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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Hide My IP 1)   Hide My IP 1.9
Conceal your online identity by hiding or changing your IP address on websites.

Microsoft AntiSpyware 2)   Microsoft AntiSpyware 1.0.615 Beta 1
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) is a security technology that helps protect Windows users from spyware and other potentially unwanted software

ProxyWay Pro anonymous surfing 3)   ProxyWay Pro anonymous surfing 1.9
Anonymous proxy surfing software: hide/change IP address, proxy finder, check proxies (proxy list checker), proxy management (make proxy chain/cascade using HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies), change User-Agent, Referrer fields, clean Internet history

Voice Changer Software VCS 4)   Voice Changer Software VCS 3.0.89
Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone.

Country Choice Anonymous Proxy Bar 5)   Country Choice Anonymous Proxy Bar 1.5
Full version allows users to choose the country from which they want to appear.

Binary Proxy Server Lite 6)   Binary Proxy Server Lite 1.0
Simple Socks Proxy Server

MSN Chat Monitor 7)   MSN Chat Monitor 1.21
MSN sniffer monitors MSN chat conversations on network without being detected.

Parental Filter 8)   Parental Filter 0.22
Parental Filter blocks inappropiate websites to protect children.

! - Privacy Keeper 9)   ! - Privacy Keeper 7.0.1
Powerful privacy software to erase online Internet tracks and program activity.

Free Internet Eraser 10)   Free Internet Eraser 3.50
Permanently erase internet history and past computer activities.

Anonym Mailer 11)   Anonym Mailer 3.0
Anonym mailer is a tool for delivering your message to any recipiets quickly, and anonymously

IP Anonymizer 12)   IP Anonymizer 3.3
IP Anonymizer cleans online traces preventing tracking Internet activity

R-Wipe & Clean 13)   R-Wipe & Clean 9.0
A complete solution to clean private records and free up disk space.

ShadowSurfer 14)   ShadowSurfer 2.5
ShadowSurfer creates a virtual PC. Eliminate unwanted PC changes with a reboot

NetConceal Anonymizer 15)   NetConceal Anonymizer 4.6
Hide IP address for anonymous Internet access.

Mask Surf 16)   Mask Surf 1.2
Mask Surf protects your identity while surfing and cleans Internet usage traces.

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner 17)   Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner 1.13.03
Detect spyware, adware, trojan, keylogger and trackware components

ArchiCrypt Shredder 18)   ArchiCrypt Shredder 3.1.2
ArchiCrypt Shredder deletes sensitive data securely and permanently

AsterWin IE 1.01 19)   AsterWin IE 1.01
Reveal *** paswords in IE

ZoneProtect Spyware Pop Up Blocker 20)   ZoneProtect Spyware Pop Up Blocker 1.00
ZoneProtect PopUp Blocker will block all of the pop-ups you will see on Web site

HostsMan 21)   HostsMan 2.1
HostsMan is a freeware application that lets you manage your Hosts file with ease

IP Address Shield 22)   IP Address Shield 9.41
Hide your IP address while browsing the Internet and protect your identity.

Adware Spyware Removal 23)   Adware Spyware Removal 0.1.2
Detect and remove spyware on your PC.

Complete Anonymous Internet 24)   Complete Anonymous Internet 1.0
Internet utility to hide your IP address when using internet programs.

Winnow Anonymous Proxy 25)   Winnow Anonymous Proxy 4.1
An Internet utility to let you browse the Web anonymously

Evidence Cleaner 26)   Evidence Cleaner 4.1
Evidence Cleaner is a complete solution for cleaning internet activities and traces of your PC! Evidence Cleaner cleans up your browser''s cache, cookies, history, recent document list and much more automatically!

GoGoData Ad Buster 27)   GoGoData Ad Buster
The only free ad blocker that stops *all* types of popup ads & scores 100%/100% on PKIQ test suite (102 blockers tested, April,04)

Anonymity 4 Proxy - A4Proxy 28)   Anonymity 4 Proxy - A4Proxy 2.81
Web Anonymizer Anonymously Surf and Download with Anonymous Public Proxy Servers

WinLogon App (GUI by your designer) 29)   WinLogon App (GUI by your designer) 1.0
Customize your Windows Logon Screen with DOLFRE's Winlogon Design

ZeroAds 15-Day Trial Version 30)   ZeroAds 15-Day Trial Version
ZeroAds 2004 is the most advanced ad blocker in the market

AlertWall Personal Firewall 31)   AlertWall Personal Firewall 2.6.0
Personal Firewall prevents hackers, viruses, and outside threats from attacking.

Zero Ads Pop-Up Stopper and Ad Blocker 32)   Zero Ads Pop-Up Stopper and Ad Blocker 1.3
Stop Pop-Ups, Increase Privacy, Triple Surfing Speed and Enjoy The Net Again!

PhishGuard 33)   PhishGuard 1.2
Free service detects and disables Internet Phishing or Spoofing attacks.

ZoneProtect AntiSpyware 34)   ZoneProtect AntiSpyware 1.00
Chances are your PC has spyware. Unchecked, it can secretly steal passwords as you type them.

PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool 35)   PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool 1.2
PGuard is a easy-to-use tool for protecting information about your activity.

One Click Spam Shield 36)   One Click Spam Shield 1.4
1Click SpamShield is a comprehensive, personalized solution to stop SPAM on Net

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser 37)   27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser 5.10
Multi-page browser with built-in 27 utilities: Email Alert, Web Update Alert...

Evidence Washer 38)   Evidence Washer 4.30
Remove all traces of your Internet and System activity

WinSettings 39)   WinSettings 8.0
WinSettings optimizes Windows and protects your online privacy

MyAnonymizer 40)   MyAnonymizer 1.0
Surf the web with complete anonymity and no tracks

MindSoft Evidence Eraser 41)   MindSoft Evidence Eraser 1.0
Navigate on the Internet without leaving tracesMany companies sack their staff for having access to adult webs at work, for downloading non authorized photos and videos, for receiving adult e-mails or for finding out that they are using their PC

Privacy Fusion 42)   Privacy Fusion 1.0.0
Privacy Toolkit, Anonymous Surfing, Firewall AND Spyware Cleaner!

AGuardDog Suite Complete Protection 43)   AGuardDog Suite Complete Protection 1.0.0
Stop Spyware, Adware and System Intrusions

SystemStable 44)   SystemStable 3.5.6
SystemStable - complete security solution. Best spyware and adware remover.

Complete Internet Cleanup Lite 45)   Complete Internet Cleanup Lite 3.0.1
Utility to erase your Internet tracks including index.dat files and junk files.

SpySites Plus 46)   SpySites Plus 2.0
Stop Web Sites from installing Spyware, Sleazeware and Cookies on your PC

Max Eraser 47)   Max Eraser 4.1
Encrypt your files and erase your Internet and P2P history

Speed Tracks Eraser 48)   Speed Tracks Eraser 1.60
Protect your privacy by erasing the tracks of your activities.

My Privacy Multi-User 49)   My Privacy Multi-User 3.1
Analyze your privacy vulnerability!

Browsy 50)   Browsy 2.0
Popup and Ad blocker, Cookie manager, online privacy, history cleaner, and more.

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