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Sunday, 20 August 2017

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Plastic Toolbar Icons 201)   Plastic Toolbar Icons 2008.2
Give your new product a fresh look with Plastic Toolbar Icons

Professional Icon Set 202)   Professional Icon Set 3.11
Professional Icon Set lets you spice up your soft or websites with fine icons

Chameleon Icons 203)   Chameleon Icons 1.0
Make icons from BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA and TIFF images.

Vista Icon Presentation 204)   Vista Icon Presentation 1.0
534 Unique Vector graphic xaml Files

Medical Icon Presentation 205)   Medical Icon Presentation 1.0
1.770 Unique Vector graphic xaml files

Fast Icon Explorer 206)   Fast Icon Explorer 1.0
Explore and extract icons from EXE, DLL and ICO files.

Messenger Icons for Vista 207)   Messenger Icons for Vista 2008.1
The Vista Messenger icon set will enliven your daily Internet communications!

Instant Icon  Cursor Software 208)   Instant Icon Cursor Software 1.0
Make icon cursors, capture anything you see! Try it and see!

Exe Icon Changer Software 209)   Exe Icon Changer Software 1.0
Change or extract icon in exe, dll. Replace icon of folder, driver

ArtIcons Pro Software 210)   ArtIcons Pro Software 1.0
Find, extract, edit and create Windows icons in color depths up to 32-bit True

Transport Icons for Vista 211)   Transport Icons for Vista 2009.2
A fine set of icons referring to traveling, tourism and all types of vehicles

Free vista icons 212)   Free vista icons 3.0
8 Free vista Icons for your website or Software applications.

Perfect Toolbar Icons 213)   Perfect Toolbar Icons 2010.3
Let your software great! Enhance your new product with Perfect Toolbar Icons

Vista Medical Icons 214)   Vista Medical Icons 1.0
Medical Vista Icons for Windows Vista/XP, and Web Software

Database Application Icons 215)   Database Application Icons 1.0
Database Application Icons for Web or Applications

Perfect Database Icons 216)   Perfect Database Icons 2010.2
Collection of attractive toolbar and menu icons for database software

ABB Icon Library Manager 217)   ABB Icon Library Manager 5.1
A professional and powerful icon conversion and management tool.

E-mail Icon Set 218)   E-mail Icon Set 2008.1
Plenty of liquid-smooth icons to enhance the interface of an e-mail application

Music Icon Library 219)   Music Icon Library 2.4
Plenty of liquid-smooth music icons to enhance an interface of applications

Amelix IML 220)   Amelix IML 1.0
Save and restoration of desktop icons.

Job Icon Set 221)   Job Icon Set 2010.2
Get great job toolbar icons for any application in a wide range of professions.

Windows Icon Presentation 222)   Windows Icon Presentation 1.0
336 Unique Vector graphic xaml files

Luck and Fortune Smileys 223)   Luck and Fortune Smileys 1.0
Love, Holiday and Everyday Smileys

Design Icon Set 224)   Design Icon Set 2009.2
Design Icon Set is what you need for developing graphic applications

Travel Icon Set 225)   Travel Icon Set 3.50
Excellent icons for the tourist business. Make your project more impressive!

Food Icon Library 226)   Food Icon Library 3.1
Plenty of liquid-smooth food icons to enhance an interface of applications

Medical Icons for Vista 227)   Medical Icons for Vista 2009.1
Embellish a medical program or website with some nice, attention-getting icons

Soft Icons 228)   Soft Icons 2.0
Professional-quality software icons in raster and vector formats

Accounting Toolbar Icons 229)   Accounting Toolbar Icons 2010.1
Matching toolbar icons for accounting and bookkeeping applications

Database Toolbar Icons 230)   Database Toolbar Icons 2009.3
Enhance the appearance of your database with Database Toolbar Icons

Perfect Mobile Icons 231)   Perfect Mobile Icons 2008.6
Enhance PDA and mobile software with perfectly crafted icons

Standard Chess Icons 232)   Standard Chess Icons 2008.1
Design chess games and Web sites faster with Standard Chess Icons

Icons-Land Vista Style Arrow Icon Set 233)   Icons-Land Vista Style Arrow Icon Set 1.0
This set of ready-made icons represents plenty of arrows

ABB Web Icon Extractor 234)   ABB Web Icon Extractor 1.0
Convert all images in web page to icon/icon library files.

Autumn Icons (Small edition) 235)   Autumn Icons (Small edition) 1.0
A collection of ready stock icons most often required for program design. Free.

Vista Business Icon Presentation 236)   Vista Business Icon Presentation 1.0
252 Unique Vector graphic xaml files

Online Icon Set 237)   Online Icon Set 2009.1
The Aha-Soft Online Icon Set will breathe new life and colors into your web site

Cool CD Burner Software 238)   Cool CD Burner Software 1.0
The Cool CD Burner is a Light, Fast and Easy to use CD/DVD Burning Software

Champions Smileys 239)   Champions Smileys 1.0
Sports Smileys and Emoticons

IconLover Software 240)   IconLover Software 1.0
Create icons and animated cursors for Windows, manage image collections

Ikonicons Software 241)   Ikonicons Software 1.0
Ikonicons icon set for mac OSX

Icon Seizer Software 242)   Icon Seizer Software 1.0
Explore, view and extract icons from various file types.

ABBIcon Software 243)   ABBIcon Software 1.0
A professional and powerful icon conversion tool.

Icon Constructor (Business License) Software 244)   Icon Constructor (Business License) Software 1.0
Business edition of Icon Constructor

PrintStation 245)   PrintStation 2.04d
Automatic and flexible printing of pictures and picture catalogues

Icons-Land Vista Style Hardware & Devices Icon Set 246)   Icons-Land Vista Style Hardware & Devices Icon Set 1.0
Enhance your software with readily available Vista Style Hardware&Devices Icons

Icons-Land Vista Style Elements Icon Set 247)   Icons-Land Vista Style Elements Icon Set 1.1
Basic icons in Vista style for software applications and websites.

Free Business Office icons 248)   Free Business Office icons 3.0
50 Free Business Office Icons and Website interface icons

Icons-Land Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons 249)   Icons-Land Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons 2.0
Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons in seven sizes from 16x16 to 256x256

Dr. Axel Benz Red Folders 250)   Dr. Axel Benz Red Folders 1.0
Get everywhere you want with one click

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