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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Petty Cash Controller 1)   Petty Cash Controller 1.0
A secure petty cash book for Microsoft Excel to save time and prevent fraud

WordHTML CV 2)   WordHTML CV 1.0
Automates conversion of MS word documents into HTML files.

Meta2ASCII Conversion Wizard 3)   Meta2ASCII Conversion Wizard 1.1
Converts historical price files between popular Metastock and ASCII data formats

StockTick - Stock Ticker 4)   StockTick - Stock Ticker 2005
Free stock market ticker and portfolio manager to track your stocks and trades

Excel Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 5)   Excel Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0
Change case of a block of selected cells in MS Excel.

Advanced Option Calculator 6)   Advanced Option Calculator 2.11
Advanced Option Calculator - the powerful and unique software for option traders

Free Accounting 7)   Free Accounting
complete multi-user/multi-company/multi-branch Windows-based accounting, invento

Bronze Inventory & POS System 8)   Bronze Inventory & POS System 1.1
This is a complete inventory management system performs a Point of Sale function and multi warehouse stock control

Forecast and Budget Builder Excel 9)   Forecast and Budget Builder Excel 2.1
Develop a 3 year forecast and 12 month budget with Sensitivity Analysis.

Forex Trading 10)   Forex Trading 6.39
Trade Forex With Confidence Using The Method Our Traders Use

W2 Mate-W2 1099 Software 11)   W2 Mate-W2 1099 Software 2.0.71
W2 Mate is an easy , yet powerful W2 and 1099 Forms printing software.

Spare Parts Management (MS Access 2000) 12)   Spare Parts Management (MS Access 2000) 2.18
Management of spare parts for manufacturing or production enterprises.

Materials Requirements Planning (MS Access XP) 13)   Materials Requirements Planning (MS Access XP) 2.17
Planning of materials, based on inventory, BOM's, purchase orders and forecasts

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales 14)   Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales 1.8
Achieve full control with this next generation restaurant management software

Mortgage Payment Calculator 15)   Mortgage Payment Calculator 1.0
Free software to figure out your monthly mortgage payment

Job Interview Answers 16)   Job Interview Answers 4.11
Use these proven Job Interview Answers to effectively sell yourself !

CashMaster 17)   CashMaster 2.913
It's TRUE!!! I can make over 1000-00 a week using this software and you can too!

Advanced Access Repair 18)   Advanced Access Repair 2.1
Advanced Access Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Access databases

e-BountyHunter 19)   e-BountyHunter 1.0
e-Bounty Hunter is skip tracing software, a fast, easy, and effective tool.

Biz-Plan 20)   Biz-Plan 2.0
Business Plan Guide and Template for Word - framework, structure & contents.

Advanced Accounting 7 Powered by CAS 21)   Advanced Accounting 7 Powered by CAS Ver 7
Advanced Accounting 7 Powered By CAS Easy to use open source code avalible.

StockFusion Studio 22)   StockFusion Studio 1.0
Automated forecasting expert of world finance universe

InstantCharts Market Browser for Traders 23)   InstantCharts Market Browser for Traders 1.0
InstantCharts Market Browser for Traders. Quotes, Charts and Market Scanner

DataBull - download stock quotes 24)   DataBull - download stock quotes 2.3.3
DataBull downloads stockquotes into any technical analysis software program.

TimeCard Plus 25)   TimeCard Plus 3.6
Tracks time and attendance, and calculates regular, overtime, and benefit hours.

Dragon2000 Stockbook 26)   Dragon2000 Stockbook 7.54
A starter package for car salesmen to keep track of new and used vehicle stock.

Quality Window v5.0.667 27)   Quality Window v5.0.667 5.0
An intuitive SQC/SPC/Event Analysis tool designed for use on the factory floor

Real-Time Quotes Downloader 28)   Real-Time Quotes Downloader 1.5
Provides streaming real-time quotes. Supports FX-Trading

Pathonix (Demo) 29)   Pathonix (Demo) 1.0
Pathology Lab Management Software.

Loan Amortization + 30)   Loan Amortization + 1.2
standard loan payment schedule that may be used for any type loan

Instant Quote Professional 31)   Instant Quote Professional 6.20
Instant Quote Professional. Produce Quotes and Invoices in seconds.

101Inventory Organizer Deluxe 32)   101Inventory Organizer Deluxe 2.4
101Inventory is a Windows software for inventory and document possessions.

Wage Calculator Excel 33)   Wage Calculator Excel 20
Define your staff roster schedules and calculate your wage costs with ease.

Exl-Plan Pro (US-C edition) 34)   Exl-Plan Pro (US-C edition) 2.61
Business plan projections for new/larger businesses (e.g. sales above $1 m).

Financial Advisor for Excel (Standard) 35)   Financial Advisor for Excel (Standard) 2.3
The Swiss Army Tool of financial calculators: loans, NPV, bonds, etc.

MSI Barcode Font 36)   MSI Barcode Font 1.1
Barcodesoft MSI Plessey Premium Package empowers you to print MSI barcodes from desktop printers

WebCab Bonds (J2SE Edition) 37)   WebCab Bonds (J2SE Edition) 1
General Interest derivatives pricing API framework. And FRAs, Duration, Yield,..

TechnoRiver Free Barcode Software Component 38)   TechnoRiver Free Barcode Software Component 1.1
Add Code39, I2OF5 and ITF14 barcodes to Windows documents.

CMC7 Font 39)   CMC7 Font 1.1
MICR CMC7 Fonts empower you to print cheque

Time 'n Bill 40)   Time 'n Bill 5.4
TIME 'N BILL is a time and billing system for small firms

Portfolio Fundamentals + 41)   Portfolio Fundamentals + 1.2
forms that will assist you in tracking the fundamentals of your stock portfolio

Proforma 42)   Proforma 2003
Credit Card processing. No Setup or Monthly fee. Merchant Account not required.

Exl-Plan Free (US-C) 43)   Exl-Plan Free (US-C) 2.7
Business plan projections for startups and established businesses.

Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory 44)   Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory 3.1.3
Easy to use invoicing, billing, inventory and customer management.

EasyEx invoicing 45)   EasyEx invoicing 1.03
Create invoices and delivery notes with this software.

The Handy Estimator 46)   The Handy Estimator 2.0
It has 100's calulation wizards built into the program

Project-Eo Multi Diary - Day Edition 47)   Project-Eo Multi Diary - Day Edition 1.0.2
Manage multiple Diaries at the same time, Appointment, Resource, Project, Time.

PlanBee project management planning tool 48)   PlanBee project management planning tool 2.0e
Critical Path Project Management Planning Tool - alternative to MS Project

Apexico VAT-Books 49)   Apexico VAT-Books 1.0
VAT-Books is an easy to use cashbook which can also produce your VAT returns.

Atrex 50)   Atrex 12.08
Atrex Inventory Control/Point of Sale for Windows 2K, 2K3, XP, Vista

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