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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Ghost Surf 1)   Ghost Surf 1.0
GhostSurf Standard is a suite of Internet privacy tools.

iPIG Secure Access VPN Server 2)   iPIG Secure Access VPN Server 1.00
Set up a VPN server in less than 1 minute, protect data at any Wi-Fi Hotspot

Go-Liberty 3)   Go-Liberty 1.0
Surf the Internet, download, chat without being tracked and keep your privacy.

iKnow Process Scanner 4)   iKnow Process Scanner 1.0.1
Tool for getting information on running processes in your Windows.

Hide IP Platinum 5)   Hide IP Platinum 3.43
Concerned about Internet privacy? Want to hide your IP address?

Falcove Web Vulnerability Scanner & Penetration Tool 2 in 1 6)   Falcove Web Vulnerability Scanner & Penetration Tool 2 in 1 2.4
Scan your web sites against vulnerabilities and penetrate into systems

SniperSpy 7)   SniperSpy 4.0
Remote spy software monitors users LIVE from anywhere to expose the truth.

Hide Window Plus 8)   Hide Window Plus 2.0
Hide running programs and show them back with mouse or hotkeys.

Internet Password Lock 9)   Internet Password Lock 1.0.0
Password protect Internet access (Web surfing, Instant Messaging, email, etc.)

WinLogon App 10)   WinLogon App 1.0

Active Shield 11)   Active Shield 5.6
Build a complete shield against trojans, spyware, adware and trackware

Spyware Terminator 12)   Spyware Terminator 2.0.0
Spyware Terminator free Real-Time Protection removes spyware and adware.

CommView 13)   CommView 5.1
A program for capturing and analyzing network packets

Web Surfer Watcher 14)   Web Surfer Watcher 1.0.0
monitors and records what Web sites have been viewed on your computer

NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy 15)   NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy 5.4
An Internet utility to let you browse the Web anonymously.

No Trace - Find out what's hidden 16)   No Trace - Find out what's hidden 3.00
Your PC is secretly recording everything- Erase all Evidence off your PC Now.

VShell Server for UNIX 17)   VShell Server for UNIX 3.6
SSH2 server providing fine-tune control over access and file transfer privileges

PowerKey 18)   PowerKey
Advanced encryption toolkit designed to protect your most sensitive data.

Protoport Personal Firewall 19)   Protoport Personal Firewall 1.3
ProtoPort Personal Firewall is small and powerful program to stop hackers.

Security23 xp 20)   Security23 xp 1.9
security23 give you over than 23 tools to cover all your needs in windows xp

A+ File Protection 21)   A+ File Protection 2.6
A+ File Protection will hide/embed a file by encrypting it within another file

Command Line Encrypt 22)   Command Line Encrypt 1.00
Encrypt or decrypt a file from the console command line.

GetAnonymous V2.0 - Personal Edition 23)   GetAnonymous V2.0 - Personal Edition 2
Online Privacy, Protection, Filtering, Proxy & anonymous web surfing

Powerful Cookies 24)   Powerful Cookies 1.1
Finds and deletes most kinds of both PC and Internet tracks

Flobo CHK identifier 25)   Flobo CHK identifier 1.5
Renames .chk files stored in FOUND folder after SCANDISK.

SLC Security Console 26)   SLC Security Console 3.00
ISP Toolz SLC Enterprise Security Console

GeSWall 27)   GeSWall 2.2
GeSWall ensures safe use of the internet applications in a gentle way!

Dekart Password Manager 28)   Dekart Password Manager 2.00
Automatically fills in the web-forms, passwords and stores them on a flash drive

Max Net Shield 29)   Max Net Shield 4.2
Detect spyware, encrypt your files, and erase your Internet and P2P history

DeviceLock Plug and Play Auditor 30)   DeviceLock Plug and Play Auditor 5.72
Generates a report displaying Plug and Play devices (USB, FireWire, PCMCIA)

SiteLinkChecker 31)   SiteLinkChecker 1.0
SiteLinkChecker checks Web sites for broken links and shows status of each link.

InternetOK 32)   InternetOK 2.2
Internet Explorer Tools And Protecting Browser Realtime

A-one Home Looker 33)   A-one Home Looker 4.33
A-one Home Looker is a powerful video monitor program

iESpa 34)   iESpa 1.22
Block Spyware,Adware Best Browser Companion Anti Spy/Adware IE Repair

iNet Protector 35)   iNet Protector 3.55
Restrict access to the Web and password protect Internet connection.

HTMLBlock - HTML Encryption 36)   HTMLBlock - HTML Encryption 1.83
HTMLBlock, html encryption, hide source code, send anonymous email and more...

VShell Server for Windows 37)   VShell Server for Windows 3.6
SSH2 server providing fine tune control over access and file transfer privileges

XP Protection 38)   XP Protection v2.43
XPProtection provides instant online security in a user-friendly interface

Passcape Win CD Keys 39)   Passcape Win CD Keys 1.0
This program can help you to recover lost license (CD) keys

Secure CommNet 40)   Secure CommNet 2.35
For 32-bit Windows dial-up, Telnet and SSH2 connections.

EmailObserver 41)   EmailObserver 5.2.3
EmailObserver is a unique email monitoring software and surveillance tool.

All In One Keylogger 42)   All In One Keylogger 3.308
Invisibly records every activity(web, chats, e-mails, screenshots, keystrokes..)

Secure Image Pro OSX 43)   Secure Image Pro OSX 4.0
Copy protect the images on your web site using image encryption and domain lock.

Evidence Eraser Pro 44)   Evidence Eraser Pro 3.2
Keep your privacy while surfing the Internet by erasing your tracks.

Manages password and account information. From the 5 star authors of Ziata!

DrawBridge 46)   DrawBridge 2005
Pre-emptive browser & eCommerce security software to restore consumer confidence

The Password Vault 47)   The Password Vault 2.0
Manage Your Passwords Securely

GetAnonymous V2.0 Professional Edition 48)   GetAnonymous V2.0 Professional Edition 2
Online Privacy, Protection, Filtering, Proxy & anonymous web surfing

Guide To Spyware And Virus Removal 49)   Guide To Spyware And Virus Removal 1.0A
Step by step guide to removing spyware and viruses from your computer

PageXchanger 50)   PageXchanger 2.0.6
Eliminate file extensions in URLs and source code for secure, friendly Web sites

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