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Thursday, 20 July 2017

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LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Albanian for Pocket PC 301)   LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Albanian for Pocket PC 1.3.14
This is a set of 4 exciting games helping you quickly expand your vocabulary.

Dr. Lunatic 302)   Dr. Lunatic 2.0
Fast action battle against hordes of enemies while using your brain.

Drop! (Español) 303)   Drop! (Español)
¿Piensas haber dominado el 'Tetris'? Drop.

Whitehouse Mambo Parody Screensaver 304)   Whitehouse Mambo Parody Screensaver 1.0
Party with Bill as he dances through his line of leading ladies!

Garden Golf Mac 305)   Garden Golf Mac 1.6.1
A new, high quality and easy to use 3D mini golf game with cartoon characters

xCheckers for Pocket PC 306)   xCheckers for Pocket PC 2.0
Play 10 great checkers games on your Pocket PC

xQuadWrangle for PALM 307)   xQuadWrangle for PALM 9.0.0
Play quad wrangle - new cool board game based on ataxx concepts

Putt Putt Goes to the Moon 308)   Putt Putt Goes to the Moon
What if you landed in a strange place and had to get home? That's the challenge for Putt Putt and his friend Rover a lonely little lunar terrain vehicle left behind by astronauts.

The Game of Life 309)   The Game of Life
The Game of Life has come to life on your PC.

The 80 Classic Games 310)   The 80 Classic Games
The largest collection of classic games ever assembled in one download.

Decision Maker 311)   Decision Maker 2.0
If only life were really this simple.

link-link! 312)   link-link! 1.0
Match Racing is a very interesting game, which originated from China

MicroGolf Board (PocketPC) 313)   MicroGolf Board (PocketPC) 1.6
MicroGolf is an add on "Board" for BOUNCIN'.

Freddi Fish 3 - The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell 314)   Freddi Fish 3 - The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell
Their tropical vacation was going well until the finny friends realize that the Great Conch Shell is missing.

MaxJongg 315)   MaxJongg 1.14
MaxJongg is truly 3D mahjongg game. Maximizing fun from playing mahjongg.

Spaceballs 316)   Spaceballs 1.11
Is a very relaxing puzzle game. It is very easy to learn.

Email Chess 317)   Email Chess 2.6
Email Chess allows two players to play chess via standard email.

Lines 318)   Lines 2003
New version of the popular game Lines for Microsoft Windows.

Super 1 Karting (Español) 319)   Super 1 Karting (Español)
Desarrollado en cooperación con la organización Super 1 Karting para proporcional al total de 10 pistas un realismo incomparable.
Daño en tiempo real de la suspension de los coches motor y llantas y condiciones de tiempo que afectan su conducción.

LcParchis 320)   LcParchis 3.4
To play parcheesi from 1 to 4 players, between them or against the computer.

Missile Command 321)   Missile Command
Execute a devastating counter-attack against a massive alien invasion in this all-new edition of Missile Command.

JoHupfmeweg 322)   JoHupfmeweg 1.0
JoHupfmeweg is an exciting family game like the classic peg game Solitaire.

Matching Blocks 323)   Matching Blocks 2.0
Play against the computer in this addictive memory game

Newton's Law (Windows) 324)   Newton's Law (Windows) 1.0
Four games in one - drop black holes and move planets for points!

Simon - Memorize sequence of lights 325)   Simon - Memorize sequence of lights 1
Memorize the colors. You can do it!

Stake Hunt Screengamer 326)   Stake Hunt Screengamer 1.0
Stab spooky ghouls and splat blood in this screensaver and game combined in one.

Super Block for Palm 327)   Super Block for Palm 1.0
Super Block is a remake of the classic Tetris game.

Crawler Games 328)   Crawler Games 1.1
Have fun with our free online games anytime you want to lay off!

Let's Explore the Airport 329)   Let's Explore the Airport
Let's Explore the Airport captures all of the fun energy and excitement of a real working airport.

Slingo 330)   Slingo
Slingo is a game that combines elements of Bingo and the slot machines.

Rebel Trucker: Cajun Blood Money 331)   Rebel Trucker: Cajun Blood Money
Nobody ever said hauling stolen goods for the mob was going to safe...or easy.

Miko & Molly 332)   Miko & Molly 1.05a
Help Miko & Molly gather flowers in a fun, new, & challenging logic/puzzle game.

Columns 333)   Columns 1.2
In this tetris alike game, without block rotation you try to match falling block

Digital Hazard 334)   Digital Hazard
Digital Hazard is latest hacking simulator game developed by exoSyphen Studios. It features awesome graphics, challenging gameplay and a great soundtrack. If you want to try a new kind of game, here is your chance to play the role of a skilled hacker and travel the entire world completing extremly complex missions like stealing money, research data, framing people, and a lot more. The game also supports custome levels so you can play a.

Beautiful Fish 335)   Beautiful Fish 1.0
"Beautiful Fish" 1.0 - puzzle game.

Before The Storm 336)   Before The Storm 1.0
"Before The Storm" 1.0 - puzzle game.

LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Dutch for Palm OS 337)   LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Dutch for Palm OS 1.2.36
This is a set of 4 exciting games helping you quickly expand your vocabulary.

Mariko3D 338)   Mariko3D 1.21
Mariko3D is a handsome tactical board game that is similar to domino.

Run Painter Run 339)   Run Painter Run 1.0
What's the most important in painting? To deliver the paint to the painter!

Sea World 340)   Sea World 1.0
"Sea World" 1.0 - puzzle game.

Vipers 341)   Vipers 2.1
A multi-player, non-violent arcade game. Simple rules, but addictive play.

Photofighter 342)   Photofighter 3.0
Create and save 1000s of video games using your own graphics and sound effects.

Big Thinkers Kindergarten 343)   Big Thinkers Kindergarten
Ben and Becky are more than hosts; these twins transform themselves into the activities.

This is an updated (and more compatable) version of Wonderdog Software's Virtual Juggler 3D, an addictive, action packed, arcade style video game; complete with bonus power ups, fun and funny challanges for all ages.

1 Great Craps Game 345)   1 Great Craps Game 1.3.13
Great Craps simulation with animated players. All bets implemented.

3D Checkers Unlimited 346)   3D Checkers Unlimited 1.0
Learn and play Checkers at all levels. Alone or on Line.

FastCap 347)   FastCap 1.4.3
FastCap is a smart PC game recorder to record video and audio with compressor.

Mountain Brook 348)   Mountain Brook 1.0
"Mountain Brook" 1.0 - puzzle game.

Rubick 349)   Rubick 11.2005
Play cubikc rubic and fune online

Frog Puzzle 350)   Frog Puzzle 1.0
Drag&rotate the pieces to solve the puzzle.Well structured library items and AS

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