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Saturday, 21 July 2018

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Dynamic Linear Gradient BounceMenu 3151)   Dynamic Linear Gradient BounceMenu 1.0
Settings which can be changed through XML file:

3D Carousel Toolkit 3152)   3D Carousel Toolkit 1.0
This is toolkit designed to help you build your own 3D carousel. The code is bar

Full Screen Site Template 3153)   Full Screen Site Template 1.0
Very simple full-screen site template. A centered MC on the stage contains the i

Tabletop Photo Gallery 3154)   Tabletop Photo Gallery 1.0
This is a photo gallery that mimics photos on a tabletop. XML-drive gallery.

Vertical Product Gallery 3155)   Vertical Product Gallery 1.0
Product Gallery: 1. Drag and drop the main movieclip to any of your Flash applic

Mini Accordion Site 3156)   Mini Accordion Site 1.0
XML driven all contents - Flash MX 2004 & Flash 8 FLA versions included. - mcTwe

Ultra XML Item Slider 3157)   Ultra XML Item Slider 1.0
You can change almost everything: number of items/page, number o change/click, s

SQL Dictionary Portuguese French 3158)   SQL Dictionary Portuguese French 1.0
Dictionary Database Portuguese French to integrate into your applications

michigan-homes-for-sale_chmod 3159)   michigan-homes-for-sale_chmod 1.0
CHMOD Calculator-Free Download-Full featured CHMOD Calculator

SQL Dictionary German Spanish 3160)   SQL Dictionary German Spanish 1.0
Dictionary Database German Spanish to integrate into your applications

Man Walking Animation 3161)   Man Walking Animation 1.0
This is a man walking animation effect. It has a man walking in 4 directions. Ea

Race Clock 3162)   Race Clock 1.0
Vector base clock in race of rabbit & turtle. Hope you`ll like it. Jjust copy mo

Desk Quote Professional 3163)   Desk Quote Professional 5.2
Desk Quote Professional is a quotati application

Contact Us 1.0 3164)   Contact Us 1.0 1.0
Easily add a great "Contact Us" to your web site.

Social Poster 3165)   Social Poster 1.0
Submit Your Content to Social and Bookmarking Websites using Social Poster

autobaner1 3166)   autobaner1 1.1
use our free software create auto banners

SQL Dictionary German Italian 3167)   SQL Dictionary German Italian 1.0
Dictionary Database German Italian to integrate into your applications

Simple XML Header 3168)   Simple XML Header 1.0
XML-format is very simple for use.

SQL Dictionary Italian German 3169)   SQL Dictionary Italian German 1.0
Dictionary Database Italian-German to integrate into your applications

PHP Ajax Voting system 3170)   PHP Ajax Voting system 1.0
PHP Ajax Voting system,PHP 4/5 OOP and MySQL relational transactional system

jQuery Popup Menu Style 13 3171)   jQuery Popup Menu Style 13 1.0
jQuery Popup Menu is the smallest, fastest, and one of the most customizable.

Advanced XML Photo Gallery 3172)   Advanced XML Photo Gallery 1.0
The component is fully made in ActionScript 2.0 and the code can be found in the

Random Moving Menu (AS3) 3173)   Random Moving Menu (AS3) 1.0
This is an XML driven, unlimited, randomly moving menu. When you mouse over the

SQL Dictionary Spanish German 3174)   SQL Dictionary Spanish German 1.0
Dictionary Database Spanish German to integrate into your applications

Information Reader (AS3) 3175)   Information Reader (AS3) 1.0
Features: 1. XML driven, the XML URL can be modified; 2. news reader or article

Advanced XML Scroll NEWS 3176)   Advanced XML Scroll NEWS 1.0
The XML News Reader takes almost all the information from the XML file ... the X

SQL Dictionary German Portuguese 3177)   SQL Dictionary German Portuguese 1.0
Dictionary Database German Portuguese to integrate into your applications

Social Submit 3178)   Social Submit 1.0
Submit your websites to Social Websites FREE using the Social Submit tool

Advanced XML Website 3179)   Advanced XML Website 1.0
Advanced XML Website. *Features* * Fresh , subtle design; * XML driven ; configu

SQL Dictionary Portuguese German 3180)   SQL Dictionary Portuguese German 1.0
Dictionary Database Portuguese German to integrate into your applications

XRssFeed Generator 3181)   XRssFeed Generator
designed to assist web masters manage and generate news feeds

AdVantShop.NET Pro 3182)   AdVantShop.NET Pro 2.1
ASP.NET Shopping Cart Software and E-commerce solution

The Total Article Spin Program 3183)   The Total Article Spin Program 2.0
The Total Article Spin Software allows anyone to create multiple unique articles

Q-ImageUploader Pro 3184)   Q-ImageUploader Pro 1.0
Q-ImageUploader Pro creates fast photo and image uploaders based on Flash

SQL Dictionary Swedish German 3185)   SQL Dictionary Swedish German 1.0
Dictionary Database Swedish German to integrate into your applications

SQL Dictionary German Dutch 3186)   SQL Dictionary German Dutch 1.0
Dictionary Database German Dutch to integrate into your applications

Fill Preloader 3187)   Fill Preloader 1.0
Its very easy to resize. Just change the width and height of the MovieClip. You

Custom Cursor 3188)   Custom Cursor 1.0
The image of the cursor is in a Movie Clip symbol. Double click on it and you ca

SQL Dictionary Dutch German 3189)   SQL Dictionary Dutch German 1.0
Dictionary Database Dutch German to integrate into your applications

Accordion Banner Rotator 3190)   Accordion Banner Rotator 1.0
Banner accordion with each page timer. You set the timer, title, information in

3D Image Viewer 3191)   3D Image Viewer 1.0
Dynamic image slider , unlimited amount of images and data , XML driven , the ex

RSS Feed Generator 3192)   RSS Feed Generator 1.1
Publish RSS feeds and iTunes podcasts without learning XML

Simple Shopper 1.1 3193)   Simple Shopper 1.1 1.0
Easy to use and setup. Great for sites where customers would order a single item

FilterZen - SharePoint Filter Web Parts 3194)   FilterZen - SharePoint Filter Web Parts 3.6
Dynamically filter ANY SharePoint content from: URL, SQL, BDC, Lists, Users, ...

Altova XMLSpy Standard Edition 3195)   Altova XMLSpy Standard Edition 2010
XMLSpy Standard Edition is an entry-level XML editor for light-weight XML tasks.

Optin Buzzer 3196)   Optin Buzzer 1.0
try goldmail, Communicating At Work As Easy As A Breeze

Directory Submitter Enterprise Edition 3197)   Directory Submitter Enterprise Edition 1.0
Increase your search ranking by just a month!.

XML Sliding Menu 2 3198)   XML Sliding Menu 2 1.0
- Loading menu items from an XML file.

OxyNavigator 3199)   OxyNavigator 1.0
Use the special OxyNavigatorSettings class to setup common parameters:

GuestBook! v1.0 3200)   GuestBook! v1.0 1.0
GuestBook! is an AS2-based, 3D , XML driven Flash guestbook. Dazzle your visitor

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