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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Logic Circuit Simulator 1)   Logic Circuit Simulator 1.0
This package provides logical circuit simulation, it comes with common logic elements which includes logic gates, flop-flops, binary inputs and binary viewers

Matrix Inverse Calculator 2)   Matrix Inverse Calculator 1.0
Uses a complicated method to find the inverse of any square matrix

Advanced Grapher 3)   Advanced Grapher 2.2
Plot and analyze graphs of equations and data

Box & Whiskers Drill 4)   Box & Whiskers Drill 1.0
Macintosh freeware for middle school mathmatics

EMBook 5)   EMBook Light
Math tests with solutions, explanations and interactive training technique

RF21 6)   RF21 0.91
Graphing calculator supporting user functions and Monte Carlo simulations

SciWriter 7)   SciWriter
SciWriter is a scientific XML-based WYSIWYM word processor

EasyFit 8)   EasyFit 3.0
Fit over 40 probability distributions to your data and select the best model.

Multiplication Master 9)   Multiplication Master 1.1
Free multiplication tables practice software. For all ages.

MultyGraphiX 10)   MultyGraphiX 1.0
MultyGraphix is the mathematical software designed to plot 2D and 3D functions

EMSolution Trigonometry short 11)   EMSolution Trigonometry short 3.0
84102 trigonometric problems with fully explained solutions

Petri Nets Simulator 12)   Petri Nets Simulator 1.0
This package provides Generalized Petri-Nets simulation, It gives the user the ability to construct and to simulate different types of Petri Net

Random Number Generator Pro 13)   Random Number Generator Pro 1.78
Generate random numbers.

XCBA Cargo Office 14)   XCBA Cargo Office 2.0
Draft Survey and Lashing calculation program for Ships' Officers, etc.

MathAid Algebra II 15)   MathAid Algebra II 25.60
Java based math course includes problem-solving lessons and tests

Numbers Up! Baggin' The Dragon Windows 16)   Numbers Up! Baggin' The Dragon Windows 1.1
Fun math game for ages 4-15 - covers geometry, measurement, algebra, data.

EMTask Trigonometry Equations 17)   EMTask Trigonometry Equations 2.0
48632 solved trigonometric equations with test authoring tools

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic Mac 18)   Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic Mac 1.2.2
A fun math game for ages 4-15 covering basics of number facts and operations

Task Light 19)   Task Light 3.0
500+ solved math problems with test preparation tools

SimplexNumerica 20)   SimplexNumerica 8.0.1
Best data analyzer, 2D/3D-plotting, calc and presentation program.

Electroguide 21)   Electroguide 2.0
Mathematics electronics formulas with ANNEXE / TABLE and CHART.

Calc 3D 22)   Calc 3D 0.0.31
Free calculator for vectors, matrices, complex numbers and quaternions

ConvertionsToGo for Palm 23)   ConvertionsToGo for Palm 2.0
Try ConversionsToGo for Palm for up to 10 days.

MITCalc - Tolerance analysis 24)   MITCalc - Tolerance analysis 1.15
Tolerance analysis of linear, 2D and 3D dimensional chains

Multiplication Table v1.1.0.33 25)   Multiplication Table v1.1.0.33
To learn the multiplication table.

Rapid-Pi 26)   Rapid-Pi 1.2
MS Word add-on that provides a faster way of editing mathematical equations

STFMath 27)   STFMath 2.1
Draw functions, use complex, matrix, geometry calculator and evaluator.

EMTask Algebra Inequalities 28)   EMTask Algebra Inequalities 2.0
54806 solved algebraic inequalities with test authoring tools

PDAcalc matrix 29)   PDAcalc matrix 1.66
Programmable graphical matrix calculator for PDA's and windows platform.

Matrix Calculator 30)   Matrix Calculator 1.1
Matrix calculator operations include: transpose, invert, scale, compute determinant and trace, adjoint, multiply, add, and subtract

Graphit 31)   Graphit 1.12
Low cost 2D function plotting software. Function comparison, delta position

Math Scratch 32)   Math Scratch 1.0
Teaches the computation process for basic mathematical operations

MITCalc - Buckling Calculation 33)   MITCalc - Buckling Calculation 1.16
Calculation of the slender strut (column) buckling

EMSolutionLight 34)   EMSolutionLight 3.0
500+ of fully explained step-by-step solutions in algebra, trigonometry

A-Converter 35)   A-Converter 1.0SR1
A-Converter is a handy unit-conversion utility

Mind4Math Grade 1&2 36)   Mind4Math Grade 1&2 1.1
Math Learning Tool for Teachers and Parents

SplineCalc 37)   SplineCalc 4.3.2
Multipurpose scientific calculator with ample opportunities and high precision

Metalogic Calculator 38)   Metalogic Calculator 3.3
Enter expressions as you would write them on paper (i.e. 17-(9*8) - 7 + 34.23).

Easy Math 39)   Easy Math 2.0
Exercises for Multiplication, Division, Subtraction, Addition, Fractions, etc.

Tess (Mac) 40)   Tess (Mac) 1.66
Make and explore symmetric illustrations.

Machinist MathGuru 41)   Machinist MathGuru 1.0.90
Solve common trade maths problems in a whiz with Machinist's Math Guru software.

DataFit 42)   DataFit 8.1
DataFit curve fitting, statistical analysis and data plotting software.

WebCab Functions for .NET 43)   WebCab Functions for .NET 2.0
Interpolate functions and solve equations in your .NET, COM, Web Service Apps

WebCab Optimization (J2EE Edition) 44)   WebCab Optimization (J2EE Edition) 2.6
Enterprise Java Component for solving local or global optimization problems.

CLK-Calculator 45)   CLK-Calculator 2005
The perfect calculator solution for school, highschool, university and engineers

PDAcalc units 46)   PDAcalc units 1.66
AUTOMATICALLY convert between units: 4in*5cm*3ft=>gal

Mix Finder 47)   Mix Finder 1.01
Calculates the Ingredients of different Compositions to create a new Mixture.

EMTask_Trigonometry 48)   EMTask_Trigonometry 2.0
168767 solved trigonometric problems with test authoring tools

VistaMetrix 49)   VistaMetrix 1.33
Extracts graph values, distances, areas, angles, color values from graphics.

Pizza Party Puzzles 50)   Pizza Party Puzzles 1.0
Macintosh freeware for middle school mathmatics

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