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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Pop up Blocker 1)   Pop up Blocker 6.0.4
Pop up Blocker-award-winning flagship Pop-up Blocker software on Internet.

Anonymous Surf Toolbar & Spyware Remover 2)   Anonymous Surf Toolbar & Spyware Remover 1.0
Anonymous Surfing Toolbar & Spyware Remover.

Winguard Popup Remover 3)   Winguard Popup Remover 1.17
Winguard Popup Remover is the only blocker that also stops spyware popups.

GoGoData Toolbar (formerly AdBuster) 4)   GoGoData Toolbar (formerly AdBuster) 2.1
Blocks popups, video ads, banners, chat login ads; + password mgr, spy scanner

The Ad-Police 5)   The Ad-Police 2.0
One time use utility to block 14000+ known (no duplicates) Advertisement servers

Web Pictures Grabber 6)   Web Pictures Grabber 2.00
Search pictures from web sites and download them automatically

AmazingDown 7)   AmazingDown 1.76
Speed up,schedule and manage your file downloads.

Video Ads Blocker 8)   Video Ads Blocker 1.0c
Free Video Ads Blocker - increases browsing speeds by up to 300 percent.

Chat Module - Dating Software 9)   Chat Module - Dating Software 2.1
Chat system module for dating software...

Nethergate 10)   Nethergate 1.0.2
Fantasy role-playing game. Choose to play as the good or bad guys!

PTR-Buster 11)   PTR-Buster

Internal Email System Module - Dating Software 12)   Internal Email System Module - Dating Software 2.1
Internal email system module for dating software...

Active Scripting Fast Disable 13)   Active Scripting Fast Disable 6.7.88
Active Scripting Fast Disable - Internet Explorer's Active Scripting "feature" is responsible for popup windows, scrolling status bar text, security ...

Pop-Up Monster 2004: Mean & Green 14)   Pop-Up Monster 2004: Mean & Green 1.2.0
Enhanced Pop-Up & Ad Blocking System

Webroot Pop-Up Washer 15)   Webroot Pop-Up Washer 2.5
Stop intrusive pop-up ads and regain control of your online world

popSmarts Popup Killer 16)   popSmarts Popup Killer 1.01
A smart popup killer for IE that doesn't interfere with normal browsing.

Foxy 17)   Foxy 1.3.0
Protect your privacy, shield your kids from porn.

PopupEliminator 18)   PopupEliminator 3.01
Popup killer stops all popups adware spyware

Popup Killer 19)   Popup Killer 1.0
Block all annoying popup ads and windows messenger popup spams.

ZeroAds 20)   ZeroAds 1.35
ZeroAds fully functional 15-day trial

Smart PopUp Stopper 21)   Smart PopUp Stopper 2.3
Smart PopUp Stopper stops all annoying popups and popunders.

Spyware & Adware Removal 22)   Spyware & Adware Removal 2.0
Spyware & Adware Removal Tool blocks 98% of all Spyware & Adware pop up ads!

ListGrabber Standard 23)   ListGrabber Standard 2010
Email extracting software to extract email addresses from websites

PopOops 24)   PopOops 2.2.1
Small and easy to use program that blocks pop-up windows in IE.

AAA KewlBar - Free Pop Up Blocker 25)   AAA KewlBar - Free Pop Up Blocker 5.1
Pop Up Ad Window Killer Stopper for Internet Explorer, AOL, and Oultook Express

Pop Stop 26)   Pop Stop V1A
Pop Stop - Stop popup windows for good.

Pop Up Stopper 27)   Pop Up Stopper 3.1
Surf with style with this free browser pop-up ad-blocking utility for Internet Explorer and Netscape..

BlockPop 28)   BlockPop 2.1
BlockPop block all unsolicited popup windows

Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware 29)   Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware
Block every type of ad - spyware, popups, adware, guaranteed.

Ad Muncher 30)   Ad Muncher 4.7
Powerful advert and popup blocking system for all browsers.

IP Ad Blocker 31)   IP Ad Blocker 2.0
Block those annoy little gray windows called IP Popup Ads

KH Blocker 32)   KH Blocker 2.0

Max Pop Smasher 33)   Max Pop Smasher 6.0
Max Popup Smasher ensures browsing in peace with no popups or unwanted scripts

Easy Popup Killer 34)   Easy Popup Killer 3.0
Block and kill all popups while surfing the net, fast and easy

Hitware Popup Killer Lite 35)   Hitware Popup Killer Lite 3.1.1
advanced popup killer

Stop My Popups 36)   Stop My Popups 12.0
Automatically kill popups - before they even appear!

DigiMode IE and Firfox Toolbar 37)   DigiMode IE and Firfox Toolbar
Advanced IE and FireFox with Page rank and pop up blocker, weather, Radio

MD2 Pop-Up Blocker 38)   MD2 Pop-Up Blocker 1.0
Sick and Tired of Irritating Advertising Pop-ups? Hate being "spammed" like that? Want to surf the web safely? Need something to kill Pop-ups? MD2 Pop-Up Blocker is a great FREE utility offered by us and includes absolutely NO SPYWARE, TROJANS or any other form of malware.

Popup Nuker - Ad Killer 39)   Popup Nuker - Ad Killer 2006

Anti-AD Guard 40)   Anti-AD Guard
Powerful user-friendly program that filters and blocks commercial banners.

Popup Ad Stopper 41)   Popup Ad Stopper 08.10.14
Browse the web without those annoying popup ads with Popup Ad Stopper!

Speereo Flash Killer 42)   Speereo Flash Killer 1.0
Speereo Flash Killer is a plain and effective flash ad stopper

CyberDefender safeSearch Toolbar 43)   CyberDefender safeSearch Toolbar 1.0
CyberDefender safeSEARCH Security Toolbar. Protection against phishing scams.

Anti-AD Guard PRO 44)   Anti-AD Guard PRO 2.1.2
Universal user-friendly program that filters and blocks ads in any application.

Easy Popup Killer 2.5 45)   Easy Popup Killer 2.5 2.5
Block and kill all popups while surfing the net, fast and easy

SelectView 46)   SelectView 2.1
SelectView Filter helps you get rid of annoying ads

Proximodo 47)   Proximodo 0.2.5
Open-Source Customizable Web Filtering Proxy Server

Adaptive Reminder v1.7 Software 48)   Adaptive Reminder v1.7 Software 1.0
Adaptive Reminder will help you keep in mind all the important matters. Will he

Ad Aware Prov 49)   Ad Aware Prov 1.0
Ad-Aware provides advanced protection from known data-mining.

FamilyPopUpBlockerSetup.exe 50)   FamilyPopUpBlockerSetup.exe 2.2
Family PopUP Blocker stops popups dead in their tracks!

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