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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Top 351-400 Web Development Programs     (from 3929 category titles)
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JavaScript FH Plus 351)   JavaScript FH Plus 1.0.2
JavaScript FH Plus have the biggest collection of Java Scripts

AnalyseSpider 352)   AnalyseSpider 3.01
AnalyseSpider is a Log File Analyzer tool with a wealth of analysis to help you

CGI Star Professional 353)   CGI Star Professional 5.19
Software to make Common Gateway Interface (CGI) for web order, feedback and more

EasyQuick Reports 354)   EasyQuick Reports 1.0.2
EasyQuick Report Development tools

Froogie Froogle Submit 355)   Froogie Froogle Submit 1.2
Submit your products to the Froogle data feed.

JavaScript Nudging Text Effect 356)   JavaScript Nudging Text Effect 1.0
Add nudging effect to text of web pages.

DSL_VdnsClientServer 357)   DSL_VdnsClientServer 2.0
Now Run Your Own Web Server From DSL With A Domain Name

AlbumAdvanced 358)   AlbumAdvanced 50620.1458
Got a digital camera and want an easy way to share photos with family and fr...

Blog Planter 359)   Blog Planter 1.0
Easy to use blog submission software that distributes your blogs.

Gradient Text 360)   Gradient Text 1.0
Create cool gradient text for your website

Likno Web Button Maker 361)   Likno Web Button Maker 2.0.140
Create stylish buttons for your web projects with Likno Web Button Maker!

HTMLSpeed 362)   HTMLSpeed 2.0
reduce the size of your web pages by compress

CuteHTML 363)   CuteHTML 2.3
CuteHTML is a powerful text-based editor that allows you to create and maintain Web sites exactly the way you want to, with full control.

Webserver Stress Tool 364)   Webserver Stress Tool
Webserver load, performance and stress test simulates simultaneous server users.

Web Page Generator 1.3B XP 365)   Web Page Generator 1.3B XP
Generate web pages for photo album

Speedo X-Cart Entry Page Generator 366)   Speedo X-Cart Entry Page Generator 1.1
Easily create your X-Cart entry page or an entry page for any site.

Mobizware-Lite 367)   Mobizware-Lite 1.0
Freeware MMS SMS Server. Send MMS SMS from PC using GSM modem or mobile phone.

Akeni Enterprise Instant Messaging LDAP 368)   Akeni Enterprise Instant Messaging LDAP 2.2
Akeni Enterprise Instant Messaging IM with LDAP

Page Promoter 369)   Page Promoter 7.0
Professional Web site submission, search engine optimization and promotion tool

hCrypt 370)   hCrypt 3.0
hCrypt helps you restrict access to non-public Web pages by encrypting them and setting the access password

Idaho-Web-Counter 371)   Idaho-Web-Counter 1.00
Free, simple web counter program with lots of cool themes, some Idaho, some not.

eOrdering Gold 372)   eOrdering Gold 4.0.8
Shopping Cart and eCommerce app

SiteMan 373)   SiteMan 1.0.4
Use SiteMan to create your own site

Ultra GIF Optimizer 374)   Ultra GIF Optimizer 1.0
Ultra GIF Optimizer is a powerful tool for optimizing GIF images.It can makes your web page load faster,save your server bandwidth charges and disk space.

SamplePage 375)   SamplePage 2.3
Good html editor for common users and professional developers

Visual CHM 376)   Visual CHM 4.0
Create CHM(Microsoft HTML help) files using a WYSWYG interface.

PortalApp Basic 377)   PortalApp Basic 3.3

Forum Buzz 378)   Forum Buzz
Forum Buzz, Organize Your Forum Postings And Login Details

cPanel Wizard Professional 379)   cPanel Wizard Professional 1.0
Put the power of cPanel on your desktop.

Rapid CSS Editor 2006 380)   Rapid CSS Editor 2006 7.3
Quick, convenient and powerful cascading style sheet and HTML editor

Advanced Graph and Chart Collection for PHP 381)   Advanced Graph and Chart Collection for PHP 4.86
Easily add dynamic graphs and charts to PHP apps and web pages. Try for free.

phpGreetCards 382)   phpGreetCards 3.7
a full featured, completely automated GreetCards application

ThumbHTML 383)   ThumbHTML 2.8.0
This program generates thumbnails and web pages from your photos

EchoForum Simple Machines LACI 384)   EchoForum Simple Machines LACI 1.39
This software allows webmasters operating Simple Machines forums to take advantage of the EchoForum Network and import many types of content including member based forum networks, usenet newsgroups, RSS feeds, XML, mailing lists, and many others

TheDowser Professional 385)   TheDowser Professional 5.3.0
TheDowser Keyword Research & Management Tool

Hypertext Guide 386)   Hypertext Guide 2.0
Fully-illustrated HTML/CSS/DHTML tutorial.

Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 1.2 387)   Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 1.2 1.2
It generates CSS Style definitions to add colored scrollbars on your web pages

HTML To PHP Converter 388)   HTML To PHP Converter 5.0a
Quickly and easily convert HTML code to PHP code.

Amazon Affiliate Store 389)   Amazon Affiliate Store 1
Free Amazon Store for US, UK, Canada, France and Germany

IP address to country, region, city, latitude and longitude.

#1 Web Position Gold Platinum 391)   #1 Web Position Gold Platinum 3.5.595
Web Position Gold Platinum 3.5.595 Search Engine Optimization Software Services

MakeLogic Tail 392)   MakeLogic Tail 2.0.0
Similar to the "tail -f" of Linux. Shows the last few lines of a log file in GUI

Logan Pro Log Analyzer 393)   Logan Pro Log Analyzer 1.6
Logan Pro is an advanced multithreaded job oriented log analysis tool

iSeekTraffic Pro 394)   iSeekTraffic Pro 5.0
iSeekTraffic greatly simplifies the submission of your site to hundreds of thousand links!

Simple Guestbook 2.0 395)   Simple Guestbook 2.0
A free guest book for your Web site

Auora Website 396)   Auora Website 5.1
Flash website templates and easy-to-use software

Cyberfetch Website Submitter 397)   Cyberfetch Website Submitter 1.1.12
Cyberfetch Website Submitter is the fully automated advertising software

CodeThatTable 398)   CodeThatTable 2.2.3
advanced JavaScript table that enables user to display missives of data.

dbQwikSync2MSSQL 399)   dbQwikSync2MSSQL 1.0
Do you need to move your data to mySQL? dbQwikSync2 is a lightweight easy-to-use data migration wizard that will save you hours of frustration trying to move data to your MS SQL server

Blockstar Website Builder 400)   Blockstar Website Builder 3.01
Make and host your own website with our easy to use website builder.

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