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Friday, 20 July 2018

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LimeWire Turbo Accelerator 2007 1)   LimeWire Turbo Accelerator 2007 2.0
LimeWire Turbo Accelerator is a high-end module for LimeWire

LimeWire 2)   LimeWire 5.9.8
Share groups of files with your contacts!

RMDC++ 3)   RMDC++ 0.403D[1]
RMDC++ is a client for the Direct Connect protocol

BitTorrent Absolute Downloader 4)   BitTorrent Absolute Downloader 2.88
Once Bittorrent Absolute Downloader is installed, you'll have access to the largest and most diverse networks of shared media files in the world

BitComet 5)   BitComet 2008.7a
Unlimited FREE MP3 and Movie Downloads with BitComet

Zeus 6)   Zeus 4.2.7
Automates link trades by finding like web sites anddoing all the work

Neo Napster 7)   Neo Napster 3.6
Download and share MP3s, videos, and any type of file with NeoNapster.

Kazaa 2007 8)   Kazaa 2007 3.2.5
Faster downloads as files can be simultaneously downloaded from multiple sources

BitTorrent Ultra 9)   BitTorrent Ultra 2.22
It uses P2P, like Kazaa and Napster but is much more effiicient

WinMX Music 10)   WinMX Music 4.8.7
WinMX Music is a wide-ranging p2p tool for any type of file downloads.

FreeWire 11)   FreeWire 3.0
Search, download, and share all types of files with this Gnutella client.

Piolet 12)   Piolet 1.5
With Piolet you can share and download music faster and more easily whatever your connection.

DC++ 13)   DC++ 0.304
The ultimate file sharing client for the Direct Connect Network, DC++ has fast established itself as the defacto standard client for Direct Connect.

LimeWire Turbo 14)   LimeWire Turbo 5.6.5
LimeWire Turbo is one of the most popular p2p file sharing application around.

LimeWire Download Manager 15)   LimeWire Download Manager 4.10
An essential and free add-on for LimeWire!

BitSpirit 16)   BitSpirit 1.2.0 RC3
BitSpirit is a powerfull and easy-to-use BitTorrent client which provides not only full BitTorrent protocol implementation but also many personalization functions

FilePipe P2P 17)   FilePipe P2P 2.4R
FilePipe P2P is a multi network file sharing program for windows

iMesh Light 18)   iMesh Light 5
iMesh Light 5 is a spyware clean and free version of iMesh 5.

MetaCafe For Windows 19)   MetaCafe For Windows 1.1.175
Have all of the World's most popular videos on your home computer.

Ares Galaxy P2P Plus 20)   Ares Galaxy P2P Plus 1.8.8
Ares Galaxy P2P Plus is a FREE P2P client for Ares Galaxy file sharing network

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator 21)   Shareaza Turbo Accelerator 3.7.7
Shareaza Turbo Accelerator is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application.

Gluz 22)   Gluz 5.0
GLUZ is a file sharing application running on the Gnutella Network

BitTorrent Smart 23)   BitTorrent Smart 4.1
BitTorrent Smart is a FREE tool for downloading and distributing large files

BearShare Turbo 24)   BearShare Turbo 5.9.4
BearShare Turbo is a free P2P tool that enables you to download media files.

Shareaza Lite 25)   Shareaza Lite 2.3
Shareaza Lite is a FREE P2P client for Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey, BitTorrent

Sigster 26)   Sigster 1.1
Sigster is a search engine that finds hash quicklinks on the web.

eDonkey2000 Lite 27)   eDonkey2000 Lite
eDonkey2000 Lite is modified version of the original eDonkey2000.

K-Lite Pro 28)   K-Lite Pro 3.0
Search and download more than ever before! NO SPYWARE! NO POPUPS! NO ADWARE!

BearFlix 29)   BearFlix 2008.6a
BearFlix - Download all the FREE MP3s and Movies you want.

myTunes Redux 30)   myTunes Redux 1.0
myTunes Redux is a program that allows you to download music made available by iTunes

Kazaa Movie Finder 2.0 31)   Kazaa Movie Finder 2.0
With KMF you are able to download only good quality and the correct movie files on the Kazaa, Morpheus, iMesh and Grokster

Bittorrent MP3 Finder 32)   Bittorrent MP3 Finder 3.12.1
Search and download music, movie, image, and application files from P2P network and BitTorrent network as well

Axbar 33)   Axbar
An IE tool bar to search P2P and web, images, news, people and files.

BitComet Acceleration Patch 34)   BitComet Acceleration Patch 5.5.6
BitComet Acceleration Patch is an effective plug-in for BitComet P2P

Kazaa Accelerator 35)   Kazaa Accelerator 3.0
Free download accelerator for Kazaa!

Emule Speed Up Pro 36)   Emule Speed Up Pro 2.3
Emule Speed Up Pro is a download-accelerator add-on application for Emule

CryptoHeaven 37)   CryptoHeaven 2.5.2
Secure and anonymous email,online file storage/sharing, instant messaging, HIPAA

BitTorrent Manager 38)   BitTorrent Manager 1.2
BitTorrent Manager is a software for BitTorrent users.

BearShare Premium P2P 39)   BearShare Premium P2P 6.0.1
Bearshare Premium P2P is a free peer to peer file sharing program.

FastSend 40)   FastSend 2.1.1
Send large files fast!

Torrent Searcher 41)   Torrent Searcher 9.0
Torrent Searcher is a easy to use multiple network filesharing program.

CIS WebServer 42)   CIS WebServer 3.5.16
Free website hosting on your PC

digital candy 43)   digital candy 2.2
Digital Candy is a great new program to search for files on the bittorrent netwo

Black Pirate FS 44)   Black Pirate FS 1.0
Never belong to another FS group. This software finds ALL shares!!

Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 45)   Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 5.9.9
Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster(AGTB) is a powerful acceleration plugin for Ares.

LemonWire 46)   LemonWire 5.6.5
LemonWire is a file-sharing program on the Gnutella network!!!

KazaaIgnite 1.1 47)   KazaaIgnite 1.1
A download accelerator for Kazaa

LimeWire Ultra Accelerator 48)   LimeWire Ultra Accelerator 4.4.9
LIMEWIRE ULTRA ACCELERATOR is a highend module for LimeWire.

Azureus Ultra Accelerator 49)   Azureus Ultra Accelerator 3.5.0
Azureus Ultra Accelerator is a program designed to boost Azureus downloads.

DC++ MP3 Finder 50)   DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2
DC++ MP3 Finder is a FREE client for Direct Connect P2P protocol.

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