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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Medlin Accounting 1)   Medlin Accounting 2005
Simple, easy to use, award winning accounting programs.

Easy Accounting 2)   Easy Accounting 3.0.33
Small Business Management and Accounting Software

FinPro for ACCPAC 3)   FinPro for ACCPAC 7
Financial forecasts and analyses

Instant Billing 4)   Instant Billing 1.10
Generate recurring bills / invoices quickly and easily.

Medlin General Ledger 5)   Medlin General Ledger 2008
Simple, easy to use, award winning General Ledger program. $38.00

Pro Repo ACV 6)   Pro Repo ACV 5.38
Pro-Repo The Industry Standard Software Including Accounting Corporate Repossess

Medlin Accounts Receivable & Invoicing 7)   Medlin Accounts Receivable & Invoicing 2008
Simple, easy to use, Accounts Receivable and Invoicing program. $38.00

Just Checking 8)   Just Checking 3.03
Balance your checking accounts on your PC. Print and design checks. Import QIF.

Basic Invoicer 9)   Basic Invoicer 9.0.1
Create and Print Invoices. Save Customers and Items for later recall

1099Magic 10)   1099Magic 1.0
1099Magic, print and e-file 1099-MISC.

Problem Solved 11)   Problem Solved 4.6
Easily record, update and report on support issues and PC/Software Inventory!

FinPro for Simply Accounting 12)   FinPro for Simply Accounting 7
Financial forecasts and analyses

Business2Go Standard 13)   Business2Go Standard 2.11
Manage and organize the accounting needs of your business.

Medlin Payroll for DOS 14)   Medlin Payroll for DOS 2000
Simple, easy to use, Payroll program.

Medlin Payroll Software 15)   Medlin Payroll Software 2008
Simple, easy to use, award winning Payroll Software. $50.00 (With MICR $98).

QuickCount 16)   QuickCount 1.0
Quickcount is a word counting and invoicing tool

Silent-Bob basic 17)   Silent-Bob basic 1.1
'Silent Lagoon 2.0' Animated Screensaver

Delta60 Accounting Software 18)   Delta60 Accounting Software 6.0
Delta60 has developed for 20 years, and has built- in email support.

DTA-Ueberweisung 19)   DTA-Ueberweisung 5.2.5
German application to perform wire transfers.

Dynasoft TeleFactura 20)   Dynasoft TeleFactura 3.52
Outsourced, hosted and complete solution for telecom + data billing (incl. VoIP)

Fastsell Pro 21)   Fastsell Pro 8
Suitable for General Merchandise retail stores Touch or Keyboard useage.

The Invoice Client Manager 22)   The Invoice Client Manager 3.6
Invoice Client Manager organizes and runs the client side of a small businesses

ExactSpent Time Tracking Software 23)   ExactSpent Time Tracking Software 2006
ExactSpent Time Tracking Software for Time You Spent on Jobs

EASITax W2 / 1099 Software 24)   EASITax W2 / 1099 Software 5.2006.1
Fastest and easiest way to fill 1099 and W2 forms. Free to try, $79.95 to buy.

LiquorNex POS 25)   LiquorNex POS 8.3
Liquornex Suitable for Liquor stores with Touch or Keyboard useage.

The Billing Software 26)   The Billing Software 2.03
automatic / repeat recurring billing accounting software

AcQuest California 100 Solution 2004 27)   AcQuest California 100 Solution 2004 1.00
AcQuest CAL 100 Solution 2004. Win 95, 98, Me, 2000, & XP.

Activity and Expense Tracker 28)   Activity and Expense Tracker
Time Management Tool tracks of all your projects, tasks, and expenses.

Executive Decision 29)   Executive Decision 1.0.0
The Most Powerful Business Management Tools You Can Get Your Hands On.

w/Ease Small Business Software 30)   w/Ease Small Business Software 1.5
Operations Software for Small Business

Translation Office 3000 31)   Translation Office 3000 8
Accounting and Marketing Tool for Language Translators and Translation Agencies

Lenders Amort 32)   Lenders Amort 2.0
Lenders Amort, Loan Calculator for Money Lenders. Includes customer database.

CoolSpeaking 33)   CoolSpeaking 2.0
Have your computer read emails, webpages, ebooks, or any text you type.

DCM 4.0 Professional Edition 34)   DCM 4.0 Professional Edition 4.0
Billing, accounting and management reporting software professional services firm

PractiCount and Invoice Business 35)   PractiCount and Invoice Business 3.1
Word and line count software for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML, PDF

Line Counter 36)   Line Counter 1.01 (build 4.3)
Counts lines in C/C++/C# source files

Pro-Repair PRI 37)   Pro-Repair PRI 5.35
ProRepair lets you easily enter, store, and access a variety of information. All

Fattura! 38)   Fattura! 6.0.6
Fattura! e' un programma dal facile utilizzo, per la gestione delle fatture.

AcQuest Pro Depreciation 39)   AcQuest Pro Depreciation 5.06
AcQuest Pro Depreciation. Windows. Multiple methods for multiple companies.

db2kledger 40)   db2kledger 4
Db2kledger Accounting(General Ledgers, AP, AR and GST Tax)

Business2Go Small Business 41)   Business2Go Small Business 2.11
Manage and organize your accounting needs.

Simple Home Money Management 42)   Simple Home Money Management V2006
FREE Home Money Management / Budgeting Software, easy to use and great reports!

AcQuest 1065 Solution 2005 43)   AcQuest 1065 Solution 2005 1.00
AcQuest 1065 Solutionn 2005. Win 95, 98, Me, & XP.

AcQuest 941 Solution 44)   AcQuest 941 Solution 2.01
AcQuest 941 Solution. Win 95, 98, ME, & XP. Multiple corporations.

Medlin Accounts Payable 45)   Medlin Accounts Payable 2008
Simple, easy to use, award winning Accounts Payable program $38 (With MICR $86)

CB Calculator 46)   CB Calculator 1.0
CB Calculator calculates mathematical expressions.

AnyMini W: Word Count Program 47)   AnyMini W: Word Count Program 5
AnyMini W: Word Count Program, Word Count Software

Recovery for Money 48)   Recovery for Money 1.6.0839
Recovery for Money is a data recovery program for damaged Microsoft Money files

QBAutomation - Import 49)   QBAutomation - Import 3.0.0
Import data like customers, invoices, estimates etc. into QuickBooks.

Excel Invoice Manager Express 50)   Excel Invoice Manager Express 2.10.1014
Easy to use invoice software with all the features for small business invoicing

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