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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Style Advisor 1)   Style Advisor 1.0
Hairstyling-Berater mit über 500 fertigen Hairstyle-Vorlagen

Great Expectations 2)   Great Expectations 1.0

Whizlabs SCJP 1.4 Preparation Kit 3)   Whizlabs SCJP 1.4 Preparation Kit 6.0.1
Ensure your success in SCJP 1.4 exam with Whizlabs preparation kit.

Concordance 4)   Concordance 3.2
Text analysis: Make concordances, word lists. Gain better insight into e-texts.

Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 5)   Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 3.8
Complete ebook tutorial and reference on shell scripting with Bash in Linux/UNIX

Learn Hypnosis... Now! 6)   Learn Hypnosis... Now! 2.0
eBook - Anyone can learn to hypnotize themselves or anyone else!

Pride and Prejudice 7)   Pride and Prejudice 1.0
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The Moon and Sixpence 8)   The Moon and Sixpence 1.0
The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham

TransJ 9)   TransJ 0.1.7
TransJ is multilingual desktop translation tool written in Java.

AdrianSoft E-Book Builder Pro 10)   AdrianSoft E-Book Builder Pro 2.4.5
Convert any html code into distributable E-book .exe

WinBasics Tutorial 11)   WinBasics Tutorial 1.4
A free ebook on Windows basics

Internal Energy Strikes 12)   Internal Energy Strikes 2.0
Both martial artists and nonmartial artists have doubled their striking power wi

LavaMind Study Center for SAT, PSAT, ACT 13)   LavaMind Study Center for SAT, PSAT, ACT 1.0
Improve your SAT I, SAT II, PSAT, ACT scores with LavaMind Study Center.

The War of the Worlds 14)   The War of the Worlds 1.0
The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells

Hair Master 15)   Hair Master 3.0
Hairstyling-Studio mit über 5000 Vorlagen und kompletten Styles

The Phantom of the Opera 16)   The Phantom of the Opera 1.0
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

German-English Dictionary for UIQ 17)   German-English Dictionary for UIQ 2.0
English-German and German-English dictionary for Sony Ericsson devices

3 Secrets Reader with EBooks Ver 18)   3 Secrets Reader with EBooks Ver 1.0
This E-Book Reader contains two books; 3 Secrets to a Woman's Heart and 3 Secrets to a Man's Heart, which divulge the secrets of the LOVE Relationship and what it takes to get that special someone into your life.

Network Protocols Handbook 19)   Network Protocols Handbook 2007
Fully explains and illustrates all commonly used network communication protocols

Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Wit 20)   Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Wit 2.0
A printable martial arts ebook for students, instructors, and those training

DoLit 21)   DoLit 1.0
Powerful tool for creating personal eBooks library.

Organon of Homeopathy 22)   Organon of Homeopathy 1.0
Organon by Hahnemann, 5th edition, Free Homeopathy eBook

Make A Storybook 23)   Make A Storybook 1.00
Make your own storybook. Create, personalise and print your own storybook.

FlipPublisher 24)   FlipPublisher 1.0
FlipPublisher organizes digital publications into 3D page-flipping eBooks

A Tale of Two Cities 25)   A Tale of Two Cities 1.0
A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens

English Explanatory Dictionary for UIQ 26)   English Explanatory Dictionary for UIQ 2.0
SlovoEd English Dictionaries Bundle for Sony Ericsson devices

Main Event Ticket Guide 27)   Main Event Ticket Guide 4
The Main Event Ticket Guide is a exclusive ebook exposing ticket broker secrets.

Free Thank You Letter For Interview Job 28)   Free Thank You Letter For Interview Job 10.0
Get 200+ Thank You Letters For Only $9.99.

School Maestro II 29)   School Maestro II 2.51
A comprehensive grading program for teachers with Internet report publishing.

Illustrated Book of Trees 30)   Illustrated Book of Trees 1.0
A photo album full of poetry, both visual and in words

Film-Making Bible 31)   Film-Making Bible
Learn to make films!

Virtual Poet 32)   Virtual Poet 2.2.6
Virtual Poet can help make you the poet you have always wanted to be!

Click2PDF 33)   Click2PDF 3.01
Search all the major search engines in one click. Customizeable list of sites.

Hornsoft Online Newspaper 34)   Hornsoft Online Newspaper 6.88
Read 3,500+ Online Newspapers for Free!

Jane Austen Collection 35)   Jane Austen Collection 1.0
All books by Jane Austen in a high quality PDF format with resale rights.

Text Viewer by Blaiz Enterprises 36)   Text Viewer by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.100
FREE - View large plain text documents (txt) with speed and ease. Program

Golden Opportunity Real Estate Package 37)   Golden Opportunity Real Estate Package 1.0
Isn't that the dream of most people? Unfortunately, home ownership is an illusive dream for millions of people

BestSoft 38)   BestSoft 1.07.05
The Reference book of software

The Library of Cooking 39)   The Library of Cooking 1.0
Master the science of cooking with The Complete Library Of Cooking!

NATO-Russia Military & Political Dictionary 40)   NATO-Russia Military & Political Dictionary 998492176X
Military arts reference with 35000+ entries for all military personnel.

The Lost World 41)   The Lost World 1.0
The Lost World, by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Unbreakable Confidence eBook 42)   Unbreakable Confidence eBook 3.0
"Unbreakable Confidence" will help you transform your level of self confidence

Fables et Contes chinois 43)   Fables et Contes chinois 2004.01
Experience the sensibility and pragmatism of Chinese culture and thought

Machine Age Reader 44)   Machine Age Reader 3.01.01
Machine Age Reader. Advanced Document Reader and Text Formating Software

Blaiz Enterprises - Text2EXE 45)   Blaiz Enterprises - Text2EXE 1.00.161
Convert plain text or RTF document into tiny standalone .exe Windows program. No

IQ Test (NASA) 46)   IQ Test (NASA) 1.0
Very accurate IQ test. Are you like the most of people?

eBook Blaster 47)   eBook Blaster 1.0.7
Quickly create fantastic stunning eBooks in just seven easy steps and less 5 min

Charlie and Arnaud 48)   Charlie and Arnaud 1.0
2 award winning e-picture books that delight both children and adults.

English Word Builder 49)   English Word Builder 2.0
Great Word Find Puzzles, Search & Spelling Games

New Chronicles Of Rebecca 50)   New Chronicles Of Rebecca 1.0
New Chronicles Of Rebecca by Kate Douglas Wiggin

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