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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

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SUPERFileRecover 101)   SUPERFileRecover 1.0.1050
Deleted file recovery made easy - undelete files in minutes!

PDF2TXT(PDF to Text) 102)   PDF2TXT(PDF to Text) 3.1
PDF2TXT can convert pdf to txt file, doesn't need Adobe Acrobat software.

AxMan 3.12 103)   AxMan 3.12
Split large files into pieces and restore them

Explorer View - File Viewer 104)   Explorer View - File Viewer 3.10
Preview documents, pictures, movies, graphics, from within Windows Explorer

Acritum Sophisticated Rename 105)   Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.08
Batch file rename and other kinds of processing; photo and music files support.

Atlast! File Notes Organizer 106)   Atlast! File Notes Organizer 3.5
Store notes against files on disks, removable media and over networks etc.

ABF CD Shell 107)   ABF CD Shell 1.0
ABF CD Shell is a constructor set for creating electronic catalogues

LDAP Administrator 2.3 108)   LDAP Administrator 2.3
A premier Explorer-like LDAP client available for Win32 platforms

TimesUp 109)   TimesUp 1.22
Command-line tool for deleting files based upon age in days

CDCaretaker 2005 110)   CDCaretaker 2005 2005.3.0.1751
software for cataloguing and organizing all kinds of removable media.

CD Storage Master Professional 111)   CD Storage Master Professional 5.52
professional CD and DVD catalog/database software, manage your CD/DVD collection

Snip-Its 112)   Snip-Its 1.00
Store your notes, emails - any kind of text data - in a hierarchical manner.

PDFcamp(pdf writer) 113)   PDFcamp(pdf writer) 2.1
create pdf from any application with pdf writer.

Acronis Disk Director Suite 114)   Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0
Disk / Boot / Partition Management, Recovery, Multiple OS / Boot Drive Repair

Digital Photo Recovery 115)   Digital Photo Recovery 1.23.6
Recover lost images and deleted pictures from corrupted memory cards

SynchroFolder 116)   SynchroFolder 2.12a
Synchronizer for OS folders with embedded NTFS security support

FreeSpace Pro v.3 117)   FreeSpace Pro v.3 3
This utilty shows space usage on all drives in real-time, local and network drives

LFNit! 118)   LFNit! 3.6
Backs up your long filenames so that you can still use old 16 bit utilities

Adaron Zip Portal 119)   Adaron Zip Portal 1.56
The Easiest and Fastest way to archiving your files. (modify, extract, protect)

NaSa’s e.Purge 120)   NaSa’s e.Purge 1.1

DisCatalog 121)   DisCatalog 2.00.417
Archivieren Datenträger mit Vorschau: CD, DVD, Video, MP3, Fotos, Speichercards.

Archiver 122)   Archiver 4.0.0
Catalog and organize your disks collection

Simple HTML To Text Converter 123)   Simple HTML To Text Converter 1.0
Batch HTML to Text conversion

DiskMonitor 124)   DiskMonitor 1.0
Monitors hard drives, provides advanced notification features

Space Checker 5 125)   Space Checker 5 5
Space Checker 5 frees up space and finds duplicate files

Space founder 126)   Space founder 1.0
Space founder is a disk clean-up utility

WhoDownloads Zip’’n Track 127)   WhoDownloads Zip’’n Track 1.0
Zip Your Files & Track Realtime Who Downloads them

WinCleaner One Click 128)   WinCleaner One Click 8.5
Safely Cleans Your Windows and Boosts PC Performance in just one click

ZipRecovery 129)   ZipRecovery 1.6.1007
ZipRecovery is a data recovery program for corrupted Zip archives (.ZIP)

InnDevelop SoftInfo 130)   InnDevelop SoftInfo 1.0
Display software, hotfixes that are installed on your computer

QuickOpen 131)   QuickOpen 1.0
Fast file search and Recent Documents utility with full text search & replace

Recover98 3.5 132)   Recover98 3.5
Recover valuable lost files or data on hard disk drives running the Windows operating system

DiskShow 133)   DiskShow 1.0
Zeigt ihre größten Dateien grafisch an.

Easy Remover 2004 Lite v3.0 134)   Easy Remover 2004 Lite v3.0
Easy Remover 2004 Lite is a real easy-to-use software for Uninstall Applications, StartUp Manager, Task Manager and Privacy Manager.

File Search for LAN 135)   File Search for LAN 1.1
Search files on network shares. Suitable for mp3 filesearch.

Secure File Vault 136)   Secure File Vault 1.0
A file and folder locker software incorporating email and data encryption

Flash Folders 137)   Flash Folders 2.3
It Increase working efficiency for you!

ShredIt 138)   ShredIt 5.0
Erase a hard drive, wipe a file with this easy to use Mac OS 8/9 File Shredder

CompreXX 139)   CompreXX 4.1
Archives Behave Like Folders in Explorer! Create RAR, SIT, ACE, 7ZIP!

EF Commander 140)   EF Commander 7.45
EF Commander-file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP-client for the Windows desktop

Metadata Miner Catalogue PRO 141)   Metadata Miner Catalogue PRO 4.2.6
Rapid file properties list, metadata extraction - xmp, iptc export to xml, xsl

Ace Zip 142)   Ace Zip 3.2
Zip,unzip and create self-extracting files. Password functionality supported.

febooti fileTweak 143)   febooti fileTweak 1.3
Change file / folder date, time and attributes. Integrated in Windows.

Text2PDF 144)   Text2PDF 1.2
Text2PDF is a program to convert plain text file to PDF file, It can be used alone, or you can use it with other applications to convert your documents on the fly

FileFindString 145)   FileFindString 1.01
FileFindString is a program that finds text strings in ASCII text files.

FileCategorizer 146)   FileCategorizer 1.0
FileCategorizer is a Windows utility for categorizing files in a directory.

Disk Explorer Professional 147)   Disk Explorer Professional 3.60.06
Organize all your files on CDs/DVDs: music, photo, video, downloaded archives...

O&O DriveLED 148)   O&O DriveLED 2.0
O&O DriveLED permanently monitors the status of the hard disks in the background

mergeOCR 149)   mergeOCR 3.00
Utility that consolidates single-page OCR text files into multi-page douments .

Kernel Undelete - Deleted File Recovery Software 150)   Kernel Undelete - Deleted File Recovery Software 4.02
Nucleus Kernel Undelete File Recovery Utility

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