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Friday, 20 July 2018

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Abra Academy 1)   Abra Academy 1.0
Help Wanda and her friends through the Abra Academy!

Sudokumat 2)   Sudokumat 5.1
Sudoku spielen, generieren. Lösungshilfe. PDF-Dateien erstellen.

Live Wire 3)   Live Wire 1.0
"Live Wire" - is a succesful attempt to create nice multiuser game

Typing lesson 02 4)   Typing lesson 02 1
Speed typing lesson 02

Shredder Classic 5)   Shredder Classic 1.3
Professional chess program by the nine times world computer chess champion.

Tactical Lines 6)   Tactical Lines 1.5
Tactical Lines is a remake of the classic Lines arcade puzzle game

Same - Next Generation 7)   Same - Next Generation 1.00
Same - Next Generation is a remake of the famous Same game with many addons.

Typing lesson 01 8)   Typing lesson 01 1
Speed typing lesson 01

Logic Trainer 9)   Logic Trainer 1.8
Guess the combination of six colors in four positions which are hidden from you.

Bubble Blitz 10)   Bubble Blitz 2
Match the colours against the clock in this family friendly puzzle game!

KGB'secrets (AMUCE) 11)   KGB'secrets (AMUCE) 1.3
KGB'secrets, the most effective memory training and attention development game.

Archibald's Ice Cubes 12)   Archibald's Ice Cubes 1.1
Ice Cubes is a combinatorial and logical computer game based on an original idea

Crystal Cave Gold 13)   Crystal Cave Gold 1.9
Collect all crystals from ancient tombs and pyramids in an amazing puzzle game.

Fox Hunting 14)   Fox Hunting 1.0
The goal of a game is to find all the foxes by minimal amount of the moves.

Key words perception Speed reading 15)   Key words perception Speed reading 2.1
Cutt up the text on three perpendicular strips.Read quickly.

Memory for The Beatles 16)   Memory for The Beatles 2.01
Improve your memory skills with The Beatles!

FireMan 17)   FireMan 1.0
FireMan - it's a new exiting puzzle game

Arcade Lines Christmas Edition 18)   Arcade Lines Christmas Edition 1.77
Christmas cheer and relaxing fun with this deceptively simple puzzler.

Flower Bed 19)   Flower Bed 1.0
Learning to move a mouse

RotaDim 20)   RotaDim 1.5
Save the planet - literally! The planets of our solar system need your help in this exciting and challenging puzzle game

2004 Backgammon 21)   2004 Backgammon 4.2
This backgammon game has OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics.

Babala 22)   Babala 0.4.0
Fend off evil muggers, requires keen strategy! 200 levels, a blistering ascent

Ben Franklin Adventure 23)   Ben Franklin Adventure 1.0
Play a card game with Ben Franklin, and earn virtue points.

Alpha Lines 24)   Alpha Lines 1.2
Alpha Lines - it is a variation on the theme of the old, well known Lines

Tablut Online 25)   Tablut Online 1.21
Test your strategic skills in this ancient and mysterious game.

Learn To Read 26)   Learn To Read 1.0
Educational program for kids. Learn reading with joy.

Word Jubbler 27)   Word Jubbler 1.2
Beat the clock with this challenging word puzzle game

5star Free Lines 28)   5star Free Lines 2.2
Free Lines is an easy-to-play and highly relaxing logical game.

Navigatris 29)   Navigatris 2.0
Tetris meets funny side of world history in this never-seen-before puzzle genre!

MPS-Sudoku 30)   MPS-Sudoku 2.30
Create new Sudoku puzzles, or enter puzzles from newspapers and magazines, and play on-screen

JCaro 31)   JCaro 1.0
JCaro - A version of Gomoku game running on mobile supporting J2ME

Jigetiser(tm) - Flowers 3 Package 32)   Jigetiser(tm) - Flowers 3 Package
Professional computer jigsaw puzzles with marvelous motives for a fair price.

Monochrome Lines 33)   Monochrome Lines 3.0
Lines (color balls) for monochrome display or color-blind people

World 15 34)   World 15 1.0
A new look for a classic puzzle

Logic 35)   Logic 1.0
A logic game

Jigsaw Yoogi 36)   Jigsaw Yoogi 1.0
Computer Jigsaw puzzle game, with many diffrent shapes and sizes

DigitHunt 37)   DigitHunt 1.0
Take the challenge with 9 rows, 9 columns, 9 squares, and unlimited fun

Daisy Slider Puzzle 38)   Daisy Slider Puzzle 1.3
Daisy Slider Puzzle is an attractive puzzle for all ages, computer variant of the known real game where you have to arrange rectangular pieces of a picture or numbers/letters in order by sliding them around

Domino Logic 39)   Domino Logic 1.0
Finally, a domino game for the serious puzzle player

Fitznik 2 40)   Fitznik 2 2.1
Continue the adventures of Fitz with more puzzles, even harder than the original

Advanced Pegs 41)   Advanced Pegs 1.0
Advanced Pegs - a fresh look on the familiar play!

Pipe Engeneer 42)   Pipe Engeneer 1.1.29
This is a sequel to the logic game Pipe Engineer

Words Perception game 43)   Words Perception game 1
Words perception speed reading training

123 Free Memory - Card Games Collection 44)   123 Free Memory - Card Games Collection 3.1
123 FREE Memory Card Games 2003 is a collection of five great Memory games.

Flower Field 45)   Flower Field 1.0
Learning to move a mouse

Logical Stones 2004 46)   Logical Stones 2004 1.0
An OpenGL puzzling logic game for people who like revelations

Quadro 47)   Quadro 1.0
Logic board game, which has not analogues.

Swap & Fall 2 48)   Swap & Fall 2 1.03
Cute swap-and-match puzzle with a charming flair of autumn nostalgia

Caxcade Demo 49)   Caxcade Demo 1.0
Caxcade is an addictive, original, and unique puzzle game that requires skill, logic, and luck

Minefield 50)   Minefield 2.01
Tired of hurrying while playing minesweeper? Well now you can relax with a cup of coffee since your objective is no longer to clear the board as fast as possible, but as smart as possible

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