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Friday, 20 July 2018

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BearShare 2007 1)   BearShare 2007 5.2.4
BearShare 5.2.4 is the latest version of our leading file sharing program.

WinMX 2)   WinMX 2008.6a
WinMX - Download FREE MP3s and Movies.

MAGIX music maker 3)   MAGIX music maker 14
Simply create music! The perfect solution for stunning songs!

Phone Call Recorder 4)   Phone Call Recorder 3.4
The program taps all telephone conversations and saves them as MP3 files.

Test Tone Generator 5)   Test Tone Generator 4.2
Turns the PC into a function generator for testing, demonstrating, education etc

M4a/Flac/Ogg/Ape/Mpc Tag Support Plugin for Media Player & Media Center 2005 6)   M4a/Flac/Ogg/Ape/Mpc Tag Support Plugin for Media Player & Media Center 2005 1.0
M4a/Flac/Ogg/Ape/Mpc Tag Support Plugin for Media Player & Media Center 2005

MAGIX mega mix 7)   MAGIX mega mix e-version
The ultimate remix software for creating the hottest tracks and remixes

Sine Generator 8)   Sine Generator 1.0
Program generates 2-channel sine audio signals using PC sound card.

Hit-Recorder 9)   Hit-Recorder
Hit-Recorder nimmt automatisch bis zu 20 Radiosender gleichzeitig auf.

RecordPad Sound Recorder 10)   RecordPad Sound Recorder 1.08
RecordPad is an sound recording program for Windows PCs.

m3uEdit1 11)   m3uEdit1 1.2
m3uEdit is a simple m3u playlist creator/editor. Drop any filetype to list.

m3uEdit2 12)   m3uEdit2 2.2
m3uEdit is a robust m3u playlist creator/editor. Drag-n-drop between files.

VoiceMX STUDIO 13)   VoiceMX STUDIO 4.0
Popular Text To Speech Voice Synthesizer

Better Wave To Text 14)   Better Wave To Text 5.0
Voice Recognition and Speech Recorded Wave Files To Text Converter

Pictures Slideshow Maker 15)   Pictures Slideshow Maker 2.0
Building slideshow video files, EXE and SCR files with your pictures and music.

TunesUp for Skype - Freeware 16)   TunesUp for Skype - Freeware 1.0
Serenade Your Lover - Rock with Your Friends - Connecting People with Music

KaZaA Lite 17)   KaZaA Lite 2.7
KaZaA Lite is a FastTrack Client. This is cleaned version of Kazaa.

Mp3Merge App 18)   Mp3Merge App 1.0
Mp3Merge mix your Mp3 tracks

RingtoneExpress (for Windows Mobile) 19)   RingtoneExpress (for Windows Mobile) 2.2
Convert MP3, WMA's to mobile phone ringtones

Fast Volume 20)   Fast Volume 1.2b
Easy-to-use utility,allow you adjust the volume level with mouse wheel very fast

iTones 21)   iTones 1.0
Inside iTones you can find hundreds of ringtones

Graphic Equalizer Studio 22)   Graphic Equalizer Studio 2006
integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer RMS Level Meter

Total Recorder Professional Edition 23)   Total Recorder Professional Edition 5.3
Audio recorder for streaming audio from Real Player or Windows Media Player.

MIDI to WAV 24)   MIDI to WAV 1.0.
MIDI to WAV Converter (Recorder). Batch mode, Built-in Sequencer Mode available.

Text to Speech MP3 with Natural Voices 25)   Text to Speech MP3 with Natural Voices 1.71
Direct text to speech, text to mp3. Batch convert text files to MP3 files.

Stream TV 26)   Stream TV 4.20
Watch more than 1400 free streaming TV channels on your PC including porn

Dictation 2005 27)   Dictation 2005 5.9
Complete Speech Recognition Dictation Pad with WaveToText, PointnSpeak, MSWord

Diamond Audio CD Burner 28)   Diamond Audio CD Burner 1.2.72
ripping, converting or burning your favorite music

MID Converter 29)   MID Converter 4.2.1
MID converter you can use to easily convert midi to wav, mp3, ogg, wma

Professional Metronome 30)   Professional Metronome 1.9
VST compatible visual metronome with ability to sync over network, play songs

DSSF3 Full system Version 31)   DSSF3 Full system Version 5.0.7.x
Measure and analyze the sound and waveforms of your PC.

MP3 Cutter Joiner v1.00 32)   MP3 Cutter Joiner v1.00
MP3 Cutter Joiner is a powerful and easy-to-use audio editor, which builds audio cutter and joiner into one.

Ozone for Winamp 2 33)   Ozone for Winamp 2 1.03
Analog modeled audio enhancement. Analog modeled EQ, tube compressors, and more.

LP Recorder 34)   LP Recorder 10.0.1
Record vinyl LPs, cassettes and tapes to digital WAV files

TextSpeech Pro Ultimate 35)   TextSpeech Pro Ultimate 2.0.0
TextSpeech Pro Ultimate - Premium Text to Speech product

AC3 Decoder 36)   AC3 Decoder 1.2.6
Easy-to-use AC3 and unprotected VOB files to WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis converter

MP3 Splitter 37)   MP3 Splitter 1.0
Split any mp3 file easily

Tinynice MP3Cutter 38)   Tinynice MP3Cutter 2.51
Split large MP3 files to smaller segments or reversing it visually.

MAGIX audio cleaning lab 39)   MAGIX audio cleaning lab 14
Digital perfection for all recordings! The complete audio solution!

VipSes Turkish Text To Speech Engine 40)   VipSes Turkish Text To Speech Engine
VipSes Turkish Text To Speech Synthesis Engine

Gitarrero Beginner 41)   Gitarrero Beginner 1.1
Software guitar school for beginners with videos, midis, audios, songs, chords

Tone Generator 42)   Tone Generator 2.10
Create audio tones, sweeps or noise waveforms.

Smart Sound Recorder 43)   Smart Sound Recorder 1.0
Full-featured universal sound recording system for both home users and Pros

Freecorder 44)   Freecorder 2.3
Free Sound Recorder. Records from any Audio Source, including Skype calls.

enable Encore 45)   enable Encore 4.0
Powerful instrument tuner/metronome for high-precision tuning & interval timing.

Express Burn CD Burner 46)   Express Burn CD Burner 1.09
CD creator, recorder and burner software for Windows.

JMT Orchestrator 47)   JMT Orchestrator 2.1
JMT Orchestrator 2.1 is a powerful auto-arranger MIDI FX Plug-in for SONAR and Cubase based on advanced technologies of Musical Object Morphing.

DVD Power Burner 2006 Pro 48)   DVD Power Burner 2006 Pro 2.7
Easy-to-use yet powerful data, audio, video, and image CD/ DVD burning software.

AC3Tools Pro 49)   AC3Tools Pro 1.0.228
AC3Tools Pro is the complete toolkit to encode, split or decode AC3 files.

Rife Generator 50)   Rife Generator 3.1
This Program can generate signals as decribed by Royal Rife.

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