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Saturday, 21 July 2018

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30000 Templates 1051)   30000 Templates 1.0
Build your own website without paying someone an arm and a leg

E-Mage for Web 1052)   E-Mage for Web
A simple tool for creating HTML image galleries from pictures on your computer.

SnugServer 1053)   SnugServer 4.0
Email Server plus FTP, Web, News & List Server with Anti-Spam/Virus & Encryption

PopUp Generator 1054)   PopUp Generator 2.1
cash-based brick breaking game; buy powerups; fight enemies; create worlds

Sothink DHTML Menu Builder 1055)   Sothink DHTML Menu Builder 9.3
Easily make SEO friendly drop down menus, JavaScript menus for web navigation.

USB Storage Recovery 1056)   USB Storage Recovery
Removable drive data files folders recovery software restore pictures mp3 songs

Zoom Image 1057)   Zoom Image 2.0
Magnification viewer for JPG and GIF images that zooms in and out up to 20:1

JavaScript Glowing Text Effect 1058)   JavaScript Glowing Text Effect 1.0
Add glowing effect to text of web pages.

ApoServer 1059)   ApoServer 1.0
Platform for e-commerce and web-development, providing implementation of component oriented technologies and three-level architecture (interface, business, data), with ready to use modules and components

JavaScript Pushing PopMenu 1060)   JavaScript Pushing PopMenu 1.0
Creates professional menus with pushing effects for web pages.

Abyss Web Server (Windows) 1.03 1061)   Abyss Web Server (Windows) 1.03
A small personal web server, that supports HTTP/1

Atrise PHP Script Debugger 1062)   Atrise PHP Script Debugger 2.0.0
Quickly debug your PHP scripts and PHP pages with Atrise PHP Script Debugger

CustomizedFlash.com Menu 1063)   CustomizedFlash.com Menu Customized
CustomizedFlash.com Navigation Menu from xml

Advanced Link Manager 1064)   Advanced Link Manager 2.1
Helps manage your web site incoming links on all major search engines.

textonly 1065)   textonly 1.1
It can be a time consuming task to create and upload those critical "text-on...

Rank Gazer 1066)   Rank Gazer 2.2
Control results of your SEO campaigns with this handy application

Petition 1067)   Petition 50108
New! Allow your web visitors to sign a petition with their real signature.

RaidenHTTPD 1068)   RaidenHTTPD 1.1.23
An easy to use and full featured web server that supports php/cgi/ssl/upnp/ics/icf

FavSync Perl 1069)   FavSync Perl 1.0
Together with the FavSync program, you may View the contents of your Interne...

Netvision 1070)   Netvision 2.011
Internet video surveillance. Stay closer! New ActiveX Version 2.0! Free!

FirmTools AlbumCreator Pro 1071)   FirmTools AlbumCreator Pro 3.4
Create exclusive photo albums in FLASH and publish them to the web.

JobSite 1072)   JobSite 1.0
JobSite v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible perl script.

1-abc.net WebDynamicer 1073)   1-abc.net WebDynamicer 1.00

3D Button Visual Editor 1074)   3D Button Visual Editor 4.2
WYSIWYG application that allows the user to create 3D outstanding buttons

Swiftedit 1075)   Swiftedit 2.0
Swiftedit V2 is a powerful web editor solution for all web owners and webmasters

Shopping Cart System 1076)   Shopping Cart System 5.0
ScS store builder is an e-commerce solution software for creating Web Store

PDF Security ActiveX 1077)   PDF Security ActiveX 2.0.2010.501
Encrypt PDF, decrypt PDF, PDF encryption, secure PDF, protect PDF

AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite 1078)   AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite 4.0
Free web log analysis software. It quickly generates all traditional reports.

ClickTracks Analyzer 1079)   ClickTracks Analyzer 6.0.2
Reveals exactly how visitors interact with your website - which links they click

ServiceBuilder - Worship Leader Software 1080)   ServiceBuilder - Worship Leader Software 50408-0001
Confirmations with church musicians can be automated! Let people click a lin...

Links Assistant 1081)   Links Assistant 1.00
A tool for webmasters that exchange links with other sites

quikSlip for BV Commerce 2004 1082)   quikSlip for BV Commerce 2004 1.0
quikSlip Invoice and Packing Slip Generator for BV Commerce 2004.

Flash Calendar 1083)   Flash Calendar 1.01
Flash Calendar represents Your personal and corporate events in Internet!

Homeserver Mobile Edition 1084)   Homeserver Mobile Edition 3.0
Web Applications server Chat, Messaging, Mobile Phone Picture Messaging

Kyboma HTML Example Finder/Script Extractor 1085)   Kyboma HTML Example Finder/Script Extractor 1.21
Kyboma Example Extractor will quickly and easily find examples of specific HTML elements on a page and their attributes

JavaScript Spell Check 1086)   JavaScript Spell Check 2.7
JavaScript Spell Check - The spell checking component for JavaScript & AJAX.

ETagFix 1087)   ETagFix 1.00
Reduce the need for user clients to recache your web pages and saving bandwidth.

Web Protector 1088)   Web Protector 2.0
Web Protector helps you protect your Web Page from unwanted copying

Just NavBars 1089)   Just NavBars 4.2
Create 3D website navigation bars for your site. Use image maps or Javascript.

Creata-Tree 1090)   Creata-Tree 3.0
Creata-Tree: Easily create a Java Script tree menu for your web site.

SpreadsheetConverter to ASP & ASP.NET 1091)   SpreadsheetConverter to ASP & ASP.NET 3.5.1
Good-looking calculating ASP-page from Excel. 190 functions. No Excel on server.

Web Site Monitor 1092)   Web Site Monitor 1.1
Knowing how your web site is performing is essential to retaining your competitive edge

SFS Real Estate 1093)   SFS Real Estate 2.1
SFS Real Estate is a complete turnkey solution made in PHP and MySQL

Internet Cash 1094)   Internet Cash 5.3
Internet Cash

Softvoile Rubilnik 1095)   Softvoile Rubilnik 1.31
Rubilnik allows you to easily switch between HTML-Editor and browser windows.

BookViewer 1096)   BookViewer 3.01
Create an old-fashioned library old style books from any text file.

Flash Slideshow Generator 1097)   Flash Slideshow Generator
Make your flash slideshow with 170 cool transition effects quickly and easily!

Deluxe Tuner 1098)   Deluxe Tuner 2.00
Deluxe Tuner - GUI that gives you the full control over creation of Deluxe Menu!

Automated CAPTCHA bypass, ACB PRO 1099)   Automated CAPTCHA bypass, ACB PRO 1.5
CAPTCHA bypass can be used to automatically translate an image into the text

Icon Bank (Web Edition) 1100)   Icon Bank (Web Edition) 4.0
5,000 brilliant 256-color Windows icons with viewer.

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