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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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PianoFX STUDIO 1)   PianoFX STUDIO 4.0
Advanced Piano Music Keyboard & Chords Synthesizer

MP3 To Ringtone Gold 2)   MP3 To Ringtone Gold 3.18
mp3 to ringtone,convert mp3 to ringtone,mp3 cd burner

One-click Ringtone Converter 3)   One-click Ringtone Converter 1.9
Convert music to WAV, MP3, MMF, QCP, AMR ringtones and send them to your phone

Disco 4)   Disco 1.1.0
Don't have disco lights at home? This program will make your monitor a fantastic disco light

PC Electronic Keyboard Gold 5)   PC Electronic Keyboard Gold 3.38
Play the music with your PC keyboard and record it.

Guitar-Online Tuner 6)   Guitar-Online Tuner 2.0
This guitar tuner for PC/Windows allows standard and open tuning.

Guitar Learning Software 7)   Guitar Learning Software 1.0
Guitar learning with tab editor, songs and lessons. Book included.

Aldo's Pianito 8)   Aldo's Pianito 3.5
Play piano synthesizer in your PC keyboard with realtime wave and midi saving.

Piano Professor 9)   Piano Professor 3.02c
Piano training software with chords, notes, ear training, midi keyboard input

RealNote Guitar Chord Dictionary 10)   RealNote Guitar Chord Dictionary 1.1
Shows you how to play many guitar chords, and plays them with real sound.

Sozluk 11)   Sozluk 1.5
Expandable Turkish-English-German-French-Italian Dictionary

Guitar Speed Trainer 12)   Guitar Speed Trainer 1.38
Play-along training software to develop jaw-dropping speed on guitar

Cyclic Independence for Drummers 13)   Cyclic Independence for Drummers 1.1.2
A virtual workshop for drummers and MIDI drum editor for all musicians

Guitar Scales Method 14)   Guitar Scales Method 1.1
Software course to master guitar scales, improvisation in all keys, on any chord

I Want To Play Guitar 15)   I Want To Play Guitar 2.1
Learn guitar using video lessons and an electronic workbook - two lessons free!

GCH Guitar Academy course (Mac OSX) 16)   GCH Guitar Academy course (Mac OSX) 2.50
Learn to play guitar multimedia course + tuner, metronome, chord chart and more

Guitar Sidekick 17)   Guitar Sidekick 4.1.3
The all-in-one utility for guitarists: Includes many helpful tools.

Free Guitar tuner 18)   Free Guitar tuner 1.00
Free guitar tuner, for tuning acoustic and electric guitars.

Music Rhythm Tutor 19)   Music Rhythm Tutor 1.0
Software for improving your rhythm skills.

Singing Tutor 20)   Singing Tutor 4.5
Software for improving your singing skills and tuning musical instruments

Dirk's Guitar Tuner 21)   Dirk's Guitar Tuner 3.3
Quick, easy and accurate tuning of your guitar and bass.

Guitar and Drum Trainer 22)   Guitar and Drum Trainer 4-RC1
Improve music practice time. Slow down music to your own pace to improve easier.

Mac OSX Guitar tuner 23)   Mac OSX Guitar tuner 1.50
Free guitar tuner, for tuning acoustic and electric guitars.

Album Tracker 24)   Album Tracker 4.0
Easily organize and track your music and CD collection with reports and graphics

Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn Treble Clef and Bass Clef 25)   Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn Treble Clef and Bass Clef 1.30
From 2 to 17 different notes, 64 multimedia Readings in Treble and Bass Clef

Bass Guitar Mode Maker 26)   Bass Guitar Mode Maker 1.3
Bass Guitar Mode and Scale Creator, create and modify chords and scales.

Music Publisher 27)   Music Publisher 5.07e
WYSIWYG music notation software with total flexibility and simple interface.

Sight Reading Challenge 28)   Sight Reading Challenge 1.23
Learn to recognize 21 notes of the Bass and Treble Clef as quickly as possible

SightReader for Guitar 29)   SightReader for Guitar 1.1.0
Finally! You can learn to sightread music on Guitar or Bass! No ex. necessary!

Free metronome 30)   Free metronome 1.00
Free metronome. covers a range of 40 to 160 bpm, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8 time

Absolute Pitch 31)   Absolute Pitch 2.13
Musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to help you acquire perfect pitch.

Guitar-Online Metronome 32)   Guitar-Online Metronome 2.0
This is a simple metronome for PC users.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner 33)   Chromatic Guitar Tuner 1.0
4Pockets Guitar Tuner is a high precision real-time guitar tuner for your PC and Pocket PC

Classical Pieces for Guitar Vol I 34)   Classical Pieces for Guitar Vol I 5.0
Classical solos and duets adapted from the piano/harpsichord for the guitar

Crystal Metronome 35)   Crystal Metronome 1.4.3
A full-featured, high quality software metronome for Windows

Kba Complete 36)   Kba Complete 3.0
Easy to advanced ear training and music theory exercises.

Guitar & Drum Trainer 37)   Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3
Slow down music, loop, pitch shift, filter out sound - play instruments better

Happy Note! Tetris 38)   Happy Note! Tetris 1.2
A free tetris game to learn to read music notes in treble clef

A 39)   A 1.0

Echoview Pro 40)   Echoview Pro 6.0
A suite of interactive music and audio calculating tools for musicians.

QualityTime 41)   QualityTime 4.08
Quality Time lets you limit PC usage to particular times of the day

Memonix 42)   Memonix 1.5
Brain teasers, puzzle and memory games for kid's in one pack.

Dirk's Instrument Tuner 43)   Dirk's Instrument Tuner 1.2
This accurate, fast and easy to use instrument tuner can tune many instruments.

BetaSys Children Learning Essentials 44)   BetaSys Children Learning Essentials 0.1
Teach your child music, shapes and colors.

Note teacher 45)   Note teacher 02
Listen and repeat music free online music flash game.

Note Detector 46)   Note Detector
Note detector detects and classifies notes. Displays staff and letter notations.

SightReader for Bass 47)   SightReader for Bass 1.1.0
Finally! You can learn to sightread music on Guitar or Bass! No ex. necessary!

Tunes Menu 48)   Tunes Menu 1.4
Menu-based CD search from iTunes

Ear and Memory Training 49)   Ear and Memory Training
This software will help you develop tonal memory skills in recognizing notes.

Dual Audio CD Manager 50)   Dual Audio CD Manager 3.0
Dual Audio CD Manager lets you organize your music collection.

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