (Mac) 9.0.4
Drawing, image editing, page layout, web graphics & presentations in one program

2Png 169)   2Png 5.2
2PNG - command line batch graphic converter to PNG image file format.

Photo-Colorizer 170)   Photo-Colorizer 1.5
Give your black/white photos realistic colors! Predefined colors skin,sky,water

1st iPod transfer 171)   1st iPod transfer 2.1
transfer songs from an iPod to a Windows based PC

Antechinus Photo Magic 172)   Antechinus Photo Magic 6.0
Great tool for musical slide shows, image effects, capturing & batch processing.

Craquelure 3D plug-in 173)   Craquelure 3D plug-in 1.70
Extended version of well known craquelure effect

Plato DVD Creator 174)   Plato DVD Creator 11.04.02
Plato DVD Creator is a powerful DVD movies creation program

Realsoft 3D 175)   Realsoft 3D V5.1
Powerful, fullfeatured modeling, rendering, animation and simulation software

to view the camera tcp/ip axis like cctv

Picnam 177)   Picnam 2.0.17
Rename digital photos quickly and easily. Add comments in text files.

Take5 178)   Take5 1.02
Very easy to use but powerful linetest animation software.

Pocket Wallpaper 179)   Pocket Wallpaper 1.01
Create themes and wallpaper for PocketPC and other mobile devices.

PictureBook 180)   PictureBook 1.8
The flexible database system to handle all your graphics & images.

3D eBook Shot 181)   3D eBook Shot 1.00
Boost your sales with the high quality eBook cover shots your products deserve.

PhotoPaster 182)   PhotoPaster 1.0
Makes panorama picture from two photos.

Colorful Movie Editor 183)   Colorful Movie Editor 4.0
Create Owner Movie VCD/SVCD/DVD/Divx/XVID

1000 Cool Web Page Buttons 184)   1000 Cool Web Page Buttons 1.0
1000 cool free web page buttons for personal or commercial use.

AhaView Free 185)   AhaView Free 1.1
It allows you to browse, view and convert your digital images

Liquidpaint 186)   Liquidpaint 1.0
Liquidpaint is a psychedelic paint program.

3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera 187)   3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera 8.5
Powerful image/video/audio files organizer/viewer/editor (+80 formats supported)

InSight Diagrammer 188)   InSight Diagrammer 2005.3
Draw flowcharts, business and organizational charts, network diagrams and graphs

GhostlyEye 189)   GhostlyEye 1.0
A timer automated screenshot utility, for background processing.

Just Right Click Tumbnails for Fuji 190)   Just Right Click Tumbnails for Fuji 1.0b
A small utility that allows you to view thumbnails of Fuji CCD-RAW files

Bitmap Font Writer 191)   Bitmap Font Writer 1.3
Generates images with text using own-made bitmap fonts.

AtomDVD 192)   AtomDVD 3.1
Easy to use DVD player

Advanced Image Resizer 193)   Advanced Image Resizer 2.0.22
An image resizer, converter, watermark and image gallery software.

Eroiica API 194)   Eroiica API 4.6
API interface to viewing, redlining, editing & raster and CAD format conversion.

SmartComGPS for Nokia Series 80 communicator 195)   SmartComGPS for Nokia Series 80 communicator 1.02
New advanced GPS mapping/tracking/navigation software for Symbian smartphones.

Topaz Moment 196)   Topaz Moment 3.0
Capture video frame and enhance it to clean sharp picture with higher resolution

VxDWriter 197)   VxDWriter 2.0
Tools and library for developing Windows 95/98 device driver (VxD) in C/C++

Publishare Photos 198)   Publishare Photos 1.0.2
Create your own photo sharing site on your PC

PhotoThumb 199)   PhotoThumb 3.0
Create high-quality photo thumbnails and web pages. Share your images online.

Wire Pilot 200)   Wire Pilot 3.1.1
Wire pilot allows you to retouch unwanted objects from a photo

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