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Sunday, 22 July 2018

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MPT 1)   MPT 3.0
Classified private archives management: 1) People and things, their history and current situation

My Schedule 2)   My Schedule 1.71
Schedule planner, reminder and printable calendar. US holidays. Free download.

Mimosa Scheduling Software 3)   Mimosa Scheduling Software 4.13
Mimosa is a general schedule and course planning software.

Reminder-Organizer 4)   Reminder-Organizer 2.2
It's a advanced l and easy to uset PIM, that helps you plan your life.

Manage Your Contacts 5)   Manage Your Contacts
A tried and true program that will help you easily store and manage contact info

WinPIM 6)   WinPIM 7.91 XP
All-in-one personal information manager (PIM) with included network solution.

TaskMaster 7)   TaskMaster 1.7
Sometimes there is so much you need to do that you can't figure out where to start

AGLAYA SMS Planner 8)   AGLAYA SMS Planner 2.0
send hundred of scheduled SMS from your phone without crashing/freezing phone

Access Password Recovery Genie 9)   Access Password Recovery Genie V2.0
Access Password Recovery Genie is a program to recover passwords for MS Access

Diary Book 10)   Diary Book 1.8
Diary Book allows you to write a diary on your computer.

SwizzTool 11)   SwizzTool 2.0
Easy to use alarm clock to set alarms/reminders

Maple Professional 12)   Maple Professional 7.0
Professional tree outline manager.

WAB Cleaner 13)   WAB Cleaner 1.0.0 Beta
Maintenance tool for Windows® Address Book (WAB)

My Agenda 14)   My Agenda
Personal Agenda - an address and phone agenda, with lists, birthday, etc.

OrgScheduler 15)   OrgScheduler 6.3
A universal scheduling system for your individual/offices/business events.

ToDo Reminder 16)   ToDo Reminder
Create lists of all the tasks you have To Do and remember..

CardFile Pegasus 17)   CardFile Pegasus 5.0
CardFile Pegasus replaces your rolodex, index cards, or any other personal info

Juvenile Data 18)   Juvenile Data 2.0
Offender tracking software for juveniles or adults

Amibook 19)   Amibook 2.0
Amibook is the organizer you've been looking for.

SMS Planner (UIQ) 20)   SMS Planner (UIQ) 2.0
Ability to send individual or group SMS at schedule times

Handy Day 2005 Pro for Sony Ericsson 21)   Handy Day 2005 Pro for Sony Ericsson 1.51
Overview of meetings, tasks, and messages. Tuning a phone to your individuality.

Custody Toolbox 22)   Custody Toolbox 2.0
Take control of your custody situation with Custody Toolbox. NOW VERSION 2 !!!

Ultra Hal Assistant 23)   Ultra Hal Assistant 5.0
Ultra Hal Assistant is an artificial intelligence conversation simulator.

Break Time 24)   Break Time 1.4.50
New OOS and RSI Prevention Software

ABIX 25)   ABIX 6.69.01
Manage your agenda, tasks, contacts and much more with this easy to use PIM!

Daily Log 26)   Daily Log 2.0.1
Personal journal recording your daily events

Handy Address Book 27)   Handy Address Book 1.5
Full Featured Address Book with Web Publishing and Phone Dialing

AZZ Cardfile 28)   AZZ Cardfile 4.0.00c
Modern replacement to MS Cardfile.exe, for all 32-bit Windows. Get Organized.

Achieve Planner 29)   Achieve Planner 1.1.9
Time management software system with hierarchical project/task outliner/calendar

Our Scheduler 30)   Our Scheduler 2.2.1
Schedule multiple people or objects at one time

Smart! Memo 31)   Smart! Memo 2.20
Smart! Memo is a professional Memo tool which can satisfy your requirement

PhoneBook95 Professional Edition 32)   PhoneBook95 Professional Edition 3.02
Award winning Windows Contact Manager. Rated 5 stars on ZDNet!

KindDiary 33)   KindDiary 2.3
work Logs, some ideas to write and more information to collect.

Screen Calendar for Outlook 34)   Screen Calendar for Outlook 7.3
Active desktop calendar just over wallpaper, scheduling in MS Outlook

AvniTech WhizNote 35)   AvniTech WhizNote 3.5.8
A Free Text Editor and Note Software for Windows

Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook 36)   Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook 6.0.1
Pilot Flight Logbook for FAR 121 Airline Pilots - Palm OS Edition

Downtime Manager 37)   Downtime Manager 6.5.1
DownTime Manager keeps track of your equipment downtime.

JobTabs 2005 38)   JobTabs 2005
Organize and execute a successful job search by being the ideal candidate.

VoxAgenda 39)   VoxAgenda 1.00
VoxAgenda is an entirely vocal organizer very easy to use.

Exchange GroupCalendar 40)   Exchange GroupCalendar 1.40
Best calendar software, easy to manage company shared public calendars.

OutlookReminder 41)   OutlookReminder 1.0
Appointment reminder by phone, Free Microsoft Outlook addin, Voicent Gateway app

Personal Address File 42)   Personal Address File 1.22
A utility which can be used for keeping personal address information.

TreePad PLUS 43)   TreePad PLUS 7.2
Organizer+Editor: Tree-structured, all-in-one, intuitive yet amply featured

EssentialPIM Pro 44)   EssentialPIM Pro 3.01
Full-featured PIM Includes Email, Synchronization, Portability, Network Support

A-class Organizer 45)   A-class Organizer 1.00
Professional electronic manager-organizer for information chaos

MyLife EZ Outlook 46)   MyLife EZ Outlook 6.00
A comprehensive PIM suite with simple interface and advanced functions.

RLT Personal Inventory 47)   RLT Personal Inventory 1.0.5.
Personal Inventory is powerful and easy-to-use inventory organizer

BC InAndOut Board 48)   BC InAndOut Board 2.5
The BC InAndOut Board is a web based corporate directory and In-Out board.

TreeDBNotes Pro 49)   TreeDBNotes Pro 2.84
PIM, Word Processor,Contact,Password Manager, e-Book maker with Tree Structure

CardFile PS Net 50)   CardFile PS Net 6.1
Your professional information manager, with password protection for cd keys and

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