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Thursday, 19 July 2018

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XMLSpy Home Edition 1)   XMLSpy Home Edition 2006
Altova XMLSpy 2006 Home Edition is a FREE entry level XML development tool.

XMLSpy Enterprise Edition 2)   XMLSpy Enterprise Edition 2005r3
Altova XMLSpy 2005 Enterprise is the standard XML development environment.

RegexBuddy 3)   RegexBuddy 3.2.1
Learn, create, understand, test, debug, use and save regular expressions

Bonodi XML Editor 4)   Bonodi XML Editor 2.12
Bonodi XML Editor--Edit XML documents in different languages on MS Windows.

Targa Menu XML 5)   Targa Menu XML 1.0
Flash menu, flash navigation. XML based. Easy to use flash menu for web sites.

Liquid XML Studio 6)   Liquid XML Studio 0.9.7
FREE Graphical XSD and XML Editor. A fully featured XML Development Studio.

Grammar Studio 7)   Grammar Studio 1.0
W3C SRGS VoiceXML SALT Grammar Editor tool

Tristana Writer RSS Editor 8)   Tristana Writer RSS Editor
Create RSS, Atom and iTunes compatible Podcast feeds

Xselerator 9)   Xselerator 2.0.44
XSLT Editor with full Intellisense and tag autocomplete

XMLwriter XML Editor 10)   XMLwriter XML Editor 2.6
XMLwriter is a powerful award-winning XML editor for Windows.

Kalimages 11)   Kalimages 2.03
Image indexation database, edit, search IPTC headers from digital files, photos

RTF TO XML converts RTF documents into PDF, PNG, PostScript, HTML, XML

Chilkat XML Messaging 13)   Chilkat XML Messaging 1.0.6
Add peer-to-peer XML messaging to your distributed application

ExamXML 14)   ExamXML 4.18
ExamXML is a visual XML differencing tool for comparing and merging XML files

Liquid XML Data Binder 15)   Liquid XML Data Binder 5.1.7
Creates a Library for C++,C#,Java,VB6 or VB.Net based on an XML Schema.

Chilkat Xml Parser Component 16)   Chilkat Xml Parser Component 2.2.1
High-performance alternative to the standard XML DOM.

It creates sitemaps for your website offline

CredibleXML 2.1 (Java Edition) 18)   CredibleXML 2.1 (Java Edition) 2.1
CredibleXML 2.1: Convert files and streams to XML - Generate Java Source

DocFlex/XML 19)   DocFlex/XML 1.0
Template-driven multi-format docs/reports generator by the data from XML files

Speed Master Software 20)   Speed Master Software 1.0
Allows you to optimize network settings for better performance and prevents you

Feed Editor RSS Creator 21)   Feed Editor RSS Creator 5.52
You want to create professional RSS feeds. Feed Editor is solution for you!

ReadyWebService (RWS) Toolbox 22)   ReadyWebService (RWS) Toolbox 2.1
Web services development toolboox. Provides secure integration of legacy apps.

XMLStomper 23)   XMLStomper 1.0
Read, Display, Edit, and Validate XML Files with ease.

602XML Form Filler 24)   602XML Form Filler 2.0
Fill, sign, and save XSL-FO based XML forms. Includes FREE business forms.

DocFlex/XSD 25)   DocFlex/XSD 1.0
Template-based XML Schema documentation generator in framed HTML and RTF formats

RSS Feed Creator PRO 26)   RSS Feed Creator PRO 4.5
RSS Feed Creator PRO is a professional desktop RSS editor

nowscript.com Soft Download Site 27)   nowscript.com Soft Download Site 1.0
Download freware and shareware archive - is a PAD software archive.

PAD Server OS X 28)   PAD Server OS X 2.0
Create, validate and optimize PAD-f iles and PPP-f iles for your shareware

PAD Server Windows 29)   PAD Server Windows 2.0
Create, validate and optimize PAD-f iles and PPP-f iles for your shareware

Hardcore Music Downloader 30)   Hardcore Music Downloader 6.6.6
Hardcore Music downloader , download hardcore music

declaratii.ro 31)   declaratii.ro 1
matrimoniale, matrimoniale romania, matrimoniale cu poze, matrimoniale strainata

Acai Juice Screensaver 32)   Acai Juice Screensaver 1.0
A free screensaver showing you the world number one juice, acai berry juice.

health-insurance-quote-temps1 33)   health-insurance-quote-temps1 2.01
Make and sell website templates for free, fast and easy.

bruce springsteen news and tickets 34)   bruce springsteen news and tickets 4
bruce springsteen news on your desktop - know when bruce springsteen plans nex

Absolute RSS Editor 35)   Absolute RSS Editor 1.0
Easy-to-use RSS feed and podcast editor

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