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Thursday, 20 July 2017

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The TUT Video 51)   The TUT Video 1.20
Video of TUT - The most complete PC Tuning program ever written.

EF Duplicate MP3 Finder 52)   EF Duplicate MP3 Finder 4.75
Find out duplicate or similar MP3, WMA, FLAC, OggVorbis files

xplorer2 53)   xplorer2
lightweight yet powerful tabbed dual pane file and information manager

SmartVersion 54)   SmartVersion 2.0
A smart tool to archive several file versions while saving space and traffic

Zip Code Companion 55)   Zip Code Companion 4.12
Zip code, area code database utility

MagicISO 56)   MagicISO
Create Extract Burn Edit Compress ISO Files and CD/DVD image files

XYplorer 57)   XYplorer 5.10
Portable multi-tabbed file manager with strong file search and preview.

Advanced CATaloguer Pro 58)   Advanced CATaloguer Pro 2.6
Professional software for cataloguing on all kinds of media

Xipped 59)   Xipped 1.5
Xipped is a set of archive utilities to work with downloaded files.

Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer 60)   Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer 1.05
HAS is a fast, flexible and easy folder mirroring and file synchronizer.

MacDrive 6 for Windows 61)   MacDrive 6 for Windows
MacDrive 6 for Windows enables PC users to open, edit, and save files on Mac disks.

JS Text File Merger 62)   JS Text File Merger 1.0.0
JS Text File Merger is a small tool to merge text files into one text file

Drive tray Manipulator 63)   Drive tray Manipulator 1.0
Open and close your cd/dvd doors easily with just a click of an icon

Partition Magic 64)   Partition Magic 8.0
Partition Magic allows you to create, resize and merge partitions on your hard drive without destroying data

MetaLAN 65)   MetaLAN 1.8
Windows systems management & help desk tool with remote control & many features.

Time Stopper 66)   Time Stopper 2.00
Using Time Stopper Stop time and use trial version software forever

Safely Remove 67)   Safely Remove 1.8
Convenient and multifunctional Safely Remove Hardware icon replacement

Ap TIFF To PDF Convert 68)   Ap TIFF To PDF Convert 3.3
TiffToPDF can directly convert tiff into PDF.

PDF Split-Merge 69)   PDF Split-Merge 1.1
Split and merge pdf files.

Chaos Antidote 70)   Chaos Antidote 1.0.0
A tool for keeping order on your hard drive

Ranish Partition Manager 2.43 Beta 71)   Ranish Partition Manager 2.43 Beta
A boot manager and hard disk partitioner

Digital MediaRescue Professional 72)   Digital MediaRescue Professional 4.5.1
Recover lost MP3, WMA, JPEG, AVI, MOV and other multimedia files from any media.

Little RGB Color Picker 73)   Little RGB Color Picker 2.0

IsoBuster 74)   IsoBuster 2.5
An excellent and low cost utility to do data recovery from CD,DVD,BD and HD DVD

Documents Expert 75)   Documents Expert 5.1
Organize all documents in ONE or several databases with ease and security.

ZTreeWin 76)   ZTreeWin 1.50
A 32-bit XTreeGold-like file manager for Win95/98/ME/NT,2000 & XP.

MindSoft Undelete 77)   MindSoft Undelete 2.0
Recover deleted files, documents, photographs, ZIP files, MP3s and more...

Stellar Phoenix Recovery Suite 78)   Stellar Phoenix Recovery Suite 1.0
Recovers data from hard drives working on all major Windows and Linux platform

TreeSizeFinderLite 79)   TreeSizeFinderLite 1.0
file and folder management and exploring, changes notification, action execution

ZBit Zip-Unzip Component Lite 80)   ZBit Zip-Unzip Component Lite 1.2
Very light component for zipping and unzipping files from your code.

VistaGlance 81)   VistaGlance 1.1
Instantly find necessary files on hard disk and CD/DVD/Flash in one click

ExpressZIP 82)   ExpressZIP 4.5.0
Complete ZIP and UNZIP Management

PDF 2 DXF 83)   PDF 2 DXF 2.0
Convert PDF files with CAD drawings inside into DXF files.

Simpli-File Renamer 84)   Simpli-File Renamer 1.6.0
Rename any number of files and folders based on criteria! Organize your files!

Filerecoveryangel 85)   Filerecoveryangel 1.16
Filerecoveryangel is an effective and professional data recovery software.

StuffIt Standard Edition for Windows 86)   StuffIt Standard Edition for Windows 8.5.2
StuffIt Standard(tm) gives you access to any file on the Internet!

WinAce 87)   WinAce 2.5.9
A compression tool that crunches the last free bit from your data

PDF to Word Converter (PDF2Word) 88)   PDF to Word Converter (PDF2Word) 1.6
Convert PDF to doc, pdf to word, pdf to rtf files.

Schredit 89)   Schredit V1.0e
Schredit permanently shreds and removes confidential files images and data

File-Ex 90)   File-Ex 3.0
File Open and Save-As Dialog Extensions, automatically enhances all of your apps

PC Garbage Remover 91)   PC Garbage Remover 3.65
Safely scan and remove the garbage from your hard drive.

Hex Workshop 92)   Hex Workshop 4.23
Hex Workshop the professional hex and sector editor

CVS Manager 93)   CVS Manager 2
manage and monitor the source code/project development

DRevitalize 94)   DRevitalize 1.00
Physical bad sectors recovery tool for floppy and hard drives.

StartUp Manager 95)   StartUp Manager 2.1
Optimally accelerate Windows, programs and to bring your system back up to speed

HPS WinTail 96)   HPS WinTail 1.5
HPS WinTail is the ultimate Windows port of the Unix tail utility

Data Extractor 97)   Data Extractor 3.1
Extract data, including email addresses and URLs from your files and webpages.

POSTNET Barcode Fonts 98)   POSTNET Barcode Fonts 5.0
Our POSTNET Font Advantage Package allows you to print POSTNET and PLANET.

PDF To Image Converter 99)   PDF To Image Converter 1.8
It converts PDF files into all image files without Adobe acrobat software.

Magazine Organizer PS Bombay 100)   Magazine Organizer PS Bombay 4.0
Organize magazines, articles, authors and subscriptions with Magazine Organizer

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