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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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vbSkinner Free 1)   vbSkinner Free 2.0
You can change the look of your application easily adding this control

Multilingual VB6 Setup program with skin 2)   Multilingual VB6 Setup program with skin 2.1
You can change your default VB6 setup program with this inproved setup program

C# School Ebook 3)   C# School Ebook 1.0
Freely available 330 page ebook giving a full introduction to programming in C#

COMM-DRV/Lib.Net Professional Edition 4)   COMM-DRV/Lib.Net Professional Edition 20.00
Serial Communication Library for C#, & VB .Net (Zmodem, Xmodem, Ymodem)

VB Watch 5)   VB Watch 2.0
Visual Basic profiler, debugger and error handling tool

DeKlarit 6)   DeKlarit 3.5.2
Rapid Application Development tool integrated into Visual Studio .NET

Control Panel Applet Generator 7)   Control Panel Applet Generator 2.00
Create Control Panel applets without programming

Log4Net Dashboard 8)   Log4Net Dashboard 1.2
Log4Net Dashboard and viewer web application, view and analyze the log4net log.

URL Parser ActiveX 9)   URL Parser ActiveX 2.0.0
Free URL Parser ActiveX Component.

COM Express for .NET 10)   COM Express for .NET 3.4.1
a template driven .NET code generator which creates 3-tier app with BO and GUI

WinPopup ActiveX 11)   WinPopup ActiveX 1.04
WinPopup ActiveX let you add LAN messaging functionalities to your applications.

Visual Basic Controls (Source Code) 12)   Visual Basic Controls (Source Code) 3.0
Visual Basic Source Code. Free example control plus many others. Visual Basic Source Code

Teroid Multi Segment Display 13)   Teroid Multi Segment Display 4.0
.NET Multi segment display control

vbSkinner Pro 14)   vbSkinner Pro 2.1
ActiveX control that makes skins in VB forms with new titlebar and rounded look

TierDeveloper 15)   TierDeveloper 5.2.4
O/R Mapping Tool that lets you generate functional .NET components

TachyonSpell 16)   TachyonSpell 1.1c
An ActiveX DLL that adds Spell Checking functionality to COM-enabled dev. tools!

PDFBlackbox (.NET) 17)   PDFBlackbox (.NET) 4.3
Add support for PDF security to C# or VB.NET (.NET Framework) applications

Microsoft Reporting Services  PDF 18)   Microsoft Reporting Services PDF 1.1
Export to pdf in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2005

Dragonfly Chart .Net 19)   Dragonfly Chart .Net 2.000
.Net Chart Components can be used in .Net user interface apps

CopyProjectLite 20)   CopyProjectLite 1.0
Copy Your VB Project to a New Location

AddFlow for .NET 21)   AddFlow for .NET V2.0
Create interactive flowcharts and workflow diagrams

ErezPP1LTR Print Preview ActiveX Control for VB6 22)   ErezPP1LTR Print Preview ActiveX Control for VB6 1.4.1
ErezPP1LTR OCX is a FREEWARE Print Preview ActiveX Control for VB6.

PowerPoint ActiveX 23)   PowerPoint ActiveX 2.4
PowerPoint ActiveX enable you to create and interact PowerPoint document rapidly

SecureBlackbox.NET 24)   SecureBlackbox.NET 5.0
Add support for SSL, FTPS, HTTPS, SSH, PKI, SFTP, PGP, PDF to your application

SmartVB6 25)   SmartVB6 2.0.1
Development tools for VB6 programmers created to build fast and robust code.

VBAcodePrint 26)   VBAcodePrint 6.13.92
Print VBA source code in color and export output to RTF ,PDF & HTM

VBRSGen 27)   VBRSGen 1.0.0
VB 6 Add-In Creates ADO/DAO Recordsets/SQL Code From Access Tables/Queries

CoreAPI SDK 28)   CoreAPI SDK 1.0
Client Server SDK for .NET

SmartVBA 29)   SmartVBA 1.1.3
Development tools for VBA programmers created to build fast and robust code.

ShapedForm 30)   ShapedForm 1.0.0
Create irregular shaped forms easily based on the forms picture property.

BioCert Authenticator Lite Edition 10 Users 31)   BioCert Authenticator Lite Edition 10 Users 1.2
The BioCert Authenticator is designed to simplify fingerprint identification

Visual Open Project Add-In 32)   Visual Open Project Add-In 1.01
Add-In for Visual Basic 6.0 that allow easy and quickly open Your projects

Spriteworks 33)   Spriteworks 1.0
Spriteworks v1.0 is a 100% original sprite/graphics library.

PGPBlackbox (.NET) 34)   PGPBlackbox (.NET) 4.3
Add support for PGP algorithms to C# or VB.NET (.NET Framework) applications

VB.NET Code Library 35)   VB.NET Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows

RSS2HTML Scout 36)   RSS2HTML Scout 1.40
Add RSS reading functions into your Visual Basic, C++, C# or ASP/ASP.NET

3D Control Magic for .NET 37)   3D Control Magic for .NET 2.0
Customizable 3D component for .NET with multimedia support

SharpSpell 38)   SharpSpell 2
Artificially Intelligent Spell Checker for .NET, 5 languages supported.

Code Patterns 39)   Code Patterns 1.0
Automate your code writing.

StimulReport.Net 40)   StimulReport.Net 2006.4
StimulReport.Net is a powerful reporting tool for .Net Framework

CSMail Developer Edition 41)   CSMail Developer Edition
Email OCX - SMTP (RFC 821), POP3 (RFC 1725) and MIME (RFC 1341) objects.

Instant C# (version 1.31) 42)   Instant C# (version 1.31)
Instant C# Standard Edition converts entire VB.NET projects or code snippets to elegant C#.

dtrt.NavBarWin 43)   dtrt.NavBarWin 1.0
A .NET Access-like data navigation bar control for Windows Forms

SFTPBlackbox (.NET) 44)   SFTPBlackbox (.NET) 5.0
Add support for SFTP (secure FTP) to your .NET (VB.NET or C#) application

WLock-Licensing Source Code for VB6 45)   WLock-Licensing Source Code for VB6 1.0.3
Source Code for Licensing of Visual Basic 6.0 Application.

PGPBlackbox (VCL) 46)   PGPBlackbox (VCL) 4.3
Add support for PGP algorithms to your Delphi / Kylix applications

VBdocman 47)   VBdocman 2.25
VBdocman - Visual Basic Documentation Generator

VB-Build 48)   VB-Build 2.6
VB-Build is a productivity tool for building component-based applications.

VB Builder 49)   VB Builder 1.3
Pinpoint Errors to the Exact Line Number in Your VB Program

SSLBlackbox (.NET) 50)   SSLBlackbox (.NET) 4.3
Add support for SSL / TLS to your .NET (VB.NET or C#) application

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