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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Utilities - System Utilities Programs from 2001 to 2050 listed after downloads number     (from 3109 category titles)
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Memory Zipper Plus 2001)   Memory Zipper Plus 7.11.4
A memory optimization tool that saves a lot of memory wasted on unknown programs

Clipboard Help+Spell 2002)   Clipboard Help+Spell 1.07.01
Clipboard capture tool with history, favorites, spelling, formatting, and more.

Glary Utilities 2003)   Glary Utilities
1 Click a Day for PC Maintenance to Drive Troubles Away. Any User Has a Say!

Network File Sharing and Disk Sharing 2004)   Network File Sharing and Disk Sharing 6.0
Network File and Disk sharing between Unix and Windows systems

Spb Time 2005)   Spb Time 2.0.1
The best selling time program for Pocket PC.

All-Secure Computer Locking Software 2006)   All-Secure Computer Locking Software 1.0
All-Secure computer security software keeps unwanted intrusions out while securely locking the computer

Cacheman 2007)   Cacheman 5.50
Cacheman is a performance enhancement and memory recovery utility.

Windows Sniper 2008)   Windows Sniper 2.5
Windows Sniper gives you back total control of your computer

Advanced WindowsCare 2 Personal 2009)   Advanced WindowsCare 2 Personal 2.10
An One-Click Free System Utility for PC Maintenance and Protection.

Webroot Window Washer 2010)   Webroot Window Washer 6.0
Wash away traces of your PC and Internet activity and boost system performance.

MP3 Alarm Clock 2011)   MP3 Alarm Clock 1.6
The days of your annoying alarm clock noises are over

EldoS Thumbnailer 2012)   EldoS Thumbnailer 4.41
Use Thumbnailer to view. move, copy, delete images in a handy way.

ClickFax Pro 2013)   ClickFax Pro 1.3
Send and receive faxes over the Internet from any application.

ToggleMOUSE 2014)   ToggleMOUSE 4.5.14
ToggleMouse is packed with productivity-boosting features.

Alert System (ALADIN) 2015)   Alert System (ALADIN) 1.1
Alert System allows remote system state surveillance via e-mail or SMS messages

DejaSurf 2016)   DejaSurf 3.2.0
Fill in web forms and passwords. Hide popup ads.

Windows XP Home Startup Disk 2017)   Windows XP Home Startup Disk 310994
The Windows XP startup disk allows computers without a bootable CD-ROM to perform a new installation of the operating system

RegScanner 2018)   RegScanner 1.20
RegScanner allows you to scan the Registry, find the desired Registry values that match to the specified search criteria, and display them in one list

Cresotech DesktopSafe Lite 2019)   Cresotech DesktopSafe Lite 1.12
Convenient tool for safe storage of confidential records/data

X2Net SmartBoard 2020)   X2Net SmartBoard
Powerful multiuser feature packed scriptable easy to use clipboard extender

Flobo Free Anti Spyware Clean 2021)   Flobo Free Anti Spyware Clean 1.7
Removes spyware cleaning your system.

Bodie's Soccer 2022)   Bodie's Soccer 1.00
Shows the Soccer World Cup History, from Uruguay 1930 to Korea-Japan 2002

TIFF Image Printer 2023)   TIFF Image Printer 8.0.003
TIFF Image Printer creates high quality TIFFs from ANY program. Free Download.

Free Memory Optimizer 2024)   Free Memory Optimizer 2008.026
Speeds up your Computer, Prevents Crashes, Optimize RAM and Stop Memory leaks.

SysTracer 2025)   SysTracer 1.0
SysTrace is an easy to use tool that can trace files and registry changes.

QuickSearcher 2026)   QuickSearcher 1.4
QuickSearcher is a file search tool with great preview for text search

Winnow Application Manager 2027)   Winnow Application Manager 1.0
Monitor the programs which run automatically during Windows startup and optionally remove them

Quick StartUp 2028)   Quick StartUp
Manage start-up applications and improve your Windows loading time.

Fast WinSpot 2029)   Fast WinSpot 1.2a
Usefull utility that uses a system tray icon with a customizable menu.

NookNak 2030)   NookNak 2004 V1.0.0
Do more with your mouse - like quickly muting music - hiding confidential info.

System and Disk Cleaner 2031)   System and Disk Cleaner 1.51
a powerful tool for cleaning disks from information that clogs your system

Subject Search Scanner 2032)   Subject Search Scanner 4.6
Scans files on local drives looking for a given phrase in any of 39 languages.

KeyMan 2033)   KeyMan 2.5.2
KeyMan will allow you to accomplish many repetitive tasks just in one click!

screensaver maker 2034)   screensaver maker 2.3
Screensaver Maker - Make Screensaver software

Windows Password 2035)   Windows Password 6.0.1509
Password recovery and auditing tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Smart Bid Manager 2036)   Smart Bid Manager 1.0
Monitor and optimize your Overture (goto.com) listings with Smart Bid Manager

CryptEnCrypt 2037)   CryptEnCrypt 1.10
Protect your sensitive data with strong encryption algorithms

Print Censor Personal 2038)   Print Censor Personal 5.12.168
Eliminate excessive printing, get printing statistics with Print Censor.

Recycle Bin Zapper 2039)   Recycle Bin Zapper 1.0
This utility removes old files from the recycle bin.

Types Popup 2040)   Types Popup 1.05
An advanced utility which adjusts popup menus for different file types .

ECBackup 2041)   ECBackup 2.0
ECBackup is a archiver with strong-security, based on open key technology

MediaRevival 2042)   MediaRevival 1.0
MediaRevival recover lost data from Smart Media, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, SD Cards, CD, MiniDisk or almost any other type of media used by digital cameras

NetSupport Manager Remote Control 2043)   NetSupport Manager Remote Control 9.0.0
Perform remote support and management on multiple systems simultaneously

WinProcesses 2044)   WinProcesses 1.0
WinProcesses is an utility which allow you to view a lot of info about processes

Shut UP 2045)   Shut UP 2.1.2
Shut UP! is a tray-based tool that can reboot or shut down your PC

Encryption Workshop 2046)   Encryption Workshop 3.2 Build 060220
Encryption Workshop includes file and folder encryption and decryption tool.

WinBooster 5.0 2047)   WinBooster 5.0 5.0
Achieve the most out of Microsoft Windows

Ascella Log Monitor Plus 2048)   Ascella Log Monitor Plus 1.5.1
Notify users about events from event log via LAN and e-mail

Private Sitez 2049)   Private Sitez 3.0.1
The ultimate password organizer for Windows

UserManagemeNT Lite 2050)   UserManagemeNT Lite 5.4
UserManagemeNT Lite is the free version of UserManagemeNT Professional, featuring advanced user creation for Windows NT and Active Directory networks including user resources

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