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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Cafe English 1)   Cafe English 1.0
World's biggest English learning software - 40 Chapters, 6 CDs, Videos, Audio.

Black Magic Spellbook 2)   Black Magic Spellbook 3.5
Newly released for all those who take the left handed path!

3D World Map 3)   3D World Map 2.1
View the world in 3D,locate and compare countries and entities,cities

Cool Timer 4)   Cool Timer 2.1
Small, handy countdown timer program that plays MP3 or WAV files as an alarm.

Afinador de Guitar-Online 5)   Afinador de Guitar-Online 2.0
Afinador de guitarra para PC/Windows para afinacion estandar y open-tunings

Adorage Magic 6)   Adorage Magic 2.5
8000+ easy-to-use effects, Transitions, Pip-FX, Frames, Splitscreen, Particles..

Bluetooth Remote Control 7)   Bluetooth Remote Control 1.0
Universal remote controller for PC

English Dictionary with Thesaurus (UIQ) 8)   English Dictionary with Thesaurus (UIQ) 2.0
English explanatory dictionary with thesaurus for Sony Ericsson devices.

IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 9)   IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 4.03
Phone Attendant, voice mail and ivr software for Windows.

BlueMoon Basic 10)   BlueMoon Basic 1.2
Free basic Moon Phase Calendar application which resides in your system tray!

Verbot 4 11)   Verbot 4 4.1
A Verbot® can be your personal assistant, your teacher, and your friend.

Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor 12)   Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor 4.2
This software is written in order to increase your arabic typing spead, through

Water Test (Langelier) 13)   Water Test (Langelier) 1.1.8
Determines correct water balance using accurate langelier saturation index.

Asterisk Password Reveal 14)   Asterisk Password Reveal 3.0
Reveal asterisk password with one click. No need to install and uninstall.

PhotoSpy! F2 15)   PhotoSpy! F2 1.7.0
PhotoSpy! - surveillance tool , turn your mobile in Spy camera.

Spellbound 16)   Spellbound 6.3
The Ultimate Pagan Software! A must have for all pagans and wiccans!

The Chakras of Tantric Yoga 17)   The Chakras of Tantric Yoga 1.0
Yoga/Meditation Program for health, concentration & spiritual development.

M7 Stocks Forecaster 18)   M7 Stocks Forecaster 5.0.63
Stock Market Forecasting Software. Forecasts 1-20 days ahead

Elliott Wave Analyzer 19)   Elliott Wave Analyzer 3043
Software That Gives You Exact Odds Of Which Way The Markets Are Likely to Move

Hyper Publish Italiano 20)   Hyper Publish Italiano 2006.21
Create a catalog / Web site / CD ROM - Crea un catalogo, un sito Web, un CDROM

Monkeymen Calendar 21)   Monkeymen Calendar 3.1
Customizable Calendar Reminder with Photos. Printable Desktop Calendars.

Painter 22)   Painter 1.00
Kids Coloring Book allows your kids to color, save and print pictures.

Sheet Lightning 23)   Sheet Lightning 3.60
sheet metal 3D CAD design and unfold with parametric dimensioned design library

MsgBox 24)   MsgBox 1.0.0
Display text in a pop-up dialog box. Adds printing to DOS batch files.

Gematria Numerology Calculator Software 25)   Gematria Numerology Calculator Software 1.0
This software enables a person to calculate his/her "Name & Birth Number"

Hadith Viewer 26)   Hadith Viewer 1.0
Advanced Multilingual Hadith software (sayings/actions attributed to The Prophet Muhammad).

My Personal Diary 27)   My Personal Diary
Keep a private diary journal or log and manage personal information.

EditCNC 28)   EditCNC
EditCNC has many powerful features designed just for CNC programmers and editors

Vocabulary Power 29)   Vocabulary Power 5.00
Create flash cards, bingo, quizzes from your vocabulary words and clues

Fashion Statements for Men 30)   Fashion Statements for Men 1.0
The latest in quality political/artistic fashion statements for T-shirts, etc.

ReadWrite Kanji 31)   ReadWrite Kanji 1.3
Learn 1945 Japanese Kanji

ABC Drawing School II - Birds 32)   ABC Drawing School II - Birds 1.11.0424
Learn to draw birds step by step with ABC Drawing School II!

SoftCollection ICQ SMS Sender 33)   SoftCollection ICQ SMS Sender 1.87.031
This software provides you a way to send SMS Messages with ICQ server.

Invitations FastCard Category by Blaiz Enterprises 34)   Invitations FastCard Category by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.292
8 Invitation FastCards - Invite_1...7 and Notalone - Electronic Greeting Cards p

PC SMS Bulk Sender 35)   PC SMS Bulk Sender 1.00
SIMPLE,RELIABLE,AUTOMATED. Send SMS from PC. Send UP TO 10 Thousand SMS/day.

Perimon - Natural Family Planning 36)   Perimon - Natural Family Planning 3.6.1
Program for Natural family planning, birth control: calculation of ovulation...

Multi Cam Pro 2.0 37)   Multi Cam Pro 2.0 2.0
Don't watch one webcam, choose from 24 simultaneously!

Stress Buster 38)   Stress Buster 1.2.0
Ergonomic product reduces the risk of RSI by reminding you to take breaks

Kalkulator 39)   Kalkulator 2.41
Advanced Sci/Eng calculator, from simple expressions to differential equations

Metronome de Guitare-Online 40)   Metronome de Guitare-Online 2.0
Ce metronome pour PC/Windows bat la mesure sur des tempos allant de 40 a 340 bpm

ROMEN 41)   ROMEN ver.2.0
Romanian-English and English-Romanian Dictionary

Directors Boards Free 42)   Directors Boards Free 2
Free Storyboard creation software

Whizlabs OCP 9i Certification Exam (1Z0-032) Simulator 43)   Whizlabs OCP 9i Certification Exam (1Z0-032) Simulator 5.2.0
Ensure your success in Oracle certification exam (1Z0-032) with Whizlabs simulator consisting of 5 mock exams (315 questions) on latest exam pattern

Master Key 44)   Master Key 1.03
Master Key is a password management program designed to allow you to maintain ma

Family Job Jar 45)   Family Job Jar 2.0
Take the hassle out of assigning household chores.

Astrology Prophet Pro 46)   Astrology Prophet Pro 3.0
Astrology Prophet Pro is the program, which allows your to view astrological influence on your life and your personal biorhythms, day by day in six main spheres of life

Label Designer Plus DELUXE 47)   Label Designer Plus DELUXE
A single, powerful product for all your labeling needs!

Desktop Notepad 48)   Desktop Notepad 1.2.5
Desktop Notepad is a tool which displays the text on your desktop wallpaper.

Wedding FastCard Category by Blaiz Enterprises 49)   Wedding FastCard Category by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.292
4 Wedding FastCards ("Big_Day", "Wedding", "Wedding2" and "Wedding3") - Electron

Parental Lock Guard 50)   Parental Lock Guard 1.2
PC control software for guarding your PC (working-timer, folder & file lock...)

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