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Sunday, 20 August 2017

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PDM Ricambi 1001)   PDM Ricambi
Gestione PDM Ricambi, software realizzazione catalogo ricambio.

PDSYMS DWG Symbols Library 1002)   PDSYMS DWG Symbols Library 3.0
DWG format Symbols Library for all CAD

PDSYMS DXF Symbols Library 1003)   PDSYMS DXF Symbols Library 3.0
DXF format Symbols Library for all CAD.

Periscope Image Browser 1004)   Periscope Image Browser 3.1.1
It is an image searcher, viewer and organizer.

Periscope professional version 1005)   Periscope professional version 4.2
Image browser, searcher and viewer that can be used to organize image files.

Perpetuum mobile 1006)   Perpetuum mobile 3.1
Perpetuum mobile realizes continually moving and rotating balls.

Perpetuum mobile for CE 1007)   Perpetuum mobile for CE 3.1
Perpetuum mobile realizes continually moving and rotating balls.

Perspective Pilot 1008)   Perspective Pilot 2.1.1
Correct linear distortions of a perspective and adjust the angle of the horizon

PFS Manager 1009)   PFS Manager 2.7
One stop shop photograph database with online web gallery creation

Photo Album Online 1010)   Photo Album Online 5.0.50702
Photo Album Online is used to manage and browse photos online.

Photo Cutter 1011)   Photo Cutter 1.0
Easily cut parts of your photo into various formats

Photo Enhancer 1012)   Photo Enhancer 1.25
Quick and easy way to improve the quality of your photos.

Photo Frame Show 1013)   Photo Frame Show 1.0.16
Add stylish frames to digital photos, albums, projects or website images!

Photo Gadget 1014)   Photo Gadget 1.1
Free and easy tool for resizing images

Photo Gadget Pro 1015)   Photo Gadget Pro 2.5
Right-click image editing: resize, rotate, crop, mark, frame, convert and upload

Photo Gadget Viewer 1016)   Photo Gadget Viewer 1.2
Free and fast viewer for your digital images.

Photo Image Converter 1017)   Photo Image Converter 1.0
Advanced batch image processing software featuring photo editing capabilities

Photo Look 1018)   Photo Look 1.5
PhotoLook is a new handy utility for managing digital photos.

Photo Manager 2008 Professional 1019)   Photo Manager 2008 Professional 1.0
Preview, organize, edit, and print your digital photos.

Photo Manager 2008 Standard 1020)   Photo Manager 2008 Standard 1.0
Preview, organize, edit, and print your digital photos.

Photo Merge and Rename 1021)   Photo Merge and Rename 2.1
Combine multiple photographs into a single one. Batch photo rename.

Photo Organizer Deluxe 1022)   Photo Organizer Deluxe 2.5
Organize digital images, multimedia files. Create and manage picture catalogs.

Photo Puzzle 1023)   Photo Puzzle 1.0
"Photo Puzzle"

Photo Resize Magic 1024)   Photo Resize Magic 1.1
Instantly resize and convert your digital photos with this free tool.

Photo Show 1025)   Photo Show 2.0
quick and easy creation of stylish frame,mask, clip-art or shadow to photos

Photo Slide Show 3.0.1 1026)   Photo Slide Show 3.0.1
Convert digital photos to video and create slide shows with transition effects.

Photo to Movie (Windows XP) 1027)   Photo to Movie (Windows XP) 3.2.4
Photo to Movie creates amazing movies from digital photos with full motion.

Photo to PSP 1028)   Photo to PSP 1.10
Easy transfer and resize of photos to PlayStation Portable, PSP

Photo Toolkit 1029)   Photo Toolkit 1.7
Edit digital photos automatically with this handy and complete toolkit for free

Photo-Album 1030)   Photo-Album 2.0
Manage and categorize your digital photos. Slideshow function.

Photo-Colorizer 1031)   Photo-Colorizer 1.5
Give your black/white photos realistic colors! Predefined colors skin,sky,water

Photo-Lux Image Viewer 1032)   Photo-Lux Image Viewer 3.5c
Photo-Lux is an easy-to-use but powerful and fast image viewer and more.

Photo-Printer 1033)   Photo-Printer 4.0
Create collages out of your picture material. Arrange pictures on the worksheet.

PhotoAcute Studio 1034)   PhotoAcute Studio 1.21
Take better digital photos, reduce noise, increase image quality and resolution.

PhotoBlender 1035)   PhotoBlender 2.0
A very powerful and easy photo (.jpg image) transparency processing software.

PhotoChances 1036)   PhotoChances 2.8
Photograpy filters and effects. Editor and random slideshow.

PhotoChances Explorer 1037)   PhotoChances Explorer 3.7
Enjoy the art latent in your photographs in different styles and techniques!

PhotoFinder 1038)   PhotoFinder 2.2a
Quickly find digital photos, display as thumbnails, print proof sheets

PhotoFrame 1039)   PhotoFrame 1.0.2
PhotoFrame is an original viewer-screensaver with slideshow,MP3 support,clock

PhotoFrame for Treo 600/650 1040)   PhotoFrame for Treo 600/650 1.0.2
PhotoFrame is an original viewer-screensaver with slideshow,MP3 support,clock

Photographer's Power Toys 1041)   Photographer's Power Toys 1.5
Power Toys for the digital photographer

PhotoHelper 1042)   PhotoHelper 1.0
PhotoHelper is a freeware image viewer.

PhotoKit 1043)   PhotoKit 1.2.4
PhotoKit is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in providing photographic effects

PhotoKit-EL 1044)   PhotoKit-EL 1.0.0
PhotoKit-EL gives you all the wonders of a darkroom without the chemicals.

Photomania 2004 1045)   Photomania 2004 4.37
Image Browser, Image Viewer, Image Editor

Photomania Deluxe 1046)   Photomania Deluxe 6.59
Photomania is application for organizing, viewing, and enhancing your images.

Photomatte Lab 1047)   Photomatte Lab 2.1
Frames, borders, and mattes for your photos.

PhotoMazing 1048)   PhotoMazing 2.5
PhotoMazing is a fast photo viewer and light editor for image transformation.

PhotoMeister Professional 1049)   PhotoMeister Professional 2.58
Helps you to manage, edit and publish photos from your digital camera.

PhotoMix 1050)   PhotoMix 5.3.2
PhotoMix - digital scrapbooking and photo collage software.

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