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Thursday, 19 July 2018

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WeBuilder 2006 1)   WeBuilder 2006 7.4
Convenient, powerful and quick code editor for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.

PkStreaming Video Chat Software 2)   PkStreaming Video Chat Software 3.0
Video Chat Software Flash Media Server 2,PHP,MYSQL

Matchmaking Solution 3)   Matchmaking Solution OCT-2007
Matchmaking software for professional matchmaking service and dating agencies.

Free HTML preprocessor - Better than "SSI". Imports from SQL databases.

PHPbb SEO master 5)   PHPbb SEO master 1.2
You may be missing out on important search engine traffic!

myphpbooks 6)   myphpbooks 1.1
Real world application that shows how to use MySQL with PHP.

ASPPack GroupWare 7)   ASPPack GroupWare 2.1.2
ASPPack Groupware is an instant intranet in a box software for Windows.

WysiPad 2 Browser Based HTML Editor 8)   WysiPad 2 Browser Based HTML Editor 2.0
Alagad WysiPad 2, Browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor.

PHP Encoder 9)   PHP Encoder 5
PHP encoder that allows webmasters to easily encrypt php scripts.

Affiliate Pro 10)   Affiliate Pro 3.2.16
Powerful and flexible affiliate software for professional use.

Free php script - jrotate 11)   Free php script - jrotate 1.0
A photo gallery script

SkaDate Online Dating Software 12)   SkaDate Online Dating Software 6.0
SkaDate - Dating Networking Software. New Version!

PHP serial extension 13)   PHP serial extension 1.0
PHP extension for serial communications

WebGrid - The plug and play grid 14)   WebGrid - The plug and play grid 1.2
WebGrid have 12 column types, 40 events & more then 100 properties to play with.

Amortization Schedule Calculator 15)   Amortization Schedule Calculator 1.0
The Amortization Calculator is a tool for calculating amortization schedules.

ASP Code Library 16)   ASP Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows

Obninsk DOC2TEXT converter 17)   Obninsk DOC2TEXT converter 1.0.alpha
Simple Word to Text (or to HTML) converter, requires PHP only

AzDGDatingPlatinum 18)   AzDGDatingPlatinum 1.9.3
AzDGDatingPlatinum is the most powerful Dating script working on PHP and MySQL

e-Gold for SunShop 19)   e-Gold for SunShop 1.1
Plugin e-Gold for SunShop

AdMentor PRO 20)   AdMentor PRO 5.01
Banner management/rotation system for ASP.NET, MySQL/MSSQL

CHM Decoder 21)   CHM Decoder 2.1
CHM Decoder decompile your CHM files to HTML

HTML to Text Batch Convert Multiple Files Software 22)   HTML to Text Batch Convert Multiple Files Software 7.0
Convert your many HTML files into text files.

Walker Traffic Exchange Script 23)   Walker Traffic Exchange Script 3
Offer a valuable service and build a busy community interested in web promotion

ASP.NET BLOB & FILE Control 24)   ASP.NET BLOB & FILE Control 1.0
An ASP.NET Server Control for developing BLOB and FILE oriented web applications

access2asp 25)   access2asp 4.4
access2asp generates the asp code to put your database online

RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP control for MS AS 26)   RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP control for MS AS 1.31
100% managed ASP.NET OLAP control: client for MS Analysis Services 2000 & 2005

PHP Code Library 27)   PHP Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows

Oven Fresh Poll Maker 28)   Oven Fresh Poll Maker 2.8
Make Online Voting Polls by Filling in a Simple Form. No additional costs.

AccessForms2Web (PHP and MySQL Editon) 29)   AccessForms2Web (PHP and MySQL Editon) 2.1.0
Convert your Microsoft Access forms to php+mysql driven WEB-pages using AJAX.

Feed2Html Free PHP Script 30)   Feed2Html Free PHP Script 1.41
Feed2Html is a free PHP script that converts data from RSS to HTML.

VersyPDF.PHP 31)   VersyPDF.PHP 2.4
High-quality PHP PDF library for create and modify documents on fly

dotSilver Partner 32)   dotSilver Partner 2.0
dotSilver Partner Script for own dating site sharing dotSilver database.

Wordpress SEO toolkit Free edition 33)   Wordpress SEO toolkit Free edition 1.2
A wordpress SEO toolkit free edition

Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO 34)   Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO 6.69
Award-winning ASP Debugger. Set Breakpoints, Watch Variables, Edit and Debug ASP

MIXER!! 35)   MIXER!! 1.1
Professional Dating and Community Script, with added protection.

ASP/.NET Google Base Export 36)   ASP/.NET Google Base Export 3.0
ASP/.NET Google Base Export

Advanced Website Creator 37)   Advanced Website Creator 2.1.0
Create dynamic websites in PHP5 with a MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite backend.

php session class - jsession 38)   php session class - jsession 1.0
A PHP session class

ASP/.NET Export 39)   ASP/.NET Export 3.0
ASP/.NET Export

ASP Did You Mean 40)   ASP Did You Mean 2.00
"Google" Style search spelling suggestions. Compatible with ASP & PHP

Jaslabs Date Suite 41)   Jaslabs Date Suite 1.2
Have you ever wanted your own dating site?

HTML Editor 42)   HTML Editor v1.0

Zoom Search Engine Free Edition 43)   Zoom Search Engine Free Edition 5.1.1016
Add search to your website, or CD-ROM/DVD with this free package

RSS2HTML.asp 44)   RSS2HTML.asp 1.26
Free ASP script for converting RSS to HTML

LeoGuard 45)   LeoGuard 1.0
Anti piracy solution in VC++ and PHP codes with IPN via PayPal.

OutSite-In - Standard Edition 46)   OutSite-In - Standard Edition 2.2
No Connection? No Problem! OutSite-In keeps your site dynamic even from a CD!

PG Social Networking Software 47)   PG Social Networking Software MAR.2010
Powerful Social Network script for your community Hosting, manuals, Free support

PG Real Estate Solution Open 48)   PG Real Estate Solution Open 2010
Powerful Real Estate website script with flexible structure

IncPlugins 49)   IncPlugins 1.0.0
Scalable plugins-based web site engine for PHP with dynamic CSS and JS

1-2-3 PieCharts! 50)   1-2-3 PieCharts! 123.45678901
1-2-3 PieCharts, easy as 1-2-3!, is a cool new 3D animated java piechart that lo

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