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Saturday, 21 July 2018

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Thanksgiving Web Elements 2601)   Thanksgiving Web Elements 1.0
Thanksgiving themed graphic elements including web templates, photos and logos.

a-rated-life-insurance-companies-salesle 2602)   a-rated-life-insurance-companies-salesle 1.00
Write Your Sales Letter The Easy Way

rate-life-insurance-companies-screenshot 2603)   rate-life-insurance-companies-screenshot 1.00
Screen Shoot-It is a simple and easy to use program that will easily capture scr

JCODER Pro (Java IDE editor for Windows) - Freeware also available 2604)   JCODER Pro (Java IDE editor for Windows) - Freeware also available 1.0.1
JCODER is a Java IDE that enables programmers to create and debug code faster.

Christmas Web Elements 2605)   Christmas Web Elements 1.0
Christmas themed graphic elements including web templates, photos and logos.

no-load-life-insurance-quotes-scripts 2606)   no-load-life-insurance-quotes-scripts 1.00
Create Niche Websites

variable-universal-life-insurance-scroll 2607)   variable-universal-life-insurance-scroll 1.00
Discover A Fortune Lying Hidden With-In Your Website!

Caffeinated Content for WordPress 2608)   Caffeinated Content for WordPress 3.3
Instant content.Targeted content. Automatic content. for your WordPress Blog

Redirect Page Creator 2609)   Redirect Page Creator 1.0
Easily create stand alone redirect pages for your website.

Keyword Magic (Research Tool) 2610)   Keyword Magic (Research Tool) 2008.09
Keyword Magic is advanced keyword research and keyword management tool

MDaemon FREE Mail Server for Windows 2611)   MDaemon FREE Mail Server for Windows 11.0.0
FREE 5-user license secure POP / SMTP Windows mail server with easy webmail

RelayFax Network Fax Manager 2612)   RelayFax Network Fax Manager 6.7.11
Automate sending, receiving, and managing your network fax messages.

VideoWebWizard 2613)   VideoWebWizard 2.0
Easily put video on your site with the powerful VideoWebWizard 2.0 software.

Create Software with The Program Creator! 2614)   Create Software with The Program Creator! 2.0
Create Professional Software in Minutes with The Program Creator. No Exp. Needed

Valentines Web Elements 2615)   Valentines Web Elements 1.0
Valentines themed graphic elements including web templates, photos and logos.

how-to-get-out-of-debt-linkswtch 2616)   how-to-get-out-of-debt-linkswtch 1.00
Spread Traffic Across ALL Of Your Websites

get-out-of-debt-software 2617)   get-out-of-debt-software 1.00
Profitable Software Index

6000 PAD Files Database 2618)   6000 PAD Files Database 1.07
Free Pad Software Database, PHP and Mysql Download

Halloween Web Elements 2619)   Halloween Web Elements 1.0
Halloween themed graphic elements including web templates, photos and logos.

Animated Logo Preloader 2620)   Animated Logo Preloader 1.0
Animated Logo Preloader easily customizable for Flash CS3, Actionscript 2.0

Comment Client for WordPress Pro 2621)   Comment Client for WordPress Pro
Administrate multiple WordPress blogs easier from your PC

Turning Business Card 2622)   Turning Business Card 1.0
The library of this .FLA file contains a MovieClip that's called mc_card. Drag a

Fire - Drag and Drop 2623)   Fire - Drag and Drop 1.0
Fire movie clip for Actionscript 2.0. Cool effect. Low file size.

XML Corner Peel Buttons 2624)   XML Corner Peel Buttons 1.0
- Smooth and nice paper peel effect over the button blocks

Wheel-of-Fortune Style Buttons 2625)   Wheel-of-Fortune Style Buttons 1.0
Buttons flip like letters on Wheel-of-Fortune. Easy to customize. Drag and drop.

Auto Centered Content 2626)   Auto Centered Content 1.0
When resized the window,the content slides to center with a nice ease

Dynamic List XML 2627)   Dynamic List XML 1.0
A fully customizable dynamic list, XML driven.

XmlMenu 2628)   XmlMenu 1.0
A horizontal drop down menu created in AS3.It uses xml for the name and the link

Picture Slide 2629)   Picture Slide 1.0
This is a Photo Slide with 4 different transition modes (None, Normal, Slinky, a

3 in 1 PreLoader 2630)   3 in 1 PreLoader 1.0
3 pre-loaders with a text, swirling circle, and progress bar.

FLV Player with playlist 2631)   FLV Player with playlist 1.0
Cool new features like playlist support with an unlimited number of categories.

XML Customizable Creative Template 2632)   XML Customizable Creative Template 1.0
All menus,pages,links,buttons are XML driven

Free Logo Templates 2633)   Free Logo Templates 5.0
Brand your company's identity with high quality DigitalOfficePro Logos...

Circle Preloader 2634)   Circle Preloader 1.0
Easily change the size and color of the dots, so it visually suits your project.

Smooth Particle Preloader 2635)   Smooth Particle Preloader 1.0
Easily change the size and color of the dots, so it visually suits your project

Stage Position Template 2636)   Stage Position Template 1.0
Each element can be modifyed to position differently on the stage.

Air gallery 2637)   Air gallery 1.0
Air gallery is a photo gallery with 3d space effect. XML driven

3D Carousel 2638)   3D Carousel 1.0
A 3D carousel whose purpose is to show you the code of how to create it.

Auction Decorator -Auction Maker Wizard 2639)   Auction Decorator -Auction Maker Wizard 2.1.10
Write-Decorate-Publish Auction listings with this WYSIWYG application. No HTML

Light - Image Folio v.2 2640)   Light - Image Folio v.2 1.0
The new Image Folio has support for an unlimited numbers of images.

Image panning v.2 2641)   Image panning v.2 1.0
The new "Image panning" component has support for either image files or SWFs.

Cool image scroller 2642)   Cool image scroller 1.0
Among the features : Unlimited number of images; Tweened mouse interactivity

FeatureSlider 2643)   FeatureSlider 1.0
Features: -Added editable image folder name and image extension within XML

Snowcat 2nd Special Package 2644)   Snowcat 2nd Special Package 1.0
The package includes: Transition Effects Collection ($12) Image Gallery XML etc

Drop Down XML Menu 2645)   Drop Down XML Menu 1.0
Drop down XML menu (Outlook style). AS Version: ActionScript 2.0;

JavaScript XP Style Menu 2646)   JavaScript XP Style Menu 1.0
JavaScript-producing design tool for creating web menu on web pages.

Dynamic scroll bar 2647)   Dynamic scroll bar 1.0
Put your text or other elements to "MovieClip" with the name "content".

Auto Webpage Clicker 2648)   Auto Webpage Clicker 3.0
A kind of software which can automatically click the web pages in batch.

Dynamic XML News Reader 2649)   Dynamic XML News Reader 1.0
It can be easily customized by modifying certain variables. Among the features:

Cute Carousel 2650)   Cute Carousel 1.0
A new cute way to use a carousel as a small transparent artwork gallery or menu

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