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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Symantec LiveUpdate 1)   Symantec LiveUpdate
LiveUpdate is the Symantec technology that permits an installed Symantec product to connect to a Symantec server over the Internet to check for program and other updates such as virus definitions and URL lists.

Auto Window Manager 2)   Auto Window Manager 1.5
Resize programs automatically,transparent windows,minimize to tray,stay on top.

KeyText 3)   KeyText 3.13
Keyboard macro program with multiple clipboard and Windows automation features.

Smack 4)   Smack 1.0.33
Upload to YouTube and MySpace super fast. !SMACK! compresses before the upload

Jitbit Macro Recorder 5)   Jitbit Macro Recorder 4.22
Keyboard recorder, mouse recorder, player and visual macro script editor.

PC Auto Shutdown 6)   PC Auto Shutdown 3.95
auto shutdown,power off, reboot, hibernate or suspend computers at schedule time

PTFB Pro 7)   PTFB Pro 3.4.1
A macro recorder, mouse auto clicker and program monitor

MultiSet 8)   MultiSet 3.0
Create a standalone software installation CD!

RoboTask 9)   RoboTask 4.1
RoboTask can automate any series of tasks you do on your computer.

Heated Keyboard 10)   Heated Keyboard 1.0
Hot key manager for Windows

NestLib 11)   NestLib Latest Ver
NestLib® is a nesting software for optimizing material utilization while fitting two-dimensional shapes on a larger sheet. NestLib® incorporates several features which result in significant material saving. NestLib® is one of the fastest and most featured automatic true shape nesting library available in the industry.

Fast Sync 12)   Fast Sync 1.1.0
Now it’s very hard to lose important data! Use Fast Sync.

Macro Scheduler 13)   Macro Scheduler 8.0.1
Automate any Windows task. Build, record, schedule and compile macros.

uForte OPC Historian 14)   uForte OPC Historian 1.0
"UForte OPC Historian" designed to archive data from OPC DA servers. It can be f

Ultra PDF Tool 15)   Ultra PDF Tool 2.0
Utility to create and edit PDF files.

Optitask 16)   Optitask 2.0.4
Easy to use task automation software.

JIT Scheduler 17)   JIT Scheduler 8.30
Task scheduler for MS Windows. Automatically runs programs, shuts system down.

System shutdown and Wake-On-LAN utility for Remote Computer Power Management.

PowrClik Suite v.2.7 19)   PowrClik Suite v.2.7
Power saving, shutdown and automation software. Three utilities: PowrRun to launch any application with System credentials, PowrClik Lite and Pro to maintain power saving and shut down functions of your system ( plus additional functions concerning the matter). Execution: immediate by one click or by command line, scheduled by timer or by event (several thousands of possible events), automated via script. Support of MS Windows scripts (VBScript, JScript, etc.). Main functions: enter computer on standby, wake up from standby, enter computer into hibernation, log off Windows session, restart computer, power off computer. Additional functions: run screen saver, lock computer, hang up modem connection, run Task Scheduler, run file, play sound on alarm, measure performance. Preventive functions: disable screen saver, prevent suspend mode activation, prevent Windows shut down. And much more ....

HSLAB Shutdown Folder 20)   HSLAB Shutdown Folder 2.1.504.2010
Software run applications just before Windows shuts down.

ByteWedge 21)   ByteWedge 2.0
Acquire data from electronic devices through an RS232 interface

MultiBatcher 22)   MultiBatcher 2.3.3
MultiBatcher is a tool for automation and batch processing of computer tasks.

NestLib v16.0 23)   NestLib v16.0
NestLib® is a nesting software for optimizing material utilization while fitting two-dimensional shapes on a larger sheet.

Anasoft Helena 24)   Anasoft Helena 1.0.6
Helena is a system level instruction engine which can increase your productivity

PDF Bookmarks 25)   PDF Bookmarks 2.0
Utility to automatically create/edit/delete PDF bookmarks.

Type4Me Automatic Typing 26)   Type4Me Automatic Typing 1.1
Simple to use automatic typing for filling in forms or chat rooms. ONLY $9.95

CD&DVD Organizer 27)   CD&DVD Organizer 2.1beta
note lending info about CD/DVDs

NetStaller 28)   NetStaller 1.0.17
Install and uninstall software on network PCs easily. Remote deployment.

WinExit 29)   WinExit 2
Fast shut down windows, shut down timer

WiseType 30)   WiseType 2.0.1
WiseType is an efficient and smart utility for auto complete your typing.

SQ Notifier 31)   SQ Notifier
Scheduled desktop notifications, clock adjustment, mail sending, web browsing

AutoClick 32)   AutoClick 2.2
A useful tool to automatically perform mouse clicks instead of using hand.

ShortKeys Lite 33)   ShortKeys Lite 2.3
Type a few characters and ShortKeys Lite will replace them. Free.

MacroMaker 34)   MacroMaker
MacroMaker allows the user to build complex macro commands and keystroke/mouse recordings, that can be assigned to hotkeys or run on a schedule.

Hotkeycontrol 35)   Hotkeycontrol 6.3
Award winning solution to create keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks

CASH Interface Software 36)   CASH Interface Software
CASH-Interface to connect coin and bill acceptors to the PC

Energy Spy 37)   Energy Spy 1.8
Energy Spy easy helps to control power functions of your computer.

Fast Reset 38)   Fast Reset 1.1.2
Do you reset device frequently? Make your resetting fast!

Macro Express 39)   Macro Express 3.7d
Create macros to automate most common tasks!

pcGuardIT Client Edition 40)   pcGuardIT Client Edition 1.0.2206.39118
pcGuardIT Client Edition monitors the most important server information for you

syncNETV8 41)   syncNETV8 8.1.1937
syncNET8 ist eine auf dem .NET-Framework 1.1 basierende BackUp-Software

AutoIntern 42)   AutoIntern 1.0.72
Automate routine and complex tasks around the clock with AutoIntern.

WinBatch 43)   WinBatch 2010a
WinBatch is scripting for Windows. Scripts automate all aspects of PC operation.

PCchat 44)   PCchat 0.165
Chat with your PC! Tell him what to do! Linux like console!

Desktop Macros 45)   Desktop Macros 2.03
Leave all PC drudgery for Desktop Macros and gain bonus time for yourself.

QM Shutdown 46)   QM Shutdown 1.50
Automate shutdown system at specfic time, and do something by schedule.

Easy Macro Recorder 47)   Easy Macro Recorder 3.75
record what you operate and create a replayable script

XP Registry Cleaner - Optimization 48)   XP Registry Cleaner - Optimization 4.2
Repair over 53,000 Windows Errors and Optimize System Performance. FREE DOWNLOAD

HSLAB Force Down 49)   HSLAB Force Down 2.8.503.2010
Windows shutdown in a four seconds. Smart and Fast Shutdown by various ways.

Event Manager Professional 50)   Event Manager Professional 3.27
Automate app scheduling, backup, upload, download, system shutdown and more.

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