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Friday, 20 July 2018

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DSS DJ 1)   DSS DJ 5.1
Professional mp3 DJ beat-mixing software - DSS DJ for live experiences.

Cowon Jet-Audio 4.7 2)   Cowon Jet-Audio 4.7
Audio and video multimedia playback into one utility

FutureDecks Lite 3)   FutureDecks Lite 1.2.5
mix your songs like a pro DJ using instant beat-matching, loops, effects, ...

Axife FM Player Deluxe 4)   Axife FM Player Deluxe 2.39
Unique Application for TV/Radio Cards! Real TimeShift, Equalizers, MP3, Skins.

All-in-One Media Player 5)   All-in-One Media Player 2.1
Play and organize your favorite MP3 and movie files with this cool media player.

Studionics 6)   Studionics 1.0
Studionics Radio Automation Software - Complete solution for radio stations

!Maya 7)   !Maya 1.0.2
Super Mp3 Player and photo viewer with bitmap and jpeg slide 50 milsec playback

Radiocube - Radio Automation DJ Software 8)   Radiocube - Radio Automation DJ Software 2.5.240
Die Software für Radio Automation, DJs, Home Entertainment (HiFi), Bars, Shops.

SAM Party DJ 9)   SAM Party DJ 3.4.2
Professional DJ software for those serious about music!

Sweet MIDI Player for Windows 10)   Sweet MIDI Player for Windows 2.19
MIDI playerfor auditioning and modifying all types of MIDI files / jukebox.

Swift Elite 11)   Swift Elite 3.0
"Swift Elite" The Complete Entertainment Solution for the Digital DJ Entertainer

NeoDJ Pro 12)   NeoDJ Pro 3.1
A new DJ software with unique features to transform any PC into a powerful DJ

SC Free Audio DJ Mixer 13)   SC Free Audio DJ Mixer
Play and mix MP3 and WAV files. Apply many effects then save to an output file.

Radio Station 14)   Radio Station 2.0
Radio Station is the future of Radio brought to you today.

OtsJuke DJ 1.0.151 15)   OtsJuke DJ 1.0.151
MP3 and Audio CD player

Passion Audio Player 16)   Passion Audio Player 2.3
Freeware Audio Player, sonique and winamp plugins support, freedb support.

Amazing Slow Downer for Windows 17)   Amazing Slow Downer for Windows 2.79
Slows down music in real-time without changing the pitch.

Tag&Rename 18)   Tag&Rename 3.2
Music organizer: easily handles all popular digital audio tags formats.

RockIt 2000 Professional 19)   RockIt 2000 Professional 3.1
RockIt 2000 gives you the power and flexibility to do any DJ gig, large or small

Winamp 3 Build #499 Released (Developer Build) 20)   Winamp 3 Build #499 Released (Developer Build)
The beta version of the popular player

SlowGold 21)   SlowGold 7.7
Slow down music from any audio CD with high fidelity - hear and learn every note

CoolPlayer 2.05 22)   CoolPlayer 2.05
A tiny MP3 player with a decent amount offeatures, despite its small size

Wav Player 23)   Wav Player
Play all your media files - can, play WAV, MIDI, MPG and AVI files.

CEREMU Media Browser 24)   CEREMU Media Browser 1
Very simple and powerfull player for movies, sounds, DVDs.

3D Sound Tester 25)   3D Sound Tester 1.0
A free and fun way to test your speakers and enjoy 3D sound at the same time.

Fraunhofer MP3 Surround 26)   Fraunhofer MP3 Surround 1.1.0
Scientists and engineers from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, who developed MP3 together with their colleagues from Thomson, the exclusive licensing representative for their MP3 patents, and Agere Systems, have joined to launch MP3 Surround into the consumer and commercial markets

Axife FM Player Lite 27)   Axife FM Player Lite 2.05
Axife FM Player Lite is the best freeware application for TV/Radio cards

MidConverter 28)   MidConverter 4.0
MidConverter: convert MIDI to WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG easily.

KarPocket 29)   KarPocket 3.2.1
KarPocket is karaoke and midi player for pocket pc, wm5

DigiMode Maya 30)   DigiMode Maya 2.2.0
Super Mp3 Player and photo viewer with bitmap and jpeg slide 50 milsec playback

CoffeeCup Web JukeBox 31)   CoffeeCup Web JukeBox 4.6
Add a cool MP3 jukebox to your Website!

MP3 Viewer 32)   MP3 Viewer 2.0
The Right Click MP3 Player! A quick, suitable, mp3 player "add-on" for Windows.

Mixere 33)   Mixere 1.0.82
free multitrack audio file player and mixer, ideal for making live sound collage

Easy Audio Editor 34)   Easy Audio Editor 7.1
Visual multifunctional audio files editor

CombiWave Lite 35)   CombiWave Lite
CombiWave allows you to load and play up to 99 audio files by pressing hotkeys.

Mimic Audition 2 36)   Mimic Audition 2 2.201
Mimic Audition is an advanced Karaoke Hosting tool.

Rosoft Media Player, Silver Edition 37)   Rosoft Media Player, Silver Edition 4.0.1
Play and manage your wave, mp3 and wma or other media files.

StarCD 1.4 38)   StarCD 1.4
A full featured AudioCD player with extra features

MediaCentre 39)   MediaCentre 3.5.2
MP3, M3U, PLS Media Player for MP3 Players with mixing player

DRS 2006 Webreceiver 40)   DRS 2006 Webreceiver 1.1
DRS 2006 Webreceiver. Manage all your favorite internet radio stations. Freeware

Softdiv CD Ripper 41)   Softdiv CD Ripper 3.1
Extract CD to various audio formats

123 MP3 Recorder 42)   123 MP3 Recorder 2.0
MP3 recorder records sound into MP3 or WAV format files.

MP3 to WAV Converter Pro 43)   MP3 to WAV Converter Pro 2.5
MP3 to WAV converter converts MP3 to WAV files or vice verser.

Jukebox pro 44)   Jukebox pro 2.1.64
Turn your computer into a real jukebox as seen in bars.

AV MP3 Player - Morpher 45)   AV MP3 Player - Morpher 4.0.82
Morph music, tempo, add effects. Play & record, convert, rip and burn CDs.

Winamp TipKeys Plugin 46)   Winamp TipKeys Plugin 2.70
This plug-in give you access to various Winamp functions such as "Play track", "View ID3 tag" etc

Audition 2000 47)   Audition 2000 4.2
Play all of the sound files found in a folder.

WinJukebox 48)   WinJukebox 2.22
A media player and organizer that emulates a real music machine. Host a party!

Swift Ultralite 49)   Swift Ultralite 1.0
Swift Ultralite 1.0 brings the power of the Karaoke Machine to your PC.

FreeMP3 Player 50)   FreeMP3 Player 2.4
Play MP3, WAV, OGG and CDs with this slick all-in-one music player.

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